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Three Tips to Help You Save on Travel

Updated on August 30, 2012

Save on International Travel

Don't Wait to Travel Until You're Rich

Many people would like to travel but don't think they can afford it. Then when they finally have a job that pays well enough, they find they don't have the time. Don't wait until you have enough money to take a trip; plan your trip around what money you do have. You'd be surprised to find out what you can do for a few dollars.

I love the surprised look when I tell people I traveled to England on less than $1500 and stayed for two weeks. Of course, that's been a few years and I'm not sure I could match that right now, but I did learn a few tips about traveling on a budget that I will use for all of my vacations.

Save on Travel with Airfare

Look for cheap flights.
Look for cheap flights. | Source

Tip 1 to Save on Travel: Plan Early

One of the best ways to save money on travel is to start making plans ahead of time. Even a year in advance is not too soon to begin planning. This allows you to know what prices you can expect and what you are willing to pay for your trip.

As soon as you know where you want to go, look at airfare, hotels, and transportation. Check out the prices for the next month and the dates you want to travel. The purpose of doing this is to let you see prices for booking way in advance as well as the probable rates when you will actually book your trip.

Play around with the dates to see how much prices vary and then keep an eye out for an acceptable price for you to pay. You can even set up alerts at some sites to inform you when prices meet your range. This allows you to book at the best price without having to keep an eye on the rates every day.

Planning your trip early also gives you time to browse webistes for information and discounts. You may even find someone who has to cancel out of their trip and are willing to negotiate a price to keep from taking a total loss.

Tip 2 to Save on Travel: Be Flexible

If you are flexible with your vacation plans, you can save on travel to anyplace. Here are a few ways you can adjust your plans to increase your savings.

  • Be flexible on your dates. Sometimes leaving or arriving a day earlier or later will save on airfare.
  • Be flexible on your destination. If you can wait until the last minute to decide where you want to go, you will often find deep discounts.
  • Cut back on amenities and find a cheaper hotel instead of an all-inclusive resort.
  • Consider a rental where you do your own cooking instead of a hotel.
  • Look for passes to multiple attractions and don't pay for anything not on the list.

These are just a few ways you can save money if your plans are not locked in stone.

Tip 3 to Save on Travel: Take a Group Vacation

While you may not agree that the more the merrier, you can agree that splitting the cost of a vacation to save money will make you merry. Find people who would like to go on a trip and still stay within budget and everyone could end up with more money in their pockets at the end of the vacation.

1. Share the cost of lodging. Find a rental apartment or cabin and split the cost with more people. Even though the initial cost may be more than a hotel room, after the total has been divided up between everyone, you will find that you paid a lot less.

2. Rent one large vehicle instead of several small cars. If you are driving to your destination or renting a car once you arrive, you can save money by driving a larger vehicle that everyone can fit in. Make sure the rental companies have something large enough for your group.

3. Share the cost of groceries for meals in instead of eating out the entire time. This works great at a rental cottage or apartment and you can share cooking duties so no one feels like they are doing all of the work. You can also keep it simple by buying items for sandwiches or ready-made meals.

Travel Now and Save Money

Don't wait until you can afford to take a vacation in style. Find ways to save on travel and enjoy the experience now. When you return with a suitcase full of souvenirs and a heart full of memories, you'll be glad you didn't wait.

What Are Your Tips for Saving Money on Travel?

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    • TravelAbout profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      I would love to go to Europe for two weeks for $1,500 :) Very useful tips and you are right about planning as far in advance as possible. Plane fares really vary so you really need to keep a good lookout to get the best deal. Voted Up.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      6 years ago from The Caribbean

      These are really good tips and I know that they work. "Look where you want to go," and "Every journey begins with one step" are appropriate guidelines for would-be travelers on a small budget. Voting Up and Useful.


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