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Attractions and Employment Trends in Canada - Toronto, Ontario

Updated on May 13, 2016

Yonge Street, a National Historic Site

Yonge Street has been in the Guinness Records as the longest street in the world, running from Lake Ontario to Lake Simcoe and 1896 km. It was built in the 1790s along a First Nations trail.
Yonge Street has been in the Guinness Records as the longest street in the world, running from Lake Ontario to Lake Simcoe and 1896 km. It was built in the 1790s along a First Nations trail.

Toronto is Huge!

-- not only in land-area size and population, but also in the vastness of its multiculturalism, business, tourist attractions, cultural opportunities, Chinatown, is impossible to name them all outside of a large directory.

Over 5,600,000 people live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with a little fewer than half of them living in the City of Toronto itself. This makes the population nearly three times that of my city and our streets are already so crowded that sometimes its faster to walk a mile than to drive it. I think one could stay lost in Toronto for several days.

Millions of tourists visit Toronto and its suburbs annually, while permanent residency is not increasing much (less than a single percent yearly).

A colleague of mine talked about his visits to Toronto often and described his favorite record shop - one he visited as often as he could take vacations. On his first visit, the moment he stepped in the doorway he knew he'd been there before, but he had not. Before proceeding into the shop, he knew every corner of it on its different levels and in different rooms. It was like magic for him.

This shop was Sam The Record Man , which became a chain, declined, and closed tis original large store in 2007. Photos around the Internet of the interior show that it looked exactly like one of the 5-and-10-cent stores in Columbus, Ohio, except that Sam's was completely filled with records and musical items.


Live, Work and Retire in Toronto

Another friend takes vacation days from work to spend many long weekends in Toronto's Chinatown, her favorite spot and the site of many festivals.

With all the hurry to get to good times in Toronto, why is it not on the Top 10 Best Places to Live list produced by MoneySense each year?

It seems that "Everyone" wants to go have fun in Toronto, but the city usually does not make the Top 10 Best Places to Work, Live, or Retire. it is a bit like Blade Runner's (1982) frenetic supercity of a futuristic 2019.

Night view.
Night view. | Source
Yonge and Gould at night.
Yonge and Gould at night. | Source

The 4th Most Livable City in the World

MoneySense uses a different set of criteria for choosing its choice cities -- The Economist magazine awards Toronto the fourth-place standing in its Top 10 Most Livable Cities in the World roundup for 2010.

Criteria for selection to this list include a significant availability of goods and services, low overall personal risk, and a well-maintained, updated infrastructure. The threat of terrorism is considered low in these cities as well. However, The Economist chooses largely English-speaking cities and this has drawn criticism from media outlets.

On MoneySense's list of best places to live in Canada, Toronto is Number 79 out of 154 in 2010. Statistically, is the surrounding suburbs are subtracted, then Toronto drops to #85.

Elements that lower Toronto's ranking for MoneySense:

Unemployment rate:

  • Victoria BC (#1) - 3.3%
  • Toronto ON (#79 or 85) - 7.6%

Number of Days yearly befow 0oC:

  • Victoria - 53
  • Toronto - 148

Violent Crimes per 100,000 population:

  • Victoria - 859
  • Toronto - 968

Number of Homeless per 100.000 population:

  • Victoria - 1.2
  • Toronto - 3.6

Population Growth from 2001 - 2006:

  • Victoria - 5.80%
  • Toronto - 0.88%

The cost of housing also takes up, on average, a larger proportion of household income in Ontario than it does in many other Canadian cities.

The Cabbagetown Preservation Association has operated successfully since 1988.

Cabbagetown, Toronto

Revitalization of Downtown Toronto: CABBAGETOWN

The Cabbagetown Preservation Association has operated successfully since 1988. Its mission is to preserve the historical landmarks of this region at the east end of Downtown Toronto. This includes architectural integrity of the neighborhood in an official Heritage Conservation District.

Revitalization of urban areas and other neighborhoods of Toronto is important to residents, visitors, and business enterprises in that ongoing development and preservation increases economic growth and improves ways of life.

A great many activities are ongoing in Cabbagetown. These include the annual Forsythia Festival each May, Cabagetown Festival every September, and productions of the Toronto Dance Theatre and School, the Danny Grossman Dance Company, Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre, and TILT Sound + Motion. The Annual Cabbagetown Short Film & Video Festival is also a treat here.

