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Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Updated on September 16, 2012

Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling!

Staying healthy while traveling can be difficult. It's easy to get sick when you're traveling since trips can be stressful on your body. You're busy and not taking care of yourself and you're in contact with a lot of germs when you're out and about. Paying attention to your body and not overdoing things is key to staying healthy on your trip. Here are some simple tips for healthy travel that will help you from getting sick.

Plan Your Trip to Avoid Unnecessary Stress

Stress is a quick way to get sick, and traveling is full of stress. Figuring out where to go, getting places on time, getting lost, unexpected roadblocks, etc. can all add stress to your trip. Do what you can ahead of time to avoid stressful situations. Get maps and look up your destinations ahead of time. Research public transit before you get there. Print out your boarding pass in advance. A little forethought can make a bit difference to reduce stress during your travels. Minimizing stress will go a long way to help you stay healthy while traveling and it will also make for a better trip.

Wash Your Hands Frequently During Your Travels

Staying healthy while traveling can be difficult simply because you are exposed to a lot of germs. You will be in contact with a lot of people during your trip, and you will probably be touching a fair number of things in public places. Something as simple as going through airport security will put you in contact with dozens of people, not to mention you'll be dealing with luggage, plastic bins, countertops, and shoes. And this is just one portion of your journey. Washing your hands frequently will lower your risk of getting sick and will help prevent the spread of illness.

Wiggle On Airplanes, Cars, Boats, and Buses

If you're sitting for an extended period of time, either in an airplane or a car, wiggle occasionally to keep your blood moving and to keep your muscles from tightening up. This will help you from feeling as stiff when you do finally get to your destination. Older folks also have a higher risk of blood clots when sitting for long periods. Get up and walk around if you can, or at least move your legs and arms around while you're seated.

Keep a Normal Sleep Schedule

Jet lag can wreak havoc on your system. That added stress makes it difficult to keep from getting sick on your trip. Do your best to stay on a regular sleep cycle. If possible, try to move your wake-up and bed times by a couple hours a few days before the trip. This will smooth your transition to the new time zone.

Getting overly tired will compromise your immune system and make you more likely to get sick on your trip. Even if you aren't changing time zones, make an effort to go to bed at a reasonable hour and get enough sleep. You will have more energy and you'll be more likely to stay healthy while you travel.

Stay Hydrated

The most important thing for you to do to stay healthy while on your trip is to stay hydrated. Keep a bottle of water with you if possible. It’s easy to wrapped up in activities while you're out of town and simple things like drinking water can easily be neglected. Water will keep you feeling energetic and help ward off a nasty cold.

Eat Meals Regularly and Pack Healthy Snacks

Putting the right fuel in your body will also help you from getting sick on your trip. It can be hard to eat well while traveling since you're busy doing other things and you're not familiar with where the beast/cheapest/fastest places to eat are. Make an effort to eat three meals a day. It is often worth finding a grocery store and stocking up on a few basics that will make easy meals on-the-go or in your hotel room. Not only will this simplify life, but it will also save you money. Think sandwich fixings, cereal, or microwaveable meals. Also get some healthy snacks like fruits and nuts. If you're too busy for a sit-down meal, at least you can make do with the snacks you packed in your day bag.


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    • Modern Lady profile image

      Modern Lady 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Thanks for commenting freecampingaussie! I agree--washing hands, whether traveling or not, is very important for staying healthy.

    • freecampingaussie profile image

      freecampingaussie 5 years ago from Southern Spain

      You have some great tips for travelers here !Agree on washing hands - so important . I found you while hub hopping