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Tips to Consider When Deciding to Move to The City From Your Small Town

Updated on April 18, 2016
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Small town Eufaula, OK Main StreetDowntown Tulsa, OK
Small town Eufaula, OK Main Street
Small town Eufaula, OK Main Street | Source
Downtown Tulsa, OK
Downtown Tulsa, OK | Source

Deciding to Leave

Are you tired of the same old stuff going on in your small town or you want to try something new? Ever thought about living in the city? You might want to rethink exactly what you would be getting yourself into. The city is not for everyone, but people can still call it home. It is sometimes better to come from a small town and live in the city because you are open minded and learn a whole new lifestyle the right way. Here are some ideas that you will encounter if you do decide to leave that small town behind:

Starting The Transition

The city definitely has a different lifestyle. It gives you a sense to put yourself out there. Especially if you moved to a city where you don't know anyone. Get a job and have coworker friends. Talk to people at restaurants and get tips about the city. Find people on social media sites and see what's going on. Go to city events and just have fun!

Driving in a city is very different than in a small town
Driving in a city is very different than in a small town | Source

Learning How to Drive, Again

Driving in a city is completely different than your small town. You need to learn these tips:

  • your sense of directions
  • how to read a GPS
  • memorize roads and landmarks
  • Watch out for other people

The best time to learn how to drive in the city is late at night when not very many people are on the highway. That way when you think you're supposed to exit, crossing four lanes of traffic is easy to do since no one is around. You should not use your GPS while driving. Instead, look at it before you take off and study it for a bit. Looking at your phone and not paying attention can cause a wreck and you could get seriously injured or injure someone else. It's also important to be aware of heavy traffic times and what spots to avoid. Add an extra 10-20 minutes to your driving time during 4:30p.m. to 6p.m. just to be safe you're on time. Listen to the radio for construction or wreck announcements. When you know the cities' layout well enough you could avoid those spots when they tell you on the radio.

Even if you are a great driver and can master merging into heavy traffic, it does not mean you shouldn't be cautious at all times. It is really important to be aware of what other people are doing. Do not follow too close and go the speed everyone else is going. Look both ways before you cross an intersection. City people tend to always be in a hurry so if a yellow light just turned red, they still might continue to go. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Seeing the stars in the country
Seeing the stars in the country
The cities themselves are the stars in the sky
The cities themselves are the stars in the sky | Source

Starry Nights

Do you remember what it was like to see the stars in the night sky at home in the country? It was so beautiful and a peaceful sight. If you do decide to move to the city, then the stars aren't going to be in the sky anymore. The stars are now going to be the cities lights in the horizon. Everything from buildings, cars, and streets are all lit up to produce a beautiful picture perfect canvas. If you miss home, the lights can give you a little comfort. The phrase "reach for the stars" is used to chase your dreams and goals. Well in the city, with the lights lighting up the ground like stars, it's possible to actually reach them!

Starting A Clean Slate

Most people want to leave their small town in order to start a new slate. They might not be a popular individual in their town and want to leave it all behind. You get the chance to meet new people while they don't know a thing about you. You can be yourself and not have to worry about your past and them judging you.

In small towns, you might walk in to a place and see one to several people you know. Those people can either be friends, enemies, or just someone you at least know about. In the city you can't know everyone. There's so many opportunities to meet and see new people. If you do see someone you know, friend or enemy, it's more kind of an excitement to see them because you hardly run in to people you know.

Having Options

In a city you definitely have more things to do than your small town. Cities can have movie theaters, or entertainment places like bowling and concerts, along with bars and clubs if you're old enough. Things do tend to be more expensive in the city, however. What did you expect, everything to be cheap when there's thousands of other stores they are competing against?

Awesome places to eat
Awesome places to eat | Source

Something everyone goes to would be places to eat. Weren't you tired of only having like 5 good places to eat in a small town? Well in the city, there are so many options it's going to take even longer for you to decide what you want to eat.

If you want to stay away from expenses, there are a variety of parks, museums, free concerts and places you can ride bikes/ATVs or horses if you miss that country way.

Cops Have A Different Attitude

Small town cops have to meet a quota just like city cops. Most small town cops always seem to be Mr. or Ms. smarty pants. If you are out driving around late at night, they might follow you clear across town. Just because they are nosy and they are trying to find a reason to pull you over. Cops seem to be so much better in the city! Since it's a bigger area, they have more important things to worry about than an old lady's taillight being out. Everything from wrecks, violence, burglars, and many other concerns! Violence is higher in the city than in a small town.

Noises are Different

Remember laying in bed at night and hearing random noises that sounded funny or might've even scared you? In your small town you might've heard a train, bull frogs near the pond, annoying crickets, dogs, and all kinds of rodents and animals chirping or howling. Some noises could have woke you up, but eventually you always got used to it.

Transitioning to the city noises can be a little challenging at first. Even during the day time when you are wide awake noises can scare you. You can hear sirens, traffic, the dump truck picking up the trash at the crack of dawn, and even people talking. Of course you can hear some animals, but definitely not as a big variety as the country. Sooner or later you might get used to the city noises and be able to have a peaceful sleep. Either way, the city never sleeps.


Gossip: Who Cares?

Remember being in high school finding out rumors about students and hearing about relationships, who had sex with who, and who does drugs? Well gossip in small towns are exactly like high school. Except the adults are involved as well! Sometimes the adults are the ones that start drama!

Rumors can be passed from one side of the town to the other within minutes.These days technology has made it gossip even worse. A lot of small towns have Facebook venting sites that are just asking for drama. Social media can cause pointless fights over nothing. Just watch what you post. If you think someone might get offended by what you post then do not post it. If you think you can post whatever you want, then go for it. Just don't argue with someone about stuff that does not matter.

City folk tend to not care who slept with who or who dated who. Gossip is also not passed around like in a small town. Gossip can be spread around in your "click" of friends, but when it comes to the city as a whole, no one cares. You're just a person living in the city where not everyone knows you. Helps out a lot when you are trying to protect your reputation.

Being Safe

Before getting a place in the city, talk to friends,family or anyone who might have an idea of the good and bad places in the city. Just like a small town there are bad spots in a city as well. Learn the spots to avoid going. If you have to go, try to take someone along with you.

Always a good idea to lock your car!
Always a good idea to lock your car! | Source

Know when people are trying to spam you. There are people at gas stations all the time trying to ask for money. Some ask for crazy prices others ask just ask for some change. People on corners at stop lights hold up signs as well asking for money. Be careful trying to help them.Some of those people are "professional" beggars and that is their job. After they are done for the day, they'll walk in a parking lot a block away and hop into a car and drive home. If you really want to help donate to an official organization that assists in those situations.

Make sure you always lock your vehicle! It's also best not to leave personal or expensive belongings in your vehicles in plain sight. If you need to leave your wallet or purse in your car, put it in the trunk away from sight. That way thieves won't know if there's anything worth stealing in your car.

Deciding To Stay Or Not

If you try living in the city for awhile and decide it's not who you are, then it is okay to move back! The city is not for everyone just as the small town is not for everyone. The main goal was just giving it a try. You can always bring country customs to the city as well. Just because you live in the city does not mean you have to act like a city folk. If you like change and something different, a new city or place to live is definitely the way to start out!

Which One Is Better

Big City or Small Town?

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Considering The Change

If you live in one of the choices(city or small town) now, would you ever consider moving to the other?

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    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 

      3 years ago from Shimla, India

      Thank you so much for writing this post. I'll be needing these tips. Voted up :)


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