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Life Tips for Husky Men

Updated on April 2, 2017

Ways to Blend-in with the Crowd

Sometimes, bigger guys have a bit of difficulty with common activities which smaller people take for granted. Whether it is commuting on public transportation, flying on a plane, sitting at your desk, eating at a restaurant, or drinking at a bar, men of size might encounter some issues. There are some general categories of measures you can take to ease your experiences. They fall into a few general categories which we will discuss here:

  • Choosing proper fitting clothes
  • Choosing proper seats on transportation modes
  • Choosing proper seats and restaurants and bars
  • Ordering solid chairs and desks at work

Good Fitting Shirts

A wise man once told me to find a cut and style of shirts which and stick with what works. For example, if you have a broad set of shoulders, you will not only needs wide-shouldered shirts and jackets, but also longer ones. The increased heft up top can decrease room available for the length of the shirt. So, you will need a longer shirt as well. This can only come from trying on clothes at the store and looking in the mirror. One brand that I, as a 50 inch chested man, prefer is Greg Norman shirts. They are indestructible and are a nice fit in higher sizes. As for dress shirts, I go with Brooks Brothers full cut non-iron shirts.

If you want to wear a belly shirt, then by all means ignore this.

Workable Seats on Public Transport

On buses, large guys should stick with aisle seats or stand. Sitting on the inside or middle can restrict your legs and possibly cut-off blood flow. This can cause serious discomfort and can be avoided by going with an aisle seats so your legs can be free. This also permits you to liberate your arms and shoulders into the aisle.

On commuter trains like Metro North, if you are lucky enough to be able to actually choose your seat, then you should go for an outside seat on the side with the larger bench. This way, when someone comes to sit in the row, they will have to ask you to get up to move in. This will leave only the middle seat open. Now, when someone looks at the row, they will see a big man on the outside and someone else on the inside. The middle will not look good and you may have bought yourself more room.

On subways, I would recommend just standing to give you enough room. Plus, you don't know what is on the seat or who sat on it before you.

Solid, Comfortable Work Furniture

The key to a solid work chair is a well-constructed chair that offers plenty of support both for your back and rear end. You can get nice quality seats at Staples or Office Depot if you don't want to spend a fortune. These stores also let you try out the chairs before you actually take the plunge and buy it. Another word to the wise, pick a seat made of material like cloth. Leather seats can cause sweaty situations for anyone, but especially for sitters with big solid legs and thighs. Steer clear of chairs with cheap, plastic gears and levers for adjustment.


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