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Tips about Arguineguin

Updated on March 28, 2011

Here is some tips about Arguineguin, the most famous city in Spain for Norwegian travellers!

Gran Canaria has been the number one vacation destination for Norwegian travellers for over 40 years, and nothing seems to change that in the near future. The relatively short flight, high  temperatures all year round and a safe destination are all factors that contribute to maintaining Gran Canaria's position as the most visited destination in Europe.

The most popular resorts on Gran Canaria are mainly Amadores, Puerto Rico, Patalavaca and Arguineguin. In this area in the south of the island you also find the best climate, and many believe that this area has one of the best microclimate in the world, making it especially suitable for people with asthma, rheumatism and other ailments that improves with the sun and the high temperatures.

The city that most of the people visit in the winter is Arguineguin. There is a well-established Norwegian environment here. There is a Norwegian school, several Norwegian wellness centers, the Norwegian seamen's church, several Norwegian doctors and a Norwegian club. As a language Norwegian is almost as common as Spanish in Arguineguin. Many Europeans have bought holiday homes in Arguineguin, and many others rent out apartments here either for the entire winter, or for shorter periods. Prices for the purchase of holiday home in Spain has fallen in recent years after the financial crisis struck, and many have now bought a holiday home in the Canaries, and most search the area around Arguineguin in the south of Gran Canaria.

Some restaurants that can be recommended in Arguineguin are, Palm Garden, Los Canarios 1, Cueva Pirata and Aquarela. Inside the shopping centre Ancora, there are also many other bars and restaurants. If you love lots of people in one place and you want to do some shopping, there is a market in Arguineguin every Tuesday and here it is always full of people.

The best beach in Arguineguin you will find next to the timeshare resort Anfi del Mar. The sand here is said to have been imported from the Bahamas, and it is certainly white. Here it you should be early if you want a nice place down by the waterfront, because the beach here is always packed with people. Enjoy your holiday to Gran Canaria!


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