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Safety Travel Tips for Business Women That You Must Know

Updated on November 7, 2021
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As an engineer, Mazlan had the opportunity to travel and work abroad. He has traveled to over 30 countries.

Female Business Traveler should try to travel light with a handy carry-on bag on wheels
Female Business Traveler should try to travel light with a handy carry-on bag on wheels | Source

Female Business Travel Guide

Female business travelers make up 45% of the total corporate market travel. This is a large number and companies should be obliged to provide adequate support for their female travelling staff before, during and after travel. There is no such thing as a printed copy or books on Tips for Safe Travel for Female Business Travellers, being made available.

Not many companies provide sufficient information or any specific advice related to the personal safety for female executives when travelling on business. Many seem to ignore the fact that women may encounter additional threats compared to those faced by male travelers.

Female Business Travelers are traveling more

The global market continues to expand and female business travelers are now traveling to foreign countries where their safety can be an issue. Woman traveler may be stared at, whistled or even groped. Dealing with these harassments can be very stressful especially if you are alone on that business trip.

Safety travel tips for business women are therefore essential.

Safety Travel Tips for Business Women

The following 'Safety Travel Tips for Business Women' will hopefully help make you less vulnerable, when on the move.

  • Know your profile: A female business traveler with an outgoing personality may encounter more security risks compared to those who are introverted. Therefore, be aware of your risk profile. For example, wearing the wrong attire can attract unnecessary attention. When travelling to countries where the customs or dress codes are rigid, such as in the Middle Eastern countries, be diligent in following their guidelines. Knowing what to wear can be a daunting task. Pay attention to attires worn by the local women, these will give you an idea of what is considered acceptable.
  • Travel light: Wearing comfortable flat shoes and having a handy carry-on bag on wheels will help you move quickly through terminals.
  • Research your destination: Go onto the internet or any travel sites and research the security situation of your destination, prior to travel. Be informed of the cultural sensitivities, languages spoken, status of women in business and society, appropriate attire and areas that are safe and unsafe.

  • Meet and Greet: Prior to your travel, arrange for someone to meet you at the airport, either by the company that you will be having your business meeting or by hotel representative. If you have friends there, it will be even better if they are there to meet you. This should be a common habit for all business travelers.
  • Plan ahead: Switch your mobile to roaming, prior to travel. Have with you, list of key contacts, not only at your final destination but also at home. Make copies of your important documents such as passport and have it saved in your drop-box account or if you don't have one, email it to your web based email address for easy retrieval. Buy travel insurance, book hotels that have 'women only' floor, when possible, and book a room on higher floor such as level four and above. These are usually available in hotels for business people. Make sure your room has no connecting door to another room and request for room with a peephole. Always stay in hotels that have security card keys as against 'hard' key as it can be duplicated. These are important safety tips for women traveling alone on business.
  • Arrive in Daylight: Plan and get flight that arrives during the day
  • Stay alert: If you have the tendency of walking with earphones listening to music on your mobile phone or buried in a book or magazine, you will not be aware of your surrounding and may be vulnerable to an attack. Always stay alert. Also watch out for people brushing against you, especially in a crowded area, as this could be a technique used by pickpockets.
  • Be confident at all time. Make sure you know your destination and get directions ahead of time. However If unsure, act like you know where you are headed and get directions from a safe location such as shop, restaurant, gas station etc. Important facts to remember for female business traveler, traveling alone! And avoid looking like a tourist.

  • Get ready with your tip money: If you keep some of your money for tips, cab fare etc. in an outside pocket, it will help you find it quickly and avoid fumbling through your bag or wallet.
  • Using public transport: If you have to take a cab, never hail it from the street as you may not know if it is registered or otherwise. Get the hotel to recommend a reliable cab company and keep this number for your future use. Always sit in the back of the cab and if you have to chat with the driver, don't give any personal informations or your travel plan. Place your luggage on the seat next to you, and not in the trunk. This way, if for any reason you feel uncomfortable with the cab driver, you can just get out of the cab.
  • Trusting your instinct: Trusting your instinct is important for any business traveler. If you feel suspicious of the cab driver, ask him to stop in a busy area and get out. If you suspect of being followed, go to a public area and get a cab. (Yes, the cab driver could also be unreliable, but in this situation, you should not be too paranoid!) Always walk with confidence and don't show your expression of confusion or lost. Refuse any invitations to social events if you feel uncomfortable, especially if you travel alone.
  • When using room service make sure you have prearrange with the hotel to call you, say, 5 minutes prior to the delivery. For any package from outside, have it delivered to the front desk. Never meet people in your room, meet in a public location such as the hotel lobby.

  • When using hotel facilities: When signing dining room bills or any health club facility, signed with your initial and not your full name. When you have to put down your room number, make sure you hand the bill directly to the staff concerned and not leave it on your table.
  • When not in your hotel room: Place the "Do Not Disturb" sign on your hotel door and turn your TV into the local language station. People will think that you are a local and is in your hotel room.
  • If you have to go out at night; be extra cautious by putting a note in your hotel room of your destination, people that you will be meeting and what time you left. This way, should anything happen, it will be easier to trace your whereabouts, especially for single women in a foreign country.
  • Check in regularly with home: All women business travelers should make a habit to call home, your office or friend on a regular basis.
  • Keeping a clear head: Whenever possible restrict and avoid drinking alcohol especially if someone buys you a drink. The drink could be spiked and you do not want to take chances.
  • When encountering an aggressive situation: Stay calm. Avoid any eye contact and do not take any aggressive stance. Most aggressors are after your money or valuables and will leave right away. If you take the aggressive attitude, this will worsen the situation further. So stay calm and be ready to surrender your belongings.

Nothing beats a cup of hot tea to fight that travel anxiety and help you relax and unwind.
Nothing beats a cup of hot tea to fight that travel anxiety and help you relax and unwind.

Meeting the Needs of Traveling Business Women

With the increase in the number of women traveling alone on business, hotels in the major cities, are now adding more amenities. Focusing on the specific needs of these traveling women, these additional features is aiming at attracting these travelers. Amenities such as yoga mats, special diet menu, room-services featuring manicures, pedicures and facials are becoming common in major hotels. The list is endless.

Safety for Women Business Travelers

However special emphasis should also be given to safety and security, which is the key issues for most women business travelers. For example, Dubai now provides pink cab, driven by women drivers and is available for women only. Features like this will reinforce the city as a safe place, for women traveling alone on business.

Despite these changes by the hotel and other related industries, not many companies that hire them, are ready to make changes, in meeting the needs of their traveling female business executives.

Safety Travel Tips for Business Women : Have a Safe Journey

Most female business travelers, besides wanting a safe and comfortable journey, also want to be in touch with home and family. These are big issues and hopefully the above check list and tips for a safe travel for female business travelers, which can also be applicable to their counterparts, will help alleviate these problems and provide an informative and a safe journey.

Thanks for dropping by.

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