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Three Great Things to do in Nassau Bahamas

Updated on November 7, 2014

Top Three Fun Things to do in Nassau

A Bahamas vacation is already an exciting venture in itself, but going to Nassau opens up a lot of endless possibilities to fun times, and memorable things to do. It can be a bit overwhelming to choose which activity is best for you and your vacation, because it all sounds great. But for those coming by cruise, or just staying for a short weekend don’t have a lot of time to waste. If at all possible, book your Nassau activity early, that way there is more time to relax on vacation, and get to really absorb the days of not having to go into work! So, after some looking around, and comparing and contrasting, these were some of the collectively most popular and highest rated tours do in Nassau.

Looks like a relaxing fun day to me!
Looks like a relaxing fun day to me! | Source

A Bahamas Sail and Snorkel Tour

Imagine enjoying your breakfast while on a sailboat in the Bahamas, setting sail to a secluded beach on a deserted nearby island. All day, appreciate time slowing down, and absorb the tropical surroundings, and really feel like you’re in your Bahamas vacation.

This is an ideal thing to do for a chilled out family day outside of the resort. If you’ve got kids on a vacation, then putting them to work on a sailboat, and then a full day of running around a deserted island with snorkeling the coral reefs, will be a sure way to have them fast asleep early.

The Barefoot Sailing All Day Island Cruise is a great example of one of the many different sailing combos you can do in Nassau. The best part about trying out a sailboat, and learning how it works is that the whole family may pick up a new hobby together!

That looks like fun!
That looks like fun! | Source

Go Swim with Dolphins

The best place in the world to encounter dolphins has to be Blue Lagoon Island, an island that is dedicated to being a dolphin sanctuary on a nearby uninhabited island. The Swim with Dolphins Bahamas company has a satisfaction guarantee and who could possibly pass up the opportunity to hang out with a dolphin?

The dolphins here are treated with respect, live in a healthy environment, and swim in ocean water that flows naturally from the ocean into their lagoons. The Blue Lagoon Island is one of Nassau’s most popular destinations to see.

Visiting this exotic island is a great thing to do for the imaginative type, or anyone who loves history, because this island has played so many roles in the development and tourism of Nassau. This includes being a “rest stop” for pioneers and pirates, a farm (didn’t work out too well), a zoo, and a getaway for the extremely wealthy and even royals.

It looks so cool!
It looks so cool! | Source

Do a Mini SUB Adventure

If you don’t have enough time to get SCUBA certified, don’t feel committed enough to do a SCUBA dive, or want a little more of the underwater world than what snorkeling can offer, then there is the perfect Nassau activity!

A mini SUB Adventure uses new technology to create a fully functional, one person SUB that is completely mobile underwater. Try to think of a cross between a diving bell and a scooter, and voila! You have the mini SUB! How many of us have imagined as kids being in a submarine at some point or another? This is the best way to experience that, and bring that excited inner-child out.

Either way, if you go to Nassau, it’s impossible to have a bad time. You’ll be sure to strike it rich (with fun) with these tours for certain! And if these don’t feel suitable for your Bahamas trip, one can never go wrong with a relaxing beach and cocktails day on the islands.


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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      That mini sub thing looks kinda of like diving bell. I think I would wind up snorkeling.