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The Best Top 10 Traveller Tips

Updated on December 12, 2015

Avoiding Delays and Saving Money

Many hours are often wasted at airports unnecessarily, either in security lines or by a flight being delayed. Here are some tips to help you avoid losing precious vacation time with unnecessary and avoidable delays.

Our lives nowadays are often travel related. It has become a common and necessary part of life. A weekend vacation or two weeks in the sun does not need to be planned out as much as it used to. However a bit of planning and forethought when thinking of when to fly, where to fly from and how to deal with the ever present and dreaded security lines can mean more vacation time and not as much time in the airport.

  • Using seatguru can help you to choose the best seating arrangements on the plane depending on your particular preferences. The website has information on the best seat positioning on almost any airline you plan on flying with. It also has comparison charts for the different airlines.
  • To spend the shortest amount of time possible in the security lines try and choose a flight that flies between 9am and 3pm. Business travellers tend to take earlier flights which makes the lines quieter.
  • If you don't mind traveling at Xmas or Thanksgiving many travelers are already where they want to be so once again lines will be shorter.
  • If you have a choice it is often good to fly from a smaller airport as there is less chance of a flight being cancelled or delayed because not as many flights come in and out.
  • It is a good idea when packing to keep all electronics and wires together in a clear bag. You will avoid any trailing wires inside your suitcase or backpack that may alert officials for a bag search.
  • If you are travel frequently around the USA Clear can be a good time saver. This is a pre-screened security line hopping pass. You just pay a yearly membership fee of around $100 and can use the designated Clear lane at a security checkpoint. They claim to speed up your security checking process by 30%.
  • Have a separate ready-to-go wash bag, with smaller sizes of your favourite shampoo, face cream, shaving gel etc. That way you will not accidentally put something in your hand luggage that could get confiscated for being too large.
  • A good tip is to change your watch to the local time zone as soon as you take off. This may mean going to sleep at your destination a few hours before or after you normally would but it helps you to adjust faster over the next couple of days.
  • Don't ever put your laptop in your hold luggage. You can't guarantee that it will be treated with care and not thrown around.
  • Use your carryon bag for an extra pair of underwear and some basic toiletries. That way if your luggage is delayed you won't have to go out and buy supplies but will be able to relax at your hotel until the airline delivers your bags.

Ready, Set, Go .......... On Vacation

Why not use some of the above tips to save time and money? It will also help avoid those annoying delays that eat into your precious vacation time. The time you have carved out of your busy life. There is nothing more frustrating than losing time at the beginning or end of your precious and much needed vacation, to airport delays and long security lines. If you can save a little extra time before you go too, it may just give you that extra hour or so to relax, and get into the holiday mood!


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