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Tips To Relax On Long Airplane Flights

Updated on April 3, 2011

Air Travel – 7 Tips for a More Comfortable Flight

Being a Soldier stationed in Germany, I have experienced many long uncomfortable flights. Throughout the years I have come up with many ways in which I can actually enjoy the long flights.

When my travels began I dreaded every flight I had to take. Whether it was going home on much needed leave or to a deployment; I was always thinking of ways to make the flight more enjoyable. The following tips have contributed to my new love of flying and I am sure they will help make your commute a more enjoyable one:

1. Purchase a travel pillow before your flight. These pillows are created just for long trips. It can be hard to find a comfortable spot to rest your head and a travel pillow will provide that comfortable zone.

2. Get some Dramamine and take the recommended dosage before the flight. Be sure to consult your doctor before taking these, as you should with any type of medication. This great medication will reduce the chances of motion sickness and prove to make your flight more enjoyable.

3. Wear loose clothing but take something extra along to cover up with. Loose non-restrictive shirts and pants will aid in your comfort a great amount. No matter what the weather is like outside; remember that inside an aircraft at a high elevation it tends to get cold so take something extra along to cover up with.

4. Take some snacks along and extra cash. You never know when you might crave something extra and the stewardess just may have what you want. Remember extra drinks and snacks are usually around five dollars apiece.

5. Pack your personal hygiene items in your carry-on. It seems like every long flight I am on, I always seem to get bad breath and/or get sweaty in all the wrong places. Having toothpaste, deodorant and baby powder around with give you a good refresher midway though the flight.

6. Along with your personal hygiene items you may want to pack a portable DVD player or laptop. You can get some work done, play a game or just relax and watch a movie. Many of the new jets play movies for you but many times the monitor is too far away and you may not like the movie.

7. If you are a drinker a shot of your favorite liquor may just help you doze off to sleep. Most long flights offer shots of popular alcohol at five dollars apiece. If this is something that may appeal to you, take some extra cash along. Many people have trouble sleeping on flights but a shot of broosky sends them straight into happy land.


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    • profile image

      Dan 3 years ago

      Hey thanks for the info, its really help full. thanks a

    • profile image

      Dillon 5 years ago

      I am young and going on a trip to Puerto Rico and if any one has traveled before and had any travel tips

    • profile image

      melinda001 8 years ago

      I think healthy snacks is most important for traveler.

      Healthy Snacks: While you may get food on the plane, ensure you won’t be hungry and that you’ll eat what you want by bringing along healthy snacks. Check with your airline or customs as to whether you can bring food through the gate, or buy some small items you like inside the gate, before boarding. This is especially helpful when the in-flight crew cannot get to you in a timely manner due to turbulence or other concerns, and you feel famished.


      Melinda Storer

      "dofollow">flights to Melbourne

    • profile image

      damngirl 8 years ago

      danke.........i'm a little bit nervous..........This is my very first long trip! Thnks for the very interesting tips!

    • Tilly Holiday profile image

      Tilly Holiday 8 years ago

      With the added entertainment options on board planes these days, flying has become much less of a chore :)

    • OIFVETERAN profile image

      OIFVETERAN 9 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Number 7 is a sure thing....heck, bring your own booze on board!

    • profile image

      sempertie 9 years ago

      I like No 5 a lot too!

    • Angeltraveler profile image

      Angeltraveler 9 years ago from Australia

      No 5 is my favorite - thanks for the hub