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Tip on splatting a mosquito

Updated on June 9, 2010

Sorry, sometimes violence is the answer. Whose blood do you think that is anyway?


Mosquitoes are pesky little things that are really a big problem in areas where they can carry strains of malaria. This little hub isn't aimed at fixing that problem; we'll leave that to Bill Gates' charitable foundation! Instead I have a quick tip for you if you find yourself in a confined space being tormented by one of these little blood suckers.

As I'm sure you'll have discovered if you've been in this situation they can be slippery customers to pin down and even trickier to splat. Fair enough, they're entitled to not make it easy for us to terminate their time and while ordinarily I'm against animal cruelty when one of these is biting down on you one does tend to find deeply buried violent tendencies. What usually happens is you'll alternate between running around the room and pursuing the pest in a stealthy crouch in your attempts to sneak up and land the killer blow.

Blow after killer blow when you painfully slap the wall with your bruising hand only to find the darned thing has skipped down to your ankle and is sucking another micro mouthful of your blood off you. By the time you get him it'll be because he's got slow with over-feeding on you and cocky at your comical ineptitude. The satisfaction of finally seeing his squashed remains amidst your blood will be tempered by the throbbing of your hand and itching of multiple bites.

Well next time you're faced with such torment you can surprise your opponent with a secret weapon that will bring the contest to a quick end in your favour. Wet wipes my friend. If you deal with babies bottoms you'll be very familiar with these. Purely by chance I recently discovered they seem to have an almost hypnotic tranquilising effect on mossies so as you approach your target with wipe in hand their usual reactions are dulled and invariably you'll score a killer splat first time. I've no idea why this should be, the moisture, some chemical in the wipe? It works though, trust me.

So, if you're travelling to a mosquito prone and malaria ridden area, in addition to the usual precautions like covering up in long clothing, avoiding areas near water etc, take a pack of wipes in your arsenal to fight off the buzzing critters!


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