Comparisons: Mean Incomes for Major Occupations

Average wages 2012 - 2015 for select occupations in Toronto and suburbs, data available at, a Canadian job search and trending engine:

  1. Project Manager $89,784
  2. Controller $82,163
  3. Financial Analyst $65,467
  4. Senior Financial Analyst $75,025
  5. Executive Director $67,833
  6. Executive Assistant $45,194
  7. Accountant $53,158
  8. Administrative Assistant $34,025
  9. Customer Service Representative $29,674
  10. Receptionist $26,330

Best Places to Live

  1. Ottawa-Gatineau ON
  2. Kingston ON
  3. Burlington ON
  4. Fredericton NB
  5. Moncton NB
  6. Repentigny QC
  7. Brandon MB
  8. Victoria BC
  9. Winnipeg MB - also on Work list
  10. Lévis QC - also on Work list

MoneySense's Best Places

  1. Calgary AB
  2. Brooks AB
  3. Cold Lake AB
  4. Grande Prairie AB
  5. Edmonton AB
  6. Estevan SK
  7. Levis QC
  8. [missing from the pubished list]
  9. Winnipeg MB
  10. Red Deer AB

We see that the top 5 cities for work are all in Alberta, along with #10, Red Deer -- Alberta is a great place to be!

For example, MoneySense reports that Brooks MB allows an average family income of $90,000 a year within a very low 2.7% Unemployment Rate. With low unemployment, companies are having difficulties filling job vacancies and thus, these jobs are high-demand. The average cost of a house is low compared to other cities in Canada.

Specifically, MoneySense points to Montreal, where in July 2010, the magazine analysts found an average home cost of $315,000 with an average annual income of only about $56,000, far less than in Brooks, Manitoba. Higher income and stronger buying power make a draw for migration to the province, but at a trade off to the cold weather experienced in Manitoba.

MoneySense's Best Places to Retire in Canada

  1. Kingston ON
  2. Ottawa-Gatineau ON
  3. Vancouver BC
  4. London ON
  5. Courtenay BC
  6. Vernon BC
  7. Cobourg ON
  8. Joliette QC
  9. [not listed in published data]
  10. Salmon Arm BC

All of these locations or in Ontario (4) or British Columbia (4), except for Joliette. Ontario is MoneySense's top pick for best province for retirement.

Toronto Eaton Centre

Downtown Toronto Park
Downtown Toronto Park | Source

Victoria College of the University of Toronto

Culture and Education

Higher education facilities in Toronto include museums, theaters, art galleries, and music auditoriums. Higher education facilities help to stimulate the arts and music, create new jobs, and draw students into the area that may stay long-term after graduation.


  • Ontario College of Art & Design
  • Ryerson University
  • University of Toronto: Scarborough/Toronto and Mississauga
  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  • York University


  • Centennial College
  • Durham College (campuses in Brock, Cobourg, Port Hope, Scugog, Oshawa, Uxbridge)
  • George Brown College
  • Humber College
  • Seneca College (campuses in King, Markham, Newmarket, Toronto)
  • Sheridan College - Brampton


Success in business.
Success in business. | Source

Toronto Jobs: 28,000 in 2010 vs. 48,000 in early 2015

Thousands of job vacancies are listed from across the Internet and gathered by Major job search engines for Toronto, Ontario.

WOW Jobs in Canada list quite a number of these jobs and, in fact, opened its USA sister search engine WOWjobs.US with 1st QTR 2015 listings numbered at 300,000,000+ jobs. for USA listed 3,800,000 openings at the same time, but the Canadian Indeed search engine may have listings not found on Indeed USA.

The bulk of the jobs available in Toronto are within careers of Business, Finance, and Sales. Companies posting the largest numbers of jobs include banks, other financial institutions, and IT related businesses. This trend matches the predicted Job Futures for Toronto as far as the Businesses Servicespart of the forecasts reaches, as listed it the link below. Tourism seems to be on the increase - along with Canadian cruise line jobs- and should begin to fulfill the predictions for increases in Accommodations/Food Service from 2010, onwards.

