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Top 10 Cheap Hotels in London to Make Your Vacation Memorable

Updated on July 9, 2013
London | Source

Finding top cheap, budget and bed and breakfast hotels in London City

London is a popular destination among the people with a great taste for travelling. This much coveted destination is travelled by a numerous travellers every year. However, the high cost of the city is generally seen as a discouraging factor. But you can meet your desires of spending a good time in the city, by spending less money out of your pockets on accommodations. It will save your money for a better purpose of travelling and being a part of the events of this city.

London has an amazing collection of cheap hotels that range from budget accommodations to the mere bed and breakfast hotels. Tourists can browse these lodging before making booking a budget hotel over here. These cheap London hotels have different measures of leisure and comfort, though the basic warmth and comfort of these London accommodations run the same.

There is a lot of choice which is available for your relaxation. Pick one of these top 10 cheap London hotels:

Wembley Hilton
Wembley Hilton | Source
A markerwembley stadium -
Wembley Stadium, Wembley, Greater London HA9 0WS, UK
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City View Hotel
City View Hotel | Source

The Wembley Hotel:

The Wembley Hotel is a famous cheap accommodation of Wembley area. It is the best cheap hotel in London, if you are travelling for an intelligent delving in the art and talks of the city. After enjoying the besieging conference centres, and exhibition halls, you can come back home to relax at a bar on next few steps of this hotel.

Location: 38-42 London Road, Wembley, HA9 7EX, Brent, London

City View Hotel:

City View Hotel is a complacent bed and breakfast hotel in London, which will prove a good value for your money. It has amazingly contemporary rooms, furnished with en-suite comforts. Visitors will be brought the best linens and room adornments, with a relaxing lounge, Wi-Fi access and LCD TV right in their rooms. A complimentary breakfast follows with a comfortable stay at its rooms.

Location: 287 Cambridge Heath Road, E2 0EL, London

West Cromwell Hotel:

The West Cromwell Hotel is a well managed family run accommodation, located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It has 21 rooms, recently revamped to add a glamour and convenience to them. It has surreal surroundings with magnificent gardens and a serpentine lake, which can be sheer fun for your summer vacations at swimming, fishing and other water games.

Location: 66 West Cromwell Road, SW5 9QS, London

Colliers Hotel:

Colliers Hotel is easily accessible from Victoria tube station, where its 20 beautifully designed rooms await your presence. Visitors will find themselves surrounded by multiple facilities like the tea, coffee and central heating system at this London hotel. It is an amazing option from a traveller’s point of view, with Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace located close.

Location: 95-97 Warwick Way,, SW1V 1QL, London

Jubilee Hotel
Jubilee Hotel

Jubilee Hotel:

Jubilee Hotel is located on a close walk from the London Victoria Underground. This hotel in London is maintained by a family, which serves you with moderate prices. Your stay over here shall bring you a complimentary continental breakfast. This area is surrounded by famous attractions like Westminster Cathedral, Buckingham Place and the Westminster Abbey.

Location: 31 Eccleston Square, Victoria, SW1V 1NZ, London

The Macdonald Hotel:

The MacDonald Hotel is located on a few miles from the King’s Cross tube station. This accommodation is a great value for money, with its delicious breakfasts served to you right in your bed, with the crack of the day. Visitors will find an easy access to the top London attractions from here like the London Eye, London Bridge, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Place.

Location: 45-46 Argyle Square, WC1H 8AL, London

A markerpaddington tube station london -
London, UK
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Mina House Hotel:

Mina House Hotel is surrounded by sheer fun, with several entertainment spots, restaurants, bars and clubs around. This fascinating hotel is on a walking distance from Paddington tube station, which brings it an easy accessibility. This cheap London hotel has all the warmth and comforts of a home far from your land.

Location: 21-23 Craven Rd, W2 3BU, London

St Peters Hotel:

St Peters Hotels is a small London accommodation, comprising of 18 well developed rooms. This is also a family owned accommodation, structured in a Georgian Town House. This lodging has a great English ambience, with serves of a traditional English fare as a breakfast. Charms of the surroundings are enhanced by the presence of Thames River located nearby.

Location: 407 Goldhawk Rd, W6 0SA, London

Alhambra Hotel:

A very basic London accommodation, featuring the convenience and comforts of your home, this hotel has lively rooms, with a Wi-Fi access. Visitors will get a salubrious English meal during the morning. Besides, you have the opportunity of walking down the steps of this cheap hotel and reach out the British Museum, Covent Garden and London Zoo.

Location: 17-19 Argyle Street, WC1H 8EJ, London

Bentinck House Hotel - Guest House

If you have a fancy for a stay at the fashionable West End of London, this guest house in London will help your realise your fancies with an economy. This London hotel has an elegant Victorian building, running up to fourth stories. Visitors will get multiple in-room facilities and hotel amenities over here, during their stay.

Location: 20 Bentinck Street, W1U 2EU, London

These cheap accommodations in the city will certainly keep your wallet loaded with money. Pick the best hotel according to your requirements and have a 'wallet-happy' time in London.


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