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Tips For Planning Your First Cruise

Updated on March 24, 2013

There are some really good ways to make planning a cruise much easier. If you are thinking about trying a cruise for the first time take the advice given here and save yourself a lot of grief. Cruising is a great way to relax like you have never experienced before. Your first time should be stress free with the planning and the cruise itself.

Hire A Travel Agent

It costs you nothing to talk to most travel agents. That is a good deal when a travel agent will give you a vast amount of knowledge. Their money is earned by commission paid by the cruise lines. Be sure to find one that specializes in cruises and has been on many cruises. By using a travel agent you have more support than just the click of a mouse.

By finding a travel agent you have someone who can give you insight into the different cruise lines. They know deals, ship details, routes, and ports and can give you a more unbiased view than if you went directly to a cruise line. Talking to a person is more rewarding than talking with a computer and attempting to book online without guidance. A travel agent can actually save you money.

Use Common Sense in Planning

Dream a bit and think about where you might want to go. Face the reality that the area of the country you live in will affect the cost. If you live on the west coast then Alaska or the pacific side of Mexico such as Baja will be less expensive for the airfare or driving expense to reach the ports.

A trip to the Caribbean has many choices from Florida and several from New York if you live on the east coast. If you live near Miami cruising can be less expensive than many hotels in the area. Dream in the area close to where you live for your first cruise to save quite a bit of money. Use your computer to get information about vacation dreams that are in your head.

Learn The Benefits of Cruising

I just bet you will be pleasantly surprised to find cruising can be less expensive than many oceanfront hotels room plus food is included. Another plus is that you can visit many CaribbeanIslands for no additional transportation costs because you are comfortably sleeping while being transported there.

Three, four, or five day cruises are very inexpensive. Start with a short cruise near the area you live or take advantage of seven day values. If you are able to travel when it is not peak season for a particular route your savings can be half price. Get a travel advisor to help you with the details. There is a good chance that your dream cruise will be repeated with even more great vacations.


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