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Living- Colorado Rockies

Updated on June 5, 2014

To Live in the Colorado Rockies

To Live in the Colorado Rockies
To Live in the Colorado Rockies | Source

To Live in the Colorado Rockies

To Live in the Colorado Rockies

To live in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, what a concept.The idea living around the Denver and Colorado Springs area sounds quite luxurious for some odd reason. The thought of having a cabin in the middle of the mountains with a stream running in back of my cabin sounds fantastic.Waking up to a morning of no noise and solitude, sounds almost too good. The idea just came upon my thoughts as I saw a picture of the mountains, and though I have lived in Denver, Colorado before. I remember the drives to Estes Park and how beautiful it was to wake up in the back of my four by four truck as a youngster on a road trip in the area.

We use to take off on any given day and go to Aspen and go snow skiing and enjoy the drinking and partying of the rich and famous.The bars with cushy lounge booths, and celebrities, then my mind goes blank. I use to drink too much back then, yet I remember the beauty of the cool air and the Rocky’s. The winter time in Colorado was not so much fun at times, when we would have white outs from the snow, and my truck would be buried all the way up to the hood of the truck. I don’t regret missing that part of living there, figure that must be par for a person that lives in remote areas of the mountains. To come across a bear and or a wildcat would be interesting and anxiety provoking. I never have seen one of those animals before in the wild.

Where I am from there is nothing but dirt and Mesquite trees and oil lease land with derricks all around drilling holes in the ground since the oil prices are so high. There is a contrast in where I live now compared to Colorado, they are not waking up to the smell of fumes as I get to here in Midland, Texas. One gets so use to the H2s gas fumes in Western Texas that allergies and asthma can be a problem in my neck of the sticks. I would rather have the Bear and wild animals knocking at my door making my adrenalin rush than to experience what I get now.

There are always places to move and times are so unusual right now that a move is not in the cards for me. I love this town I live in to an extent, there is no traffic and you can get to the store with no hassles for cars piling up and people frustrated from the traffic. It’s a win, lose situation. Midland, Texas has it’s good qualities, located halfway between DFW and EL Paso, Texas, The good aspect is the town is slower paced with virtually nothing to do except work and as far as nightlife; there are your usual bars. The bars out here,are just that drinking bars, there are no Dave and Busters where you can play games and enjoy other activities beside watch your friend get sick from drinking too much. I stay away from the nightlife, because that is when trouble hits the streets as well in a little city as this.

Someday a trip to Colorado will be in the works, and maybe I will find that cabin in the mountains and settle down with a female.Until then I will stick it out with the rolling tumbleweeds and oil derricks that make this place, Midland, Tx.. I figure Midland is called The Tall City because we do have some building’s that out of nowhere stick up in the middle of the desert, interesting place it is to say the least.


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    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 6 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Thank you for your comment.I bet it is nice,We will see about a possible move.

    • MooreBeauty profile image

      MooreBeauty 6 years ago from North Carolina, USA

      I live in the Appalachian Mountians of NC, so I know how beautiful and awesome it is to live in the mountians!! :)