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Three Dog Friendly Hotels In California!

Updated on August 19, 2009
Take your dog on vacation with you!
Take your dog on vacation with you!

Most people I know kennel their dog (or dogs) when they go on vacation. I know I do (after all, taking THREE dogs on vacation would be quite difficult). If you are planning a vacation in the state of California and would like to include Fido, then you have come to the right place! California is loaded with pet friendly hotels and best of all, there are many different price ranges (not all of them will empty out your bank account!). Keep reading to find out about three of my favorites!

Every dog that checks in to the Cambria Shores Inn receives doggie biscuits! Yummy!
Every dog that checks in to the Cambria Shores Inn receives doggie biscuits! Yummy!

Cambria Shores Inn

Cambria Shores Inn, which is located in Cambria, California, prides itself on being "VERY dog friendly!" Can you say "Woof!?" Whether you want to relax on the beach, visit a winery, or experience Hearst Castle, there is something interesting for just about everyone (including Fido!). The accommodations are pristine and rates are affordable ($149 to $269 per night). There is also a minimal pet fee of $15 per night…not bad!

Upon checking in, your lucky dog will receive his very own gift basket. The basket includes dog treats, a copy of "Fido Friendly" magazine, pooper scooper bags, a placemat for his water and food bowls, and of course, his very own towel. How adorable! In the morning, not only will you enjoy breakfast, your dog will too as doggie friendly breakfast biscuits are served fresh each and every day. If your dog needs to freshen up, feel free to make an appointment for him at the "Pet Stop." Of course, doggie nanny and walking services are also available. If you ask me, Cambria Shores sounds almost too good to be true!

Napa River Inn

Next up, the Napa River Inn. Who doesn't enjoy a little wine while on vacation? Of course, if you decide to take your dog with you to this wonderful spot, keep him away from the grapes (they are bad for canines!). The Napa River Inn offers the VIP (very important pet) program and trust me, it is WONDERFUL! Your pet will receive his very own embroidered blanket, stainless steel food and water bowls (with placemat), and of course, plenty of dog treats (char-dog-nay and cab-bone-nay biscuits). They will also provide you with a list of local wineries and restaurants that actually ALLOW pets! Of course, they also offer pet sitting services, a veterinarian and a gift shop loaded with "doggie" souvenirs! The Napa River Inn charges a fee (which they call the VIP Pet Fee) of $25 per night.

The Inn at Schoolhouse Creek

The Inn at Schoolhouse Creek is, in one word, GORGEOUS (and the rooms are excellent!). Located in Mendocino, California, the Inn at Schoolhouse Creek will not only keep YOU busy…but your dog as well. Upon arriving your pet will receive a "welcome bag" which includes a Frisbee, ball and some doggie treats. "Is that it," you ask? Of course not! Each doggie friendly room comes with a "pet trunk." Inside of the trunk you will find water and food bowls, treats, blankets, towels and of course, poop pick-up baggies. So far so good…but it gets better! Just a short walk away is a private beach in which your dog can play and swim (off-leash) for as long as he or she wants! There are also several parks, lakes and beaches for you and your pet to explore. When evening falls, be sure to go to one of the FOUR "dog friendly" restaurants (located in Mendocino) for dinner!

The Inn at Schoolhouse Creek has several different packages. Each package varies in price, depending upon what you want. Rooms with garden views run about $179 per night, while ocean views are a bit more expensive (approximately $379 per night). No matter what you room you choose, there is a minimal pet fee added on to your bill.


Many dogs love to play on the beach! Can you say fun!? WOOF!
Many dogs love to play on the beach! Can you say fun!? WOOF!

There is no doubt that people LOVE their pets! More and more, hotels are developing pet friendly packages to accommodate pet lovers. This is great news! I must mention that most (if not all) pet friendly vacation spots have strict pet agreements that you must sign when checking in. They do this to protect themselves…just in case Fido goes bonkers and chews up the mattress. Next time you are planning a vacation, why not consider taking your pet along. I'm sure your dog would appreciate running on the beach rather than being kenneled. After all, doesn't Fido deserve a break from every-day life too? Have fun! Woof!


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    • Suki315 profile image

      Suki315 8 years ago from china

      hello,I saw your article and photos, that those dogs are cute, I also have a lovely dog, hoping to share the experience of your dog! Also hope that we can become friends!