See the link below for forecasts and a further city review of Toronto.

Top Job Listers

  1. Sapphire Canada - IT staffing, division of Randstad staffing firm.
  2. Robert Half Technology - IT and Accounting staffing firm.
  3. Deloitte - Professional services staffing.
  4. Scotiabank
  5. The People Bank
  6. Bilingual Group
  7. BMO Financial Group
  8. Brainhunter
  9. Rogers Media
  10. RBC Financial Group
  11. Apple One - Staffing firm.
  12. TD Bank Financial Group

These top companies posting the most jobs are largely involved in

  • Staffing/Temp services,
  • Banking and Financial,
  • Communications, and
  • Business Services.


Top 10 Hot Job Titles

  1. Project Managers - These projects occur in several fields of business, as well as in Information Technology (IT) itself.
  2. Business Analysts
  3. Administrative Assistants
  4. Financial Analysts
  5. Bilingual Customer Service Representatives - French and English
  6. Receptionists
  7. Assistant Managers
  8. Customer Service Representatives
  9. Executive Assistants
  10. Account Managers.

Additional job vacancies in High Demand job titles:

  1. Salespeople
  2. Store Managers
  3. Senior Financial Analysts
  4. Sales Representatives - Inside and outside sales reps.

Toronto Chinese Lantern Festival


Toronto Chinese Lantern Festival

Kew Gardens

© 2010 Patty Inglish

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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you, Patty, you brought all my lovely memories of Toronto back.

    • profile image

      masmasika 7 years ago

      Great hub. I haven't been to Canada but my sister lives in Alberta. Canada is an open country and countless people are migrating to the place in droves. My sister says, Canada is a lovely place to live in and people are friendly too. Hope I could go there too one day to join her.

    • E M Smith profile image

      E M Smith 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Looks and sounds a great place. I would love to visit. One of these days just maybe.........

    • G L Strout profile image

      G L Strout 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Thank you for a lot of great information. I have loved Ontario since my first visit over 40 years. Toronto is a beautiful city and I could easily spend years there. Great article.

    • CYBERSUPE profile image

      CYBERSUPE 7 years ago from MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA, U.S.A.

      AWESOME NUB Patty. Extremely Informative and educational. Your photos are fanastic. I visited Toronto many years ago and loved the city. My Wife and I visited a historic Catholic Church and attended Mass there, but can't remember the name of the church However is was just beautiful. My first to see and visit there Underground Mall.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 7 years ago from North America

      Thaks for all the additional information! Just can't fit it into one Hub, its so huge. Great, active city.

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Another great hub. I am going to add this as another place to visit list. Great review.

    • bd160900 profile image

      bd160900 7 years ago from San Diego

      Very interesting! I loved it. Very informative. Thanks for adding it.

    • Tranquilheart profile image

      Tranquilheart 7 years ago from Canada

      My visiting friends love our dollar stores. Dollarama the largest dollar store chain, is definitely worth checking out, I shop there all the time.

    • TechnicallyADream profile image

      TechnicallyADream 7 years ago

      Great hub, with some realy good information,well done on another succesfull hub publication.

    • profile image

      50th.bday.ideas 7 years ago

      Great article! I am from Ontario and have lived in Toronto, Ottawa and Sudbury. I have always loved it around here, it's a great place to live. The article was very informative - keep advertising Canada - it rocks!

    • johnnysommona profile image

      johnnysommona 7 years ago

      I've never been to canada, but good hub none the less

    • xboxliveforxbox profile image

      xboxliveforxbox 7 years ago

      This is really cool! I like those pictures taken from Canada they are beautiful places to go...

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      bd160900 7 years ago from San Diego

      I found this article to be very interesting and greatly enjoyed reading it. Thanks!

    • bookblog profile image

      bookblog 7 years ago

      Fabulous photos and great info.

    • mcstir profile image

      mcstir 7 years ago

      Thanks for the flashback, I lived outside of Toronto and commuted in daily for many years. Now I live in Victoria BC and love the slower pace. I was in Toronto around the time the Scarborough Rapist was on the loose - Paul Bernardo.... yikes... but I will always remember it as a place that has so many different cultural experiences, restaurants and concerts...

