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How to Enjoy A Vacation

Updated on December 23, 2015

Hot Fun

Theme Park


I drive all the way

Until I get tired

Do an overnight stay

At a place desired

I enjoy incredible sounds

Of music’s intrigue

In my head it abounds

Making the trip real big

It’s the way without a bother

Stopping to pump gas

Talking to Heavenly Father

Yet getting there fast

My trip is blessed

With a peace of mind

I’m clearly obsessed

With pleasure I find

There is no doubt

There’s joy ahead

But I have the best company

With Jesus instead

I love seeing

Family and friends

And I like being

Where I can save ends

Love is on my face

All the time through

Because of God’s grace

And His crew

You see, my every involvement

Is plain simplicity

Of spiritual discernment

With no iniquity

Oh how sweet it is

Traveling securely

Focusing in having fun

The way God meant for me.

Take A Vacation

some people don't think that a vacation is healthy but most think it is very beneficial to get away at least for three to seven days. A vacation makes great differences in peoples lives. It's a major part of living life to the fullest.

Up Up And Away

Have You Taken A Vacation In The Last Three Years?

See results

I Take the Spirit with Me

I can enjoy my vacation most because The Spirit of God is with me to regulate the fun I consume. It is a great feeling. I can enjoy myself as a single, a couple or in a group. I've done it in all ways already. When I would do as a single, I had the Spirit of God to enjoy it with me. What a joy I would have with Him one on one meaning even if I went alone. It can be enjoyed as well with Him, a companion and family. A vacation can be taken and enjoyed even in the winter time like from the bitter cold in Chicago to the breezy warmth in Florida.


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    • word55 profile image

      Word 4 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks Mike Robbers, I appreciate your admiring my hubs.

    • Mike Robbers profile image

      Mike Robbers 4 years ago from London

      I like this one so much, thanks for sharing!

      Voted up!

    • word55 profile image

      Word 4 years ago from Chicago

      Hey thank you for stopping in there Laurie. Glad you enjoyed the trip.

    • profile image

      Rayne123 4 years ago

      Another great hub

      Very upbeat

      Nice road trip in poetry