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Three Things to Bring Onboard Your Next Flight

Updated on January 20, 2016

Planning to travel alone anytime soon? If you so, there are a few things this author suggests you take onboard to relax.

Let’s face it, traveling alone can be a pleasant or not so pleasant experience depending on the flight experience. From the person in front of you reclining their chair back onto your lap to the passenger beside of you snoring or talking too much to the unhappy child a few rows back crying their eyes out...flying can be an exhausting experience without the right tools in hand. Add these things to a turbulent take off that restricts flight attendants to their seat and you could be at risk for a horrible couple of hours.

All sarcasm aside, when traveling alone for business or pleasure, here are a few things that you will want to keep handy for the flight.


Carry A Cool, Bottled Beverage on the Plane

Once you clear security, this author recommends you make a beeline straight to the terminal store for a cool drink. Some would recommend water, but if you desire something more, make sure it’s enough to keep you hydrated between take-off and landing. You may be wondering, why buy a drink? I’ll get one on the plane once it reaches cruising altitude.

There is always the slight risk that weather or turbulence or a combination of both could restrict your flight attendants to their chairs for a good portion of the flight; and despite the fact that you are well-hydrated or that your stomach seemed relatively stable prior to departure, just the mere thought of the flight attendants not getting up to serve you might create a sudden panic of thirst or an air of queasiness. Aside from thirst or a churning stomach, there’s also the risk of the unanticipated dry spot that could send you into a fit of coughs, drawing unwarranted attention your way from your seat mates and those around you.

Remember to keep water or the beverage of your choice handy.


Bring a Snack onto the Plane

Get a snack. You don’t have to eat it but, if you are one who has been running through airports all day and did not get a chance to partake in a decent meal, you’re at risk for the twinges of an empty stomach that pretzels, peanuts or a cookie in coach just won’t solve. There’s also the risk that you could get stuck on the tarmac for an unanticipated period of time. While some airlines may take pity on you and serve a mercy snack, not all will do this therefore, you’ll want to be prepared.


Bring a Good Pair of Headphones and Technology onto the Plane

That’s right. In today’s world, it would seem that it goes without saying that a good pair of headphones can make the difference between a frustratingly noisy flight or a peaceful flight, one that allows you to disconnect from your surroundings. Headphones are good for listening to music on your phone, watching movies or catching up on your favorite show on your laptop, iPad or tablet. Headphones and technology can spare you from the sounds of someone snoring next to you, the chatty twosome behind you or that unhappy kid three rows back.

Not only is our current techonology good for movies and music, but there’s nothing like completing a round robin on a good series of candy crush, farm heroes and bejeweled blitz games to keep you occupied.

Of course, for the longer flights, those basic travel necessities that one typically packs in a carry-on bag such as wet wipes and sanitizers are also nice to have readily available.

These are just a few tips to get you ready for your next flight.


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