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Three Good Hospitals in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Updated on October 14, 2010
Buenos Aires: Congreso Nacional
Buenos Aires: Congreso Nacional
Downtown Buenos Aires
Downtown Buenos Aires
Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires
Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires

Not only is Buenos Aires the capital and largest city of Argentina, it also has the special status of an autonomous district in the country. Buenos Aires is regarded as the cultural, financial, industrial and commercial hub of the country and houses one of the busiest ports in South America.

Buenos Aires has many reliable hospitals with modern facilities that offer high quality health care service. The more modern hospitals provide the service of English speaking staff and accept all major health insurances.

Here is a note on some of the better hospitals in Buenos Aires.

The Buenos Aires German hospital (Hospital Alemán) is one of the most prominent modern hospitals in the country and is located at Av. Pueyrredón 1640 (C1118 AAT) Buenos Aires. This premier health care facility managed by a non profit organization of German community has been offering quality medical service since 1867. This 240 bed hospital provides the best possible health care in every department of medicine and its oncology, transplantation and diagnosis units are very famous. The German hospital’s Centre of Excellence for the assistance of Burns is a globally approved center with the latest treatment for severe burns. The surgery department at Hospital Alemán has 11 modern operating theaters and is well known for conducting many difficult surgeries. The hospital has a round the clock emergency department featuring life saving devices like respirators, defibrillators, pacemakers and laryngoscopes. The image diagnosis center of the hospital is comparable to the best image diagnosis centers in the world and has units in radiology, nuclear medicine, a CT, MRIs, ultra sound with Transcranial Ultrasonography and breast imaging. Hospital Alemán has various ISO 9001:2000 certified laboratories including a genetics lab, an experimental medicine lab and a central lab. Phone: (54-11) 4827-7000

Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires situated at Gascón 450, C1181ACH, Ciudad de Buenos Aires is another reputable hospital in the country. This huge hospital with 600 beds and 900 medical staff offers cost effective medical care to more than 3,000 people a month. Hospital Italiano was founded in 1853 and has full fledged departments in medicine, diagnosis and treatment, orthopedics, gynecology, pediatrics, and urology. In addition there are departments of ophthalmology, regenerative therapy, otorhinolaryngology, pancreas, lung and liver transplantation. Its surgery department which features units in general surgery, cardiovascular surgery, plastic surgery and neurosurgery is world famous for utilizing the "Da -Vinci Surgical System"- the newest computer-assisted minimal invasive procedure in cardiac surgery. The Hospital also offers service in pathology, hemodynamics, pharmacy, nuclear medicine, endocrinology, transfusion medicine and radiant oncology. The hospital is a pioneer in various diagnostic and therapeutic modalities and has newest 64 tracks multislice CT, Emission Tomography, various Magnetic Resonance techniques, Ultrasound 4D system, PACs. Telephone: (5411) 4959-0200

Hospital Británico de Buenos Aires situated at Perdriel 74 - CP 1280AEB - Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires is another major hospital in the country with high end medical technology. The hospital has full fledged departments in all areas of medicine and provides a very spacious outpatient section featuring 99 outpatient rooms and 37 practice rooms. Surgical area is equipped with seven general operating rooms, a laminar flow operating room, three ambulatory surgery rooms and special adult and children surgical inpatient sections. The hospital has a modern hematology section with a bone marrow transplant unit. The diagnostic imaging section of Hospital Británico is remarkable with its two CT rooms, two MRI units, five general ultrasound units, and mammography and radiology units. Excellent service in laboratory examinations, cath lab, dialysis, pharmacy, nuclear medicine, endoscopy and lithotripsy are also available here. The hospital provides warm accommodations in various types of rooms including 98 single rooms, 35, two-bedded rooms and a short stay unit with six beds. Hospital Británico is one of the premier teaching institutes in the country and offers many undergraduate and post graduate medical courses. Phone: (54 - 11) 4309 - 6400

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Map of Buenos Aires, Argentina


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      Karen Bell 7 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona

      Thanks for sharing this information. It could really come in handy in an emergency!