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Tool Backpacks for Technicians and Electricians-Factors Consider While Buying

Updated on January 2, 2014

Technician and electrician jobs are very challenging which includes carrying tools, replacement parts while climbing up ladders and working at higher altitudes includes at attics and HVAC transmission, telecommunication towers, hoists. Tool Backpacks helps in freeing hands from carrying loads while working and makes comfortable while working.

Technicians require tools such as wrench sets, electrical drills, pliers, electrical cords, screw drivers and many more to carry the necessary job. Typically weight of tool bag carrying by technicians will be about 20 to 30 pounds. By using backpacks all the necessary hand tools can be placed and can be able to work carefully and comfortably. Some of the factors to be consider while choosing the tool backpacks are given below

Factors consider while buying backpacks:

Number of pockets and slots:

Number of pockets and slots require in a backpack depends upon the tools you carry. Backpack should have various tool pockets and slots to accommodate all the tools and can able to carry some extra tools or spare replaceable parts. If you wish to carry more tools at work 75 pockets and more backpacks are preferable. All the tools you carry should easily fit into the backpack. Typical 75 pockets and 48 pockets backpacks are shown below. Some of the features of this backpack includes It can accommodate all the necessary tools required and made of Dupont's Cordura Plastic Fabric

Durability and life:

Backpacks should be durable and it should able to handle heavy tool loads. It should be rugged in construction. It has to withstand to rough environmental conditions while working. Life of backpack should also considered for choosing the required tool backpack


Backpacks helps to reduce pain on shoulders while working and frees both the hands to carryout the work comfortably. It should be comfortable to carry and walk for long distances or climb higher elevation.


Backpacks should be fire resistant and water proof in order to protect the tools

Additional Space:

Backpacks should have some additional space or pockets to carry some personal belongings or some spare replaceable parts along with the regular tools.


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