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Tokyo the City

Updated on June 10, 2015

Tokyo the City

A vast, up-to-date and highly fascinating city the Tokyo holds 37 million of people in its approx. 770 square mile area. Tokyo is the wildest nightlife city located in Japan. The culture and fascinated districts are not only the most interesting traveling areas, but their other areas like mountains, islands, etc. are enjoyable. If you go to the west portion of the city, you will get mountains and if you go to the south then ISLANDs. And the center of the city is the examples of versatile cultures, habits and entertainment. I will suggest travelers to come to Tokyo at least once in his life.

Main wards in Tokyo:

Below is the main and attractive wards in Tokyo in the list. The list is to inform travelers about the main areas to view.

1. Adachi

2. Arakawa

3. Bunkyo

4. Chiyoda

5. Chūō

6. Edogawa

7. Itabashi

8. Katsushika

9. Kita

10. Kōtō

11. Meguro

12. Minato

13. Nakano

14. Nerima

15. Ōta

16. Setagaya

17. Shibuya

18. Shinagawa

19. Shinjuku

20. Suginami

21. Sumida

22. Taitō

Information on districts:

Tokyo is a very vital city in Japan as the administrative, political activities are managed in this city because the parliament and corporate as well as the ministries are located in the same city. Tokyo can be said as an electronic city for the location of Akihabara. It is some most famous areas like Marunouchi, Kasumigaseki, Nagatacho is the enjoyable traveling places. Tokyo has many places to view. Some artificial island and skyscrapers are located in the area named Odaiba, Shiodome. Most famous nightclubs are located in the district named Roppongi. Travelers are needed to stay in the city name Shinjuku as the luxury hotels, restaurants are located here. It else travelers can get skyscrapers, camera stores, shops, etc. here. It is the one district by which Tokyo can be said as wildest nightlife city. There are some other districts like Shibuya, Shinagawa and Toshima are also famous. Shibuya is famous for its fashionable shops. Shinagawa and Toshima hold the train hub as well as the business centers. Till now we have read only about the business, Palace, ministry, shops, etc. about the Tokyo. But Tokyo has some very nice residential places in Meguro including a museum, some fantastic park, etc.

History of Tokyo:

Tokyo is a city developed near about 500 years ago. Tokyo was a fishing village in the first time named EDO. In 1603, the village started to change in a city. In 1868, the name of the city had been determined by Parliament. Now it is the center of business, culture, education as well as the government introduced as a metropolitan center of Japan. A very old city so multi-cultures have been developed in this city as culture is varying district to district in Tokyo. For example difference between Akihabara and Chiyoda. Akihabara is the electronic city where Chiyoda is nothing but the city of gardens. Another difference in the district is Asakusa the area of the market of the temple. The distance between the two districts is not much as it is covered by the distance between two railway stations. If you are on a train, then you will view entirely different from previous in each station.

For a new traveler, it won't be a problem for leaving cost in Tokyo as it is not much high as it is in Los Angeles or New York or London. But it is rated as the fifth most expensive city in the world. For an example, I can say one month rent for 175 square foot room is near about $1000. For a new traveler, I will suggest sending their luggage before that they will arrive. Excluding west & south portion Tokyo is the very crowded town. It is hard to walk even with a small size of luggage and also very hard to upstairs. There are many service providers are available to send your luggage properly and quickly to a given address. And the service provider will allow to transport any size of luggage if it is not a bottle of alcohol. Fees depend on distance and area you will want to send. On the other hand, Tokyo has many islands available at a far distance from main town. In this area, you will not find any permanent population available. Permanent of local populations can be found in Ha-ha-Jima.

Climates in Tokyo:

The difference between summer temperature & winter temperature is much and sometimes very hard to compromise for travelers. In summer, the temperature in Tokyo is varying between 25 - 350c where in winter it reaches the 0°C. And in the night it can be reached under zero. Travelers should be informed about the earthquakes that happened in 2011 or before. Tokyo is on the three different plates. And so the shocking rate can make shock as it can be 8.3. In 1923 one earthquake killed 150,000 people.


JAPAN is the highly educated country in the World. And the center of its education or anything is the city named TOKYO. Travelers will enjoy the versatile cultures as well as environments and climates in this city. West of the Tokyo is the mountain's area where the south is for the islands. As Tokyo is 500 years old city, so it is enjoyable for travelers. This city is carrying the history of more than 500 years.

Comparable with New York and London the living cost is not high for Tokyo where this is the 5th expensive city, according to the statistics. Winter season is good climates for westerns. Traveling with luggage can be problematic for new travelers as the city is very crowded. Many high-class hotels, restaurants, as well as many other enjoyable circumstances, will be available in the city.

Hope my article will help to draw a minimum knowledge about the Tokyo.​


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