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Greatest Places For Photos In Horse Country - Louisville KY

Updated on February 12, 2015

Saddlebred Legacy

Saddlebred, quarter horses, other equine divisions, breeding, and competitions are a prominent part of the history and life of Louisville, Kentucky.

Kentucky has been Horse Country since before Louisville's founding in the late 1770s. Horses, farms and plantations were a way of life.

Landowners eventually began developing huge tracts of land into horse farms and training grounds for the world-famous Kentucky Derby, a main draw to Churchill Downs every May. All of this contributes to the readers' decision in 2009 to vote Louisville's Churchill Downs to the Number 11 spot among the Greatest Places to Stand in America (for photos) at the website

Canadian actor and forever-Captain Kirk, William Shatner, owned and bred horses at the Belle Reve Farm complex for decades in Versailles KY near Louisville and Lexington. He and wife Elizabeth moved the operations to California, where she also pursues her professional photography and exquisite digital paintings as well as her own line of fine wines. The ranch's Indian Spirit Garden is one of several that has been opened to group tours occasionally and widely photographed professionally. Poser Farm in Lexington (since 2009) has one of Shatner's many horses: Belle Reve's Voo Doo Magic. The Saddlebred is a stud descendant from Sultan's Great Day (dam The Magic Moment), who sired over 100 championship-winning horses. Shatner's former wife, Marcy Lafferty, heads Poser Farm.

William Shatner's annual charity horse show events are well known, increasing so after he moved his horse breeding and racing interests to Shatner's Belle Reve in California. It all began in Kentucky near Louisville. Some of his best known Saddlebreds are WCC Call Me Ringo and Boston Legal .

Secretariat, Most Famous Race Horse


> Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs racetrack complex is located between the neighborhoods of Algonquin and Wyandotte (names of Native American Nations) in Louisville.

The University of Louisville, the Kentucky Exposition Center, and the International Airport are all within close range. A visit to Churchill Downs is a great starting point for a week's vacation in Kentucky. It's in the middle of a lot of travel and sightseeing activities, with historic districts that offer entertainment, dining, shopping, museums, and shows as well.

One work colleague moved the Kentucky Derby so much, that she scheduled vacation days every year in order to go and work in the paramuteul area. After the Derby on the first Saturday in May, she had not only extra money, but several days to enjoy the sights. She also made new friends. On the other hand, some people go to the Derby in order to see the array of women's hats worn that day!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Horse in public art.Racing horses.
Horse in public art.
Horse in public art. | Source
Racing horses.
Racing horses. | Source
Churchill Downs in 1901
Churchill Downs in 1901 | Source

Churchill Downs

A markerChurchill Downs, Kentucky -
Churchill Downs, 700 Central Ave, Louisville, KY 40208, USA
get directions

Sidewalk art projects
Sidewalk art projects | Source

> The Sidewalk Derby

Most major cities in the US have undertaken sidewalk art projects in recent decades. Columbus OH lined their streets with artistic ears of corn, while Cincinnati provided a legion of colorful pigs - including flying pigs. many types of animals appropriate to the cities themselves have been seen and in Louisville, the streets have been home to wildly patterned horses.

Placed in 2004, an auction of the horses raised $800,000 for charity and city improvements. The fiberglass horses were painted in remembrance of Kentucky Derby winners. Few, if any, of the horses remain on the streets, but sponsor businesses may have photos. This sidewalk horse show has been called the Gallopalooza Sidewalk Derby and a gallery of horses can be seen at this site.

Additional sidewalk art is visible around the city today, including a sculpture remembering a tornado in 1890.

> The Louisville Loop

In 2010, Bicycle Magazine voted the Louisville Loop and the city as the 21st most bike-friendly place in America. The Loop comprises 100 miles of biking trails that, when completed, will encircle the perimeter of the City of Lousiville. One section is completed as of June 2011, including 23 miles along the Ohio River Valley through parks and other landscape. Remaining sections are in the planning stages.

Visit the Louisville Loop at .

>The Spirit of Kentucky Balloon Festival

Held every September at Bowman Field airport in Louisville, this hot air balloon festival is the largest in the state and one of the top balloon festivals in the nation. Activities and include several balloon races and showings, family activities, a number of live concerts, and a classic car show, among others. A particularly fun event is the nightly balloon glows in which the balloons are lit from inside.

> Kentucky State Fair, Since 1816

The Kentucky State Fair is held annually in mid-to-late August at the Kentucky Exhibition Center in Louisville, not far from Churchill Downs. Likely the most popular draw for this fair is its World's Largest Championship Horse Show. Even the giant horse show in Columbus, Ohio each autumn, congesting the city for two weeks or more with activities and visitors, does not out show Kentucky's horse show. Local and International visitors increase the fair's attendance each year to see this show. Additional shows include 4-H horses, miniature horses, and others.

In addition to all the horse shows, the state fair offers agricultural exhibits, arts and crafts, music, military displays, displays from each county in Kentucky, contests, new product demonstrations, and a number of other displays and events. Major entertainment celebrities appear, including groups such as Def Leppard, Lady Antebellum, and Maroon Five.

> City of Parks

This designation represents the well known Louisville municipal project for a continuous paved pedestrian and biking trailway that travels around the entire city. Even more park lands will be added to the already large green space developed. Louisville is walkable and ready for green travel! As section of the Louisivlee Loop extent around the city, many of these parks will be connected by bike trails.