    • vballkel profile image

      vballkel 7 years ago from Michigan

      This is a great hub I definitely learned more about Toronto and more about how to set up a well organized page, such a great example for me!

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      i love how you showed people how great canada is. many people don't really understand just what we are about. great hub.

    • Uninvited Writer profile image

      Susan Keeping 7 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

      Sam the Record Man was a great store, I spent many happy hours in that store...

      Wonderful hub on the city I grew up in.

    • molson5070 profile image

      molson5070 7 years ago from State College, Pa

      great hub. Ive actually lived in Toronto when I was a kid and visit there frequently. Another great place is the steam whistle brewery under the cn tower. I love going there

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      kellydove 7 years ago

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      Hey Patti, thank you for a great introduction to Toronto. Yonge Street sounds like a fun drive while playing Gordon Lightfoot's "On Yonge Street." =:)

    • blackhatworld profile image

      blackhatworld 6 years ago from Belize

      Awesome, voted you up and followed you. I am a Canadian living in the Philippines. Toronto is a great city. What you did no mention is the high cost of living. Nice website...I mean Hubpage lol.

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      Chuck Stone 6 years ago from San Francisco

      How about hospitality sales careers. You start entry level in almost any city at 40-60K and advance quickly to sales director and General Manager Jobs. Lots of jobs posted at and you can get started quick at or with an on-line certificate from

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      korayd 6 years ago from Edmonton

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      xboxliveforxbox 6 years ago

      Yeah there are a lot of beautiful places in Canada. Tourist won't be sorry when they visit the country because there's a lot of things that you can do and see here. The photos are great. Thanks. And good luck to your Hubpages.

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      This would be great for couple of friends of mine.

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      susannah42 6 years ago from Florida

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      I'm from Vancouver but still found this a really interesting read. Thanks!

    • molson5070 profile image

      molson5070 6 years ago from State College, Pa

      i used to live in Mississauga which is right outside of toronto. I think people would be surprised to see how many beautiful things are in Toronto (not just the CN tower, although that pretty cool). My favorite is the steam whistle factory right below the CN tower. It used to be an old train station and its an amazing place to see

    • muriahgorde profile image

      muriahgorde 6 years ago from New York

      A real excellent review of Toronto! I love your hub, thanks.

    • Tortugaa profile image

      Tortugaa 6 years ago

      Looks beautiful there, I read that Gun violence in Canada usually measures into the single and double digits. While here in the States, we're talking into the 10k area. In some areas people up there don't feel a need what-so-ever to lock their doors. I would love it up there.

    • Mistress of Spice profile image

      Mistress of Spice 6 years ago from uk uae

      hope one day i move to canada............i love that country...its awesome...........lots of challenges...ty for your lovely edition on this space..

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      I visited Canada 30 years ago is beautiful Country.

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      I lived in Toronto for 40 years, the last ten downtown, a gr8 place to visit.

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      JodiVee 6 years ago

      Wonderful hub! It's making me appreciate the city I live in even more :)

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      mviadam 6 years ago

      It would appear that in my on-line travels, Canadians are all over the place, why is that?

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      craftybird 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      I'm Torontonian, currently living in Italy. This hub makes me miss home!

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      ryanwmurray 6 years ago

      Toronto wasn't included as one of the best places to live?? Oh, wait... our transit system. Right.

    • BobBigWheel profile image

      BobBigWheel 6 years ago from Toronto, ON, Canada

      Great hub on my hometown! I think Torontonians are notorious for complaining about our city more than anything else....sure the transit isn't necessarily world class, sure the city leadership can be questionable at time, but overall I think we've got one of the best cities in the world. Now if only we could do something about this weather....

    • job center plus profile image

      job center plus 6 years ago from International

      Great top ten list!

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      Shirley Anderson 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Great, tremendously in-depth hub, Patty! You absolutely rock at these kinds of articles.

      I did a little, "Yay!" to see London in the #4 spot for retirement. As I'm already there, I won't have far to go when I reach that stage. :)

      Anyone in the finance or IT field probably wouldn't have too much trouble finding work in T.O. Bay St. is our version of Wall St., so the stock exchange is there, along with corporate offices of the major banks.

