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Top 10 Best Vacation Destinations in Asia

Updated on August 23, 2012

If you are planning to go for a vacation, Asia would be the best place to visit. Some of the world's most amazing destinations are found on this continent, including those which are included in the eight wonders of the world just like the Taj Mahal in Agra, India and of course, who could ever discount the incredible human marvels of the Great Wall of China!

These are just some of the greatest tourist attractions that Asia has to offer which will surely satisfy your craving for a great, stress-relieving vacation. Below is the list of the Top 10 Best Vacation Destinations in Asia according to research and online polls:

1. Bali, Indonesia

On top of our list is a small islet located in the westernmost edge of Indonesia, Bali is often considered to be the best vacation destination in Asia according to polls and travel research. Also, it is regarded to be a site of great beaches and tropical rain forests, backed with its great culture and minority groups. Some of its top-of-the-list tourist spots are Tirtha Empul Temple, the Pura Taman Ayun, and the world famous Kuta Beach. Because it is comprised chiefly of minority groups, most of its cultural values are in the form of religious sanctuaries like the aforementioned temples. The Tirtha Empul Temple is famous because of its allegedly holy waters which, according to many of its residents, grants wishes and can cure severe diseases. Also, the Kuta Beach is famous because of its crystal clear waters. As a matter of fact, it has been the site of many commercial and television shootings. According to its tourism board, in 2010, Bali had accommodated 2.57 tourists.

Awards received:

Best Island Award 2010 conferred by Travel and Leisure, One of the World's Best Islands according to BBC (second only to Greece)

If you plan to visit Bali, Indonesia, you can visit this link for travel and hotel arrangements:

2. Phuket, Thailand

Second on the list is Phuket. Aside from its beautiful beaches and delicious Thai foods, Phuket is loaded with manifold activities that you will surely enjoy. One of the most amazing gimmicks that you will get from visiting Phuket is its nearly boundless number of activities and wonderful tourist attractions like Phang Nga Bay, the Old Phuket Town, the Bid Buddha and many others. However, if you are not the "adventurous" type of traveler, you can take advantage of seeing martial art shows including the famous Thai martial arts, "Muay Thai" which is commonly presented at selected recreational clubs and houses.

If you plan to visit Phuket, you can visit this link for travel and hotel arrangements and reservations:

3. Kerala, India

Known for its hospitality, Kerala is one of the best Asian destinations for vacation. Its magnificent beaches, glittered by seemingly brownish-golden sand and decorated with blossoming, colorful flowers drift your mind, body and soul into the air. You can also try the elephant ride which is very rare in most western countries.

For more information about Kerala, India, visit this link:

4. Island Republic of Maldives

Unlike the usual tourist destinations that we know, Island Republic of Maldives or most commonly known as simply Maldives surely separates you from the noise of the traffic and the pressure in the workplace because of its highly secluded location. Just like the other Asian tourist destinations, it also offers great beaches and recreation spots which you can enjoy for the rest of your vacation time.

To know more about the Island Republic of Maldives, click this link:

5. Hong Kong

Dubbed as the "Dining and Shopping Capital of the World", Hong Kong is one of a kind Asian vacation destination. Albeit, it also has beaches, it is renowned around the world to be a global city with the most sky scrapers. You will enjoy the modern life that the city offers. During night times, you will enjoy the light presentation of the towering structures at the Victoria Park. For kids, you can visit the Disney World Hong Kong which houses numerous amusement treats that your kids will surely enjoy.

If you want to visit Hong Kong, visit this link for more information:

Other top Asia vacation destinations are:

6. Bangkok, Thailand

If you want to visit Bangkok, visit this link for more information:

7. Boracay, Philippines

Known for its white sand beach, Boracay is a famous destination for tourists and local visitors. It is located in Aklan, Philippines.

For more information about Boracay, visit this link:

8. Palawan, Philippines

Palawan is a world-famous destination. It is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, "The Tubbataha Reef Natural Park", which is haven to thousands of different marine species. It is also home to the longest underground river.

8. Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you want to visit Chiang Mai, go to this link:

9. Angkor, Cambodia

A World Heritage Protected site and is home to Angkor Wat, the largest Hindu temple center in the world.

If you plan to visit Angkor, Cambodia, visit:

10. Koh Samui, Thailand and Rajasthan, India

If you are planning to visit these destinations, please refer to the links corresponding to each destination below:

For Koh Samui:

For Rajasthan, India:


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    • profile image

      orchia 3 years ago

      Bali is world renowned vacation spot, with its miles of beaches and volcanic landscapes, is nothing short of magic. Once only a destination for honeymooners and surfers, Bali is now one of the top destinations in Asia.