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Timing is Everything

Updated on December 14, 2012

Tick Tock Says the Clock.

Do You Have the Time? Or Does the Time Have You?
Do You Have the Time? Or Does the Time Have You?

The clock says...

Time. Sometimes it frees you, other times it traps you in a corner. It freed you to read this. At work, being behind and being on time is now the same thing. The goal is to always be a couple of ticks ahead. A clock two ticks ahead finishes the day faster. But garbage in equals garbage out, so don’t just Spring forward. Sensing that a teacher genuinely wants to teach you, is what makes a great teacher. They encourage you, regardless of how stupid you may seem or how inept you may really be. They don’t deject or belittle you. That responsibility is for a coach. Allan Mohepat is a great teacher. Aside from being a great validation liaison, he has been an even greater person. He is able to penetrate the veneer of a big company corporate office to help mine the grit of real life. He will openly, but gently explain your negatives after accurately pinpointing them. Then he will offer cultivating advice that should pilot your burner. There is a certain etiquette in crumbling a man’s foundation if it needs restoration, and he has harnessed that etiquette down to the dot of an i. Talk about people helping people. His approach exudes positivity and it makes me look forward to coming into work each day. I look forward to the weekends too. Last weekend was Amsterdam. Traveling alone is not as bad as you would think. Your own plans keep you too busy. Plus, you meet other tourists and make small talk here and there to get through your day. Sometimes you run into really fun people. Other times, people make you wonder if there is a DSM IV for annoying. On the way there, a Spanish woman sat down next to me and was absolutely horrible. She talked loud on her phone the whole time and was so dramatical in her tone. It was like listening to a never before seen episode of La Catrina or Destinos from high school. She paid no attention to the do not disturb others on an 8AM train ride rule. I figured her to be a couple bocadillos short of a picnic, if you know what I'm saying. On the way back, an old widow sat next to me. She was 76 years young and coming back from a day of shopping and lunch in the city with some other lady friends. Literally, she was old. But for her, life wasn’t. It was a real joy speaking to her. She showed me pictures of her when she was my age and she kept insisting that she was some catch in her day. Well, at least I can say Amsterdam is a gorgeous city. The first thing I noticed was that there was a three-level parking structure for bikes! Not motor, regular. It had more bikes in it than the entire population of the city. I am not joking, biking is just the way of life. Next weekend is Paris. Mona Lisa in the Louvre, The Thinker in the garden of the Musee du Rodin, The Eiffel, and whatever else in three nights. All expenses paid for thanks to the raffle I won at Rani and Raj’s international day school fair! Bad luck, what does that mean again? The way things have been recently, nobody is going to try on these good luck shoes. But I want to, hypothetically, let you put my shoes on for a minute so I could ask you something while you wear them. Something important. How important is it for you to be able to sacrifice what you are right now for what you could become? If you had the exact same choice at the exact same time as me, would you be sitting right here with me? Whoever says no, I would wonder why? Ok, I asked you more than just something, but you got to wear the good luck shoes that much longer!...Six weeks have flown by. The next six don’t project any slower. Speaking of projects, mine have paralleled the healthcare bill. Some plans help progress things, other plans help regress things, some plans even help delay everything. Oh well, cookies crumble. When I drew the blueprints for coming here, I wanted them to be drawn such that my stay would be for quite a while and possibly forever. I’ll still never say never. But I am glad that blueprints aren’t always drawn exactly to scale. Anyway, I will say enough is enough for this blog. Enough is enough. Goodnight.


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