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Cheap Cruises For Singles

Updated on July 4, 2012
Norwegian Epic Floating Hotel
Norwegian Epic Floating Hotel

Cruising Solo - A New Niche For Cruise Lines

Cheaper cruises for Single adults is a new niche many cruise lines have realized a need for.

My interest in travel has lead down many paths all of which I have learned something of value which will remain forever in my heart and memories. Interesting places I have been and people I have met. My travel companion has always been my husband who also values each and every unique trip we have made. Sadly though, or by choice, there are many who do not have a partner to share in their travel adventures. They dream about the places they would like to visit but feel it is to costly or not something they want to do alone. My research tells me that there are numerous reasons why people are hesitant in traveling on their own with cost at the top of the list. There has also been a lack of interest in this niche on the part of the travel industry which has not encouraged growth and price incentives for the single traveler but those wanting to cruise solo have paid a very high price for the option of not having a companion. This, though is changing as cruise lines realize the need to open the doors for those wanting to cruise without a partner.

In the past, cruise lines and travel providers have not been sympathetic to the needs of solo travelers. One positive thing the recession has brought about is that travel suppliers are now paying more attention to this market segment by finding ways to make it more affordable as well as more enticing for those wishing or having to travel alone.

Cruise lines generally charge what is called a single-supplement fee for a single occupied cabin. However, the Norwegian Cruise line's new mega ship the Epic, which made her maiden voyage last June, has specifically targeted the solo cruiser with 128 single price friendly suites designed for the solo cruiser. In addition to the cabin design and lower cost, these studio cabins have access to a common lounge area designed for singles to meet and mingle. There are also cabins that connect for easy access between suites, however, also providing the privacy when desired. Norwegian has found a niche market that has been ignored for too long and is getting very good results so far. I will be cruising on the Epic in November and will have pictures and a review of this floating luxury city upon my return.

Ships are now Designing Studio Cabins for Solo Cruisers

Solo Studio Cabin Norwegian Epic Designed Specifically for the Single Traveler
Solo Studio Cabin Norwegian Epic Designed Specifically for the Single Traveler
Peace Quiet Relax Read a Book
Peace Quiet Relax Read a Book

New Opportunities and Cheaper Cruise Rates for Solo Cruiser

Norwegian Cruise Line came out with new opportunities for the solo cruiser. I was on board the "Epic" and got to take a look at the studios and studio "meet and mingle areas" which is proving to be a successful move on Norwegian's part. It opens the door to make it more cost effective for someone going solo as well as an increased opportunity to meet and make new friends.

While it has been a struggle for finding lower cost single-supplemental prices as well as single-friendly vacations and travel, it seems that providers are catching on that this market has been ignored as well as a lost opportunity for cruise lines and vacation suppliers. The need for this market will only increase as baby boomers age resulting in many more widows and widowers who would love to stay active and continue vacationing and traveling, as they have done in the past. Cruising single may become a very nice option and more reasonably priced then in the past.

Hotels, tour providers and cruise lines can reduce their vacancy rates by negotiating better rates for single travelers in an economic downturn such as we have experienced recently. Those of you who would be traveling as a single should look around for the good deals out there at this time. There are more providers all the time specializing in singles travel, so get going and book that trip you have only dreamed about even if you go it alone!


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