  • Welcome to Waterfront Park! Only one of the many parks here, the Louisville Waterfront Park covers 85 acres of green space located on the Ohio River in Downtown Louisville. This is a nationally known park that hosts many special events. The region's largest July 4th Waterfront Independence Festival is held in the park and on the Ohio River.


> Jefferson Memorial Forest

This wonderful urban forest was established and dedicated to Kentucky armed services veterans from all wars. It is also an officially designated National Audubon Society Wildlife Refuge in Louisville. It ranks as the second largest urban forest in the US. Visitors may hike year-round across 35 miles of trails form 0.2 miles to 6.2 miles in length. This is one of the best parts of the city to enjoy and part of the City of Parks initiative.

Music is celebrated in this forest as well with the annual spring Forest Fest Bluegrass Music Festival that offers free admission. Visit

> Muhammad Ali Center

Louisville is home to renowned boxer Muhammad Ali, born here as Cassius Clay. Charismastic and sure, he predicted his bouts with poetry; but he once did not appear for a scheduled interview on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Carson washed his hands of the boxer on air, but they mended the argument and Muhammed Ali continued to appear on the Tonight Show for years.

He keeps going despite a neurological condition and for this and his other examples of courage and service, the public respects and loves the former boxer. A 1960 Gold Medalist in Rome, he lit the Olympic Torch at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics and in the 2000s, he was welcomed as he watched his boxing daughter Laila at a performance on Dancing With the Stars.

  • Muhammad Ali Center -- "Float like a buttfley. Sting like a bee." This mseum and education center is located in Louisville, Kentucky, which is Muhammad Ali's hometown. It makes a popular cultural attraction and international education centeri. The museum houses two floors of exhibits, with educational space and programming, gift shop, community outreach efforts, and other elements.

> The Falls of the Ohio River - Places You Might Not Know

A markerFalls of the Ohio River -
Falls of the Ohio, Clarksville, IN, USA
get directions

Devonian Diorama

Created from the fossil evidence.
Created from the fossil evidence. | Source

George Rogers Clark Home

In 1981, the US Congress designated the fossil beds and Ohio river falls area as The Falls of the Ohio National Wildlife Conservation Area (and state park). Millions of fossils from the named Devonian Period of history are located at this site. A giant mammoth skeleton adorns the lobby of the Interprestive Center.

Originally, the Falls were a series of rapids, but today they are not apparent, the water dammed locally to facilitate a canal in the 1800s and eventually, hydroelectric power. All this was named the McAlpine Locks and Dam to honor the only civilian US Army Corps of Engineers District Engineer of Louisiville, W. H. McAlpine (served 1917 - 1919).

The George Rogers Clark retirement dwelling is at the lower end of the Falls of The Ohio at Clark's Point. This is a curve that showed off the view of the falls and the Ohio River in both directions. The Speeds were indentured servants to Clark and today, the Speed Art Museum is popular in Louisville. A boat ramp and several gardens are located nearby and the site can be used for weddings.

The state park is a great place to visit. Actually in Clarksville, Indiana on the other side of the river, the park is accessible via I-65 at Exit 0.

Multiple-Award Winning State Park


Louisville Job Market Doubled 2011 - 2015

Numbers of jobs in and around Louisville remained constant from Fall 2009 - Summer 2011, with over 18,000 jobs listed as of mid-June 2011/ However, this number increased to 30,700 advertised openings in mid-February 2015.

Originally involved heavily in waterways shipping on the Ohio River, Louisville developed a thriving trucking freight business and these types of jobs outdistance all the rest in their numbers in availablility today.

Top Openings Available at

  1. Humana
  2. Norton Healthcare
  3. Barton Associates - Trucking and Freight
  4. Jewish Hospital & St. Mary's Healthcare
  5. General Electric
  6. Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Staples, other retail outlets
  7. Kelly Services
  8. Robert Half Technology
  9. Floyd Memorial Hospital & Health Services
  10. Rush Trucking
  11. General Electric
  12. Home & Business Solutions
  13. Kindred Healthcare
  14. Fifth Third Bank
  15. Aerotek
  16. Seven Counties Services
  17. Brown-Forman - Beverages
  18. Almost Family - Healthcare

Trucking, Business, IT and Healthcare

  1. Dentists, Oral Surgeons and Associated Staff
  2. Company Truck Drivers and CDL Truck Owner-Operators
  3. Health Technologists
  4. Physical Therapists
  5. Project Managers - IT
  6. Restaurant Managers and Crew
  7. Regional Flatbed Truck Drivers
  8. Customer Service Representatives
  9. IT Applications Consultants
  10. Sales Representatives

Additional High Demand Jobs

  1. Technology Business Consultants
  2. Finance/Accounting Consultants
  3. Registered Nurses - Licensed RNs
  4. Business Analysts
  5. Internet Marketing Consultants

© 2011 Patty Inglish


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      7 years ago from London, UK

      I love horses and you gave me a lovely journey through this beautiful county. Thank you for this splendid hub.

    • gamelover profile image

      Meskens Geert 

      7 years ago from Belgium

      A nice hub

    • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image


      7 years ago

      Ahh, now I am really interested in seeing more of my Kentucky home. I have visited Frankfort, the capital, more than Louisville. I will think about taking a trip there this weekend. voted up. Thanks for the info. Have a wonderful day!

    • brandrocker profile image


      7 years ago

      nice hub, this a new topic for me but your hub helped me to get an insight. Thanks.


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