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Tips to Have Nature Holidays on a Budget

Updated on June 13, 2015

Enjoying nature and outdoor activities during your holiday is a great choice to escape from city’s hectic life. Working hard day by day as an unstoppable routine makes us thirsty of wildlife relaxation. This is a reason for many people to spend their holiday in nature. However, since many people want to spend their holiday close to nature, they may often have to spend much money to have a quality nature holiday, particularly, when having a family holiday. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the cost. Yes, it is possible to have a holiday on a budget, make everything more affordable without cutting down the fun. Below are several tips to help you realize the dream.


Budget Transport

Unlike big city where everything goes fast and frantic, nature holiday destination usually has calmer situation with slow pace lifestyle. The best transportation to get there would be a car. Travelling with your own car everywhere would save you a lot of money. No need to pay driver, you can control fuel expenses, and go at your own pace. In short, all the freedom is yours. It is great if you have your own car to travel, but if you do not have none, budget public transportation such as train or buses are a good choice. In most budget holiday, train is the most preferable transportation choice since it allows you to bring luggage without weight limitation, unlike airplanes which is costly with limited baggage. When you arrive in your destination, consider to rent a car if you have extra money. In some village or remote area, local transportation will be available to drive you around.

Shillong, Meghalaya, India
Shillong, Meghalaya, India | Source

Where to Stay

When you have wildlife and nature holiday, it will quite difficult to find 5 stars hotel in a remote natural travel destination. However, you will find more affordable lodging or budget inns instead. You may wonder the difference among hotel, lodging, and inns. The differences actually lay on facility it provides. As we all know, hotel provides comprehensive amenities start from complete room facilities to hotel facilities such as laundry, restaurant, swimming pool, etc. Far different from hotels, lodging usually offers only room to stay in. Generally, it is like residential house that is turned into commercial place by the owners. It rents rooms for visitors and, commonly, no restaurant attached you can visit. Instead, you can prepare your meal in the kitchen they have. While inns are not so different to be compared to lodging, it does not only rent room, but also provides restaurant. Even though the amenities of lodging and inns are not as complete as hotels, the price is still ranging from expensive to the cheap ones. It depends on additional facilities it has. If you look for cheap lodging or cheap inns for your stopover during your adventure, you may find few on the internet. There must be not much of them have their own website. Therefore, if you have holiday during off-season, there is nothing wrong to search for budget lodging or affordable inns on the spot. You will surely find various selections.

Nature Lodge Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysia
Nature Lodge Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysia | Source

What to do

Since people call it as ‘nature holiday’, you can do any outdoor activities in nature. Depends on your destination, you can do something like hiking, biking, fishing, or seeing around natural sceneries. Hiking is a must when you visit tourism object in mountain, hill, or village. Hiking is very cheap since you do not need complex stuffs, but your feet and shoes! It would be a perfect holiday if you stay in a budget lodging for a day or two. You can do some jogging in the morning to maintain your health. Meanwhile, biking and fishing are also wonderful for a nature family holiday. An affordable inns or affordable lodging often are located near lake. You can have a good fishing with you family in a cheap way. Enjoying nature sceneries will never be a boring activity. Walking around while chitchatting among family members will be an irreplaceable pleasure.

Mountain Biking through rivers in the jungles of Borneo, Sabah
Mountain Biking through rivers in the jungles of Borneo, Sabah | Source

As we can read above, it is possible to have an affordable nature holiday even with family. Just stick to the tips: use budget transportation, stay at affordable lodging, and select activities that are cheap yet fun. Being in a budget holiday is actually means that you are completely free. It is up to you where to roam to spend the day. You are not bound to hotel facilities or tour package which might limit your time or what you want to do. Enjoy your affordable holiday to the max!


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