      The living is very expensive but it's a really interesting city. You should come and visit sometime! ;)

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      Web Hosting  6 years ago

      What a great job! Thank you so much for your hard work on this

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 6 years ago from North America

      Luck you, Shirley, that you can save some moving costs by retiring to London :) I will definitely come up there to see London and other suburbs if I'm lucky. Bay Street will be an experience!

      Thanks to all the great commenters for posting!

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      Patty, I am a New Yorker and will probably be arrested for saying that I've always been curious about living in Toronto; I have a Quebequois friend who lives there now and loves it because it offers so much but is in many ways easier going than NY. Thanks for this hub...

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      WOW! This is impressive. I have many friends from Canada who winter in the SW USA. Love those Canucks!

      I know I could not take the winters in Canada, though.

    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 5 years ago from home

      oh canada ..our home and native land....

      living in Buffalo- i think of a lot of the cheesy Niagara Falls type stuff lundys lane and clubs- "where by law you see it all".... i never go there but there are billboards and radio commercials... I enjoy Canada, I feel lucky to get to enjoy them


    • Adams-ebooks profile image

      Adam Finan 5 years ago from Worldwide

      Thinking of moving to Canada in March 2012. This is a good Hub with a lot of information on Toronto. I am coming into the Australian summer now in Perth and don't know how id take 148 days of -0c!

    • rockdresses profile image

      rockdresses 5 years ago from Turkey

      Toronto Chinese lantern festival is amazing!

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      A.CreativeThinker 5 years ago

      Quite an informative and interesting hub on such a lovely

      city. Lots of helpful information. Thanks for sharing. :)



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      ftclick 5 years ago

      very informative. I always wanted to go there and Montreal. The blade runner reference is a nice way to put it

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      fli8uk 5 years ago from Pakistan

      hi this is asma i like your hub amazin and informative keep it up

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      Nothing to say you, the most valuable huber in this website, just I want to say we are learning from your hubs, many things and many more to learn everyday. I am a regular reader of your hubs.

      A fine website for important tips and tricks to get a good job for honorable career is , I found useful. Thank you very much ...

    • DDS profile image

      David Sproull 5 years ago from Toronto

      Nice hub! Sadly, Sam The record man is no longer there. The space is being turned into a building for Ryerson university.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 5 years ago from North America

      Yes, it closed in 2007 unfortunately. People miss it a lot.

    • Dr Rockpile profile image

      Dr Rockpile 5 years ago from USA

      What a wonderful hub about Toronto. The Chinese Lantern Festival looks like a must see. :)

    • Morena88 profile image

      Morena88 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Great hub :)

      I miss living in Toronto! I just moved from there, but I spent 5 years in the city. I went to U of T, worked at TIFF and was a tour guide on a double decker bus. I would definitely move back.

    • Ehnaira05 profile image

      Ehnaira05 5 years ago from Charlotte, Florida

      I love travel so much, thanks for the this post it's really nice. I have my post too, your free to see it if you had time.


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      trimar7 5 years ago from New York

      I have not been to Toronto for years. I am looking forward to visiting there soon. Great informative hub!

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      Thanks for the great post..Nice

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      covenantguy 5 years ago from New Zealand

      great hub-rated it up

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      Knowing Truth 5 years ago from Malaysia

      Hi Patty, thanks for taking me to all corners of Toronto, I wonder the CN Tower is still there? I was there in 1984, thanks for taking me back on my memory lane. Hope to visit the city one day! Cheers

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      TroyM 5 years ago

      Informative article. Thanks!

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      Prizma1982 5 years ago from Jakarta, Indonesia

      great hub,..

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      style-of-life 5 years ago from Netherlands

      Toronto already was on my top of cities to visit list. After reading this, it might have gone to the first place. Thx!

    • kxdorey profile image

      kxdorey 5 years ago from Beverly Hills, California, USA

      I used to work at the sky dome and it's still one of the best places ever to catch a ball game at. Great list.

    • Genesis profile image

      Genesis 5 years ago from Canada

      Great hub about my beautiful homeland! Everyone needs to visit Toronto at least once because it's not only an amazing city but filled with lots of friendly people, and enough culture to last an entire lifetime... eh! ;0) You're all invited!

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      francis5k 5 years ago

      I really enjoyed reading this story :)


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      yea an attractive plac

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