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Top 10 Honeymoon Travel Destinations in the World

Updated on January 10, 2017
Giraffe in Africa game park
Giraffe in Africa game park

Top 10 Honeymoon Travel Destinations in the World

At the end of the dream wedding, most couples will be looking forward to their honeymoon with great expectations. A week of pure relaxation at an exotic place, just the two of you at one place learning as much of possible of each other and without any distractions. The following top ten honeymoon travel destinations in the world will help you in providing insight in some options that you can choose from for an unforgettable honeymoon.

1. Bora Bora - Tahiti
This is arguably one of the most exotic islands that you can enjoy your honeymoon on. Located in the southern end of the pacific, this location offers endless sightseeing places and adventures that cannot be exhausted. The island overlooks a picturesque 600m - high volcanic mountain. You will enjoy endless scenery of a spotless white beachfront where you can laze all day, enjoy a swim or even scuba dive if you are in the sky blue waters. You can also take a ride on a bicycle and relieve old memories as you search for a souvenir.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada
This is a honeymoon getaway spot that is recommended for people who prefer the city life. With the endless casinos, shows and theaters around you, you are surely going to enjoy your time here. Another fun activity that you can undertake while here is taking a gondola ride, which will come with a serenade, for that special experience that will engrave Las Vegas in your mind for years to come.

3. Africa
If you desire to experience nature at its best, then nothing beats the African honeymoon experience. Your time in Africa will always be remembered as you will come face to face with the wild. The sights and features are both breathtaking and adventurous for the adventurous. The best times that you will have is traveling through the jungle on a safari and experiencing nature one on one. Among the top 10 Travel destinations in the world, this is one of the special places to be at. One of the most spectacular moments that you can ever experience in an African safari is the wildebeest migration where thousands of wildebeests gross over the Maasai Mara, a popular game reserve sprawling from Kenya into Tanzania.

4. Costa Rica
Referred to by locals as a special jewel, this is one of the places where you are going to love it as there is too much to see. The scenery spans from volcanic mountains, the La Paz Waterfall gardens, rafting adventures, mountain climbing and endless swimming opportunities. This is a dear honeymoon for any potential surfers as the Costa Rica sea has the best surfing beaches in the Pacific Ocean.

5. Hawaii
Labeled by many as the best honeymoon destination, this is quite an exquisite and romantic place to visit for your honeymoon. You can visit many other small islands that surround Hawaii and seek a curio shop where you can buy a souvenir.

6. Aalfi Coast, Italy
This is a charming seaside honeymoon destination for the couple that seeks a classic style honeymoon that they will all enjoy. The rich history and attractions that are seen in this town will ensure that you enjoy and relish your stay there.

7. Mauritius
Commonly referred to as the pearl of the Indian ocean, This tropical island does not disappoint when it comes to offering scenic beauty, primarily due to its sugar white sandy beaches, coupled with the weather.

8. The Maldives
Beauty cannot be better stated that through this lovely destination that offers newly wed lovebirds up to 80 exclusive resort islands that you can visit, all covered with green tropical vegetation under the warm heat and surrounded by the spectacular beaches.

9. New Caledonia
Another stunning destination that newlyweds can visit in the south pacific this as it presents white sandy beaches, a warm tropical heat that will allow you to sunbathe following a swim in the magnificent and calm waters of the Pacific Ocean. You are also going to love the exquisite cuisine that is offered by the people of the world's largest lagoon.

10. Seychelles
This is a magical destination that offers a dramatic destination that you are going to relish as it offers the couple on honeymoon white sandy beaches, exquisite rock formations and you can even explore the vast tropical forests that are there. Alternatively, you can also visit other neighboring islands and experience the most exquisite flora and fauna. Through your travel, you will certainly come to appreciate what the top 10 honeymoon destinations in the world have to offer.


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