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3 Must-See Beautiful and Exciting Festivals in Europe

Updated on February 21, 2017
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Travel, food, and nature are some of the most interesting means to learn and be inspired. JM tries to experience the beauty of these ways.

Participating in festivals opens up opportunities to immerse in diverse cultures, meet different types of people, and make lifetime memories. If you wish to take part in this kind of adventure, there are numerous festivals in Europe that you can check.

Each country in Europe has a special celebration that attracts thousands of tourists around the globe. In this list, there are three popular ones that are yearly celebrated in Italy, Spain, and Germany.

Reliving the Venetian royalties for the Carnivale di Venezia
Reliving the Venetian royalties for the Carnivale di Venezia | Source
Colorful costumes and masks create a wonderful sight for locals and tourists.
Colorful costumes and masks create a wonderful sight for locals and tourists. | Source

• Carnevale Di Venezia

Similar to most festivals in Europe and around the world, Carnevale Di Venezia has a great historical origin and representation. This yearly event transforms the snaking streets and canals of Venice into a great masquerade ball. It showcases a unique display of life in a grand and captivating way.

Dozens of colorful masks and costumes bring back the Renaissance Era to the central area of Piazza San Marco. Participants and observers flock in the Piazza a weekend before Ash Wednesday. There you can see tourists and locals both dressed as masked royalties. These masked individuals show the elegance of the 12th century Venetians.

According to historical accounts, the term Carnival of Venice was first documented in 1092 in the rule of Doge Vitale Falier. However, the actual festival originated as a celebration of the victory of Doge Vitale Michieli II over Ulrich II of Treven in 1162.

In its current practice, the festival reflects opulence and magnificence. As people share the rich cultural heritage through poems, dance, ballads, and music. The colorful and intricate costumes bring life to the streets. Visitors can also have a gondola ride to add to the romantic, graceful, and remarkable experience. This much-awaited festival in Venice adds to the beauty of this Italian gem.

Thousands of participants in La Tomatina
Thousands of participants in La Tomatina | Source

• La Tomatina

Who loves tomatoes? Who wants to do a big food fight using only those?

Whether you like tomatoes or not, you are sure to have a wonderful time discovering a new way of appreciating this familiar kitchen ingredient. Visit Spain and learn how it is home to one unique summer celebration that is unlike other festivals in Europe. It’s colorful, thrilling, and entertaining.

Locals, tourists, and travelers are welcome in Buñol to participate in the La Tomatina festival. Mostly described as the biggest food fight in the country, participants enjoy and “battle” themselves out of the red pool that comes as an aftermath.

Yearly celebrated on the last Wednesday of August, the origin of the event is still uncertain. However, one prominent theory from 50 years ago is the story of a group of boys who threw tomatoes to a parade because they weren’t allowed to join. With the unusual actions of those boys, people tried to re-enact the event in the following year. Now, thousands of individuals travel to experience this food fight.

However, before the actual food fight happens, the festival starts with the palo jabón. In this game, the main goal is to have someone climb the greased pole and drop the pork off the top of the pole. This will signal the start of the tomato fight. Almost 150,000 tomatoes are used for the festival. If one thought that a truck full of tomatoes is enough, there will be another truck ready to serve another set of tomatoes for the festival. This happens for an hour before the next signal comes for the end.

Experience Oktoberfest with a great company
Experience Oktoberfest with a great company | Source
Thousands of people enjoy the festival in Munich, Germany.
Thousands of people enjoy the festival in Munich, Germany. | Source

• Oktoberfest

Drinks, dirndls, lederhosen, and a lot more drinks.

One of the most sought after festivals in Europe, Oktoberfest is filled with food, rides, and a lot of alcohol. Every year a great piece of land in Theresienwiese in Munich, Germany is filled with locals and tourists who are clad in dirndls and lederhosen.

Dirndls and lederhosen are the colorful traditional costumes that add to the quality of having an authentic Oktoberfest celebration. Unlike other festivals, this originally lasts for six days but now is done for 16 days with events from day to night.

The celebration is an age-old tradition that dates back to 1810 when the then Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. Thus the name of the event Theresienwiese which translates as Therese’s Meadows. Oktoberfest is commonly celebrated with beer and other drinks, the streets will have a total of 30 beer tents for German brewers. It’s a massive party with loads of drinks. Even though it has a lot of beer-drinking, tourists can appreciate the good-natured and fun activities. It’s also a great time to meet different types of people.

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Aside from these three, Europe still offers a lot of other wonderful festivals all year round. These are just some of the popular celebrations that many interested individuals usually go to. So, the next time you plan on visiting this continent, check out a festival that is going to give you a blast of adrenaline and lasting memories.

Have you ever been to a festival in Europe? How was the experience?


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