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Tips on staying save in Bali

Updated on January 20, 2015
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We have experience in touring, hospitality, banking and attractive natural cruising. We teach at a university in Indonesia.


Domestic tourists usually visit Bali during long holidays such as school holiday, a holiday feast for Muslims, Christmas and New Year.

Foreign tourists usually go to Bali in the winter time in his country and foreign tourists usually visit Bali in March to October.

Staying in Bali is very pleasant, because Bali has a culture different from other islands like Java, Sumatra and other islands in Indonesia.

Besides beaches such as Kuta Beach ( suitable for Sunset), Jimbaran Beach ( suitable for dinner after sunset ), Sanur Beach ( suitable for sunrise) Bali has other cultures such as Kecak Dance , Barong Dance , Bedugul Lake, Temple, and others.

Indonesian people are very friendly to everyone, as well as the people of Bali are also friendly to any person. However, living in Bali must be careful. Some safety tips to live in Bali are:

1. Safe is not lost

If you are staying in Bali you will not get lost because you can ask the people of Bali on the objectives that you want and the Balinese will answer questions and help you.


2. Safe with food.

If you live in Bali, you will not starve because in Bali has a menu of food and drinks ranging from Indonesian food, non-food and beverage Indonesia with prices varying from cheap until expensive.

3. Safe at the inn

Bali has accommodation ranging from cheap to expensive, non-star and five-star hotels. To find lodgings will easily find it, because all the places there are lodgings.


4.Safe with criminal.

All visitors feel safe when walking the street in all places in Bali. All residents of Bali welcomed by friendly. However, when you stay in Bali you should not walk alone at night. Walking groups will be better.

5. Safe with transport

Bali has a wide range of transportation for tourists as pancal bicycle rental, motorbike rental, rental cars and public transport such as taxis, mini buses, transport cost is also cheap and you can find almost everywhere.



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