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Top 10 Hotels Near London Tube Stations

Updated on June 20, 2013

London tubes are the most convenient way of moving about in the city. Besides being cheap, it is among the most far reaching way of commutation, which connects different corners, through shuttling services of tubes. Visitors will be enthralled with the shuttling tube services, which are even more comforting, with the use of Oyster cards. Visitors can find the most exotic stay near various tube stations in London, to make there stay relaxed. Tubes allow visitors an access to various destinations that too at cheaper rates. Here are some suggested top ten London hotels, near tube stations, divided into a list of cheap and luxury hotels:

Single Room at Avonmore Hotel
Single Room at Avonmore Hotel

Cheap Hotels Near London Tube Stations

Avonmore Hotel (near Russell Square Tube Station)

Avonmore Hotel will be very amazing space, to be acquired at nominal rates. It has the suites, in the primary area of London, with exquisite furnishings and an exclusive English style. It has an amazing décor, with a hospitable environment. Enjoy a stay over here, while you get an easy access to the other parts of the city through the Russell Square Tube Station.

Dolphin House (near Pimlico Tube Station)

Dolphin House is an amazing cheap hotel, with the most relaxing accommodation one can find on budget in London. It has a vibrant colour in the interiors and a very amazing sightseeing surrounds the exterior, with Buckingham palace and Big Ben around. It has a fairy tale presence around the scented gardens of Thames River.

Euro Lodge Clapham (near Clapham South)

Euro Lodge Clapham Hotel is situated on the Clapham Common South Side of London, with a Victorian structure. It is an affordable cheap London accommodation near tube station. It offers a life at complete relaxation, with the 24 hour reception, a lounge area and a breakfast room. Find a budget vacation with this accommodation near London tube station.

Chester Hotel
Chester Hotel

Chester Hotels(near Victoria Tube Station)

A two star accommodation, it is a family owned hotel, with the amenities you need to relax on a vacation out in the city. There are a lot of pubs, bars, shopping destinations around, to bring a completely luxurious stay in London style. It is a budget hotel near London tube station, bringing an approach to various areas of London city.

Flexistay Aparthotel (near Tooting Broadway Tube Station)

Flexistay Aparthotel is among the most easily affordable hotels in London, with the well furnished rooms and satellite TV and a Wi-Fi access. With so many restaurants and bars around, visitors will find a complete leisure of stay and enjoyment. Besides, it is each to reach here through Tooting Broadway Tube Station, and get around the city through it.

Luxury London Accommodations
Luxury London Accommodations

Luxury Hotels