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Tips on booking your cruise.

Updated on January 23, 2012

Tips on booking wedding vow cruises.

Planning a renewal wedding ceremony on cruise ships. Carnival cruises are reasonable. Approx. around 379.00. There’s an 11.00 a day per person to cover gratuity’s. Then you have to pay for your transportation to the state your boat leaves. I highly recommend you shop around for the exact cruise you are looking for. The wedding package is 365.00. They give you the vow renewal ceremony, a two tiered cake. Champagne, The captain does the ceremony on board, or it can be done on the islands, we get to sit at the captains table the day of the wedding!

We always book early, securing your trip because in my case we are leaving on a cruise on 12-12-2012. The date hubby picked. I was planning mine and thought, I could use some help from someone to help someone with price ranges. Cruise ships offer so many different things to do, you can shop 24/7. They said it never closes. The price ranges varies on each cruise line.

People say travel agents are unnecessary with computers now days. If it’s too expensive to have an agent, I’ll book it myself. I figure 3,000.00 should cover the expenses etc. We will go. We are socking away my disability checks and I’ll be booking in no time!

Shop around, The Disney cruise looks fun, even if you don’t have kids. There are quite a few cruises and with the recession , travel is not as much in demand. That’s the time to take advantage of the cruise and book it. I think for 3 people 1200.00 for just the ship. I hate to fly scared to death, however I will fly if it’s cheaper.

The best you can do is either take the time to figure out times etc. Some people just want a travel agent to sort it out. Sometimes people just like being told how much it is and move on to get me there in time for the boat. Arrive at your port city a day or even 2 earlier. Then your sure you get your boat, also you can see some sights in the state you are staying in before boarding the ship.

I hope this helps when you want to cruise, and if you do decide to cruise, fly, bus ,car, boat , train, or plane. Happy Trails to you!


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  • SandyMcCollum profile image

    SandyMcCollum 5 years ago

    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!! Have a great time!