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Tips To Surmount The Problem Of Jet Lag

Updated on December 8, 2014

A Jet Lag can affect you so severely that you may find yourself wide awake during the night or you may go to sleep without even taking your dinner. This means the problem of jet lag can derail all your tour plans. But you can certainly reduce its impact. Sleep researchers suggest the following few tips to make this problem less complicated and more tolerable.
- Ensure to have sufficient rest before you undertake your travel. This is because there may be loss of sleep during the journey. Sleep deprivation may increase the impact of jet lag. You can easily find out if you face the problem of sleep deprivation. If a person regularly falls asleep within minutes of his or her lying down, it shows the person has this problem.
- If you are planning a long trip, start adjusting your body clock well before you undertake the trip. A long trip means you may have to adjust to a different time zone since you will be staying in the place for a longer duration. By retiring for bed earlier or one or two hours later, you can begin the adjustment process depending upon your destination. Experts advise that you can reduce or increase the light exposure for advancing or postponing your sleeping time.
- Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking as much water as possible. Drinking a good amount of water before your plane takes off and also during the flight can do a world of good because this will give you a sense of well-being.
- In order to have a good blood circulation, you can get up and walk around during the travel. Medical experts suggest that you can take an aspirin on the day on which you are likely to travel because aspirins improve blood circulation also.
- Even days before the scheduled trip, start adjusting your eating patterns. Likewise, you must effect changes to your exercise regimen as well. Eating brings about changes in the levels of insulin in your body and this may ultimately affect the time-keeping ability of your body. But if you make appropriate changes to your eating as well as exercising patterns, you will find it easy to overcome the problems of sleeplessness and jet lag.
- It is a known fact that release of melatonin in our body governs and regulates our sleeping pattern. So, experts suggest that you can take a good melatonin supplement before you retire for bed.
- Very importantly, reduce consumption of caffeine if you face the problem of sleeplessness due to the change in the time-zone.


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