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Tips to Travel Cheap in Bali

Updated on December 22, 2009
Bali Vacation
Bali Vacation

How to Travel Cheap in Bali

Been to Bali before? Or, are you thinking of going to Bali in the near future but you have limited budget? Don’t worry. As long as you know how to travel comfortably in Bali yet still in your not-so-huge budget, you can still enjoy your vacation in the island of a thousand gods and have a good time there.

How much money do you think you’ll need to spend your holiday there? Well, it depends on whether you go there during high season like Christmas or just any ordinary days. A couple of years ago, also around Christmas and New Year, I spent my holiday in Bali for nearly 3 weeks and I only spent less than 300 dollars! Below are what I did to keep my budget tight yet I still enjoyed my lovely holiday in Bali:

Bali Vacation Tips

  1. Choose a not-so-luxurious hotel

I got a nice hotel at Kuta area which only cost me around 5 dollars a night. It was a comfortable room, with fan, no air-con, and a clean washroom. There were lots of plants in the hotel area which was really cozy. Almost all the hotel guests were also foreigners like me. Most of them came from Germany and other European countries.

Another good thing about this hotel is that they also provide us free breakfast which we can choose among several choices, which were fried rice, fried noodle, or a set of American breakfast.

  1. Travel by public transport or rent a scooter or bike

There are lots of choices of transportation which you can choose in Bali, ranging from taxis, small buses, scooters, bikes, and rental cars. I have a tip for you who would prefer to travel by taxi. Always make sure that the taxi you pick uses meter. There is a funny practice among most taxi drivers in Indonesia. There are many taxi drivers from many taxi companies who’d refuse to use meter when they notice that a foreigner picks their cab. Of course, you can still bargain about the fee, but it’s really troublesome when you have no idea how much it should really cost you. So my best bet is always pick the taxis which always use meter, such as Blue Bird.

However if you can ride a scooter or bike, it will definitely save you a lot of your money if you can rent one. The rental fee for a scooter or bike is relatively cheap, which is around 2 dollars a day, not including the gas. But what if you can’t ride a scooter or bike? Don’t worry, I’ve got another good solution for those who can’t ride a scooter or bike.

Try to travel more by using public transport which is the cheapest public transportation in Bali. For example, I only had to pay around 60 cents from Kuta to Sangeh, which is quite far from Kuta. But the problem is that since it is a public transportation, it is not a good choice if you want to travel fast. The car will only leave when the vehicle is fully loadedJ. However it is the best place if  you want to meet local people.

Beware also of some bad drivers who try to charge you more than usual. Try to ask other passengers how much the real fare. Never ask the driver!

  1. Avoid cafes and restaurants

One of the biggest expenses is meal. Try to find meal around the beach which is very cheap yet healthy and delicious. It is called “nasi bungkus” which literally means “wrapped rice” which already includes some vegetable and fish or egg or chicken inside. The price is…. 35 cents!

  1. Always bargain

When you’re shopping, always bargain one third of the initial price! Once I bought a bag which cost me 3 dollars from the initial offer of 9 dollars!

There you go! If you follow all these four tips, you can still save a lot of your money and can still enjoy your holiday in Bali. Happy holiday!


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      8 years ago

      very informative!


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