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Top 10 Best Cities and Towns to Live in Kenya

Updated on September 17, 2016
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Januaris is a tour and travel enthusiast. He runs an online travel platform that specializes in Africa tours, trips, vacations, and safaris.

Kenya is well known for its spectacular nature beauty which majorly consists of stunning land terrains and a variety of wildlife. The country’s sprawling metropolis of cities and towns is also becoming a something of interest among many tourists and investors.

The country is one of the world’s most popular destinations for travel enthusiasts and seasoned holidaymakers. Here are the top 10 best cities and towns you would love to stay when visiting Kenya.

In brief, which are the top 10 best cities and towns in Kenya? Well, they include:

10. Naivasha

9. Machakos

8. Nyeri

7. Lamu

6. Malindi

5. Eldoret

4. Nakuru

3. Kisumu

2. Mombasa

1. Nairobi

10. Naivasha- One of the Fastest Growing Towns in Kenya

Located along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway, Naivasha is a town and a gateway to the tourist attractions of the Rift Valley region.

The town has a fair share of top hotels, restaurants, shopping joints and financial institutions in the country. Naivasha is an agricultural hub which means that you’ll enjoy fresh foods when staying in the area.

naivasha town
naivasha town | Source

9. Machakos

Located 65km southeast of Nairobi, Machakos is a big town with awesome surroundings and thus one of the beautiful towns in Kenya. It is bordered by a hilly terrain on one side, and the terrain offers a beautiful scenery and grounds perfect for hiking and camping.

Machakos has a good number of financial institutions, hotels and open air markets. The town and surrounds have enough schools, colleges and universities for all people living in the area.

machakos,beautiful town kenya
machakos,beautiful town kenya | Source

8. Nyeri

Nyeri is a town located in the central highlands of Kenya, about 150km north of Nairobi. The town has a good road network and reliable water and electricity provision systems.

With Mount Kenya and Aberdares a few miles away, Nyeri is a major tourist destination in central Kenya. The town has adequate entertainment joints, accommodation facilities, learning institutions and financial institutions.

nyeri | Source

7. Lamu

Situated 340km north east of Mombasa, Lamu is one of the major towns in the Kenyan coast. Surprisingly, Lamu is the oldest continually inhabited town in Kenya.

It has notable tourist attractions, such as Lamu Museum, Lamu Port, Donkey Sanctuary and the Riyadha Mosque, making it a popular tourist destination in the region. The town has its own fair share of hotels, restaurants and entertainment joints.

lamu,coastal town
lamu,coastal town | Source

6. Malindi

Malindi is located near the mouth of the Galana River, 120 km north east of Mombasa. The town has a good transport system. It has an airport and the Mombasa-Lamu highway runs through it.

With a number of tourist attractions, such as the Pillar of Vasco Da Gama, marine national parks and beaches, Malindi is a popular tourist destination. Life is enjoyable in this coastal town: it has good accommodation facilities and many entertainment joints.

malindi | Source

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5. Eldoret

Located to the south of the Cherangani Hills in western Kenya, Eldoret is the fifth largest urban centre in the country. It is one of the fastest growing towns in Kenya. Visitors enjoy the spectacular views of the Great Rift Valley, which is home to stunning geographical features.

If you prefer staying in places with a cool and temperate climate, you should consider visiting Eldoret. The town boasts some of the largest universities and hospitals in the country. It has a good transport system which features an international airport and a highway.

eldoret | Source

4. Nakuru

Nakuru is located 160km north of Nairobi. It is the fourth largest town in Kenya. The town boasts strong agriculture, manufacturing, retail business and tourism sectors. The Lake Nakuru National Park and the popular Rift Valley Sports Club are located near the town.

The cosmopolitan town is home to large universities, health centers and a variety of accommodation facilities. The urban center is surrounded by very typical and vibrant Kenyan villages.

nakuru town
nakuru town | Source

3. Kisumu

Kisumu is located in the greater Lake Victoria basin and is the third largest city in Kenya. With tourist attractions, such as the Kisumu Museum and Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, it is a major tourist destination in the western Kenya.

The city boasts rice and sugar industries and a variety of natural resources. It has an international airport, a good road network, enough learning institutions and new-established health centers, making it also one of the fastest growing towns in Kenya.

kisumu | Source

2. Mombasa

Mombasa is located in the east coast of Kenya and is the second largest city in the country. The city has a good transport system which consists of an international airport, a large seaport, Likoni Ferry and the Mombasa-Nairobi Highway.

The most popular tourist attractions in Mombasa include spectacular beaches, magnificent national parks and wonderful cultural centers. It has a myriad of restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs and discotheques. With all these entertainment joints, this coastal city is usually vibrant and lively throughout.

mombasa | Source

1. Nairobi- The Biggest & Best City in Kenya

Nairobi is the Kenya’s capital and one of the Africa’s strongest financial hubs. The city is home to many tourist attractions such as serene parks, wonderful animal sanctuaries and amazing museums.

Nairobi has a variety of accommodation facilities, featuring luxury hotels, apartments, hostels and guesthouses. It is home to many schools, colleges, universities, hospitals as well as shopping malls.

The city has many entertainment joints which make life more enjoyable, especially at night. Its transport system consists of airports, highways, a railway line and a network of roads.

nairobi,capital | Source

Now, with this helpful information, you can choose the city or town of your choice in Kenya. The best thing about these urban centers is that they offer a variety of accommodation options. So, make your visit to Kenya an enjoyable one by choosing the most suitable place to stay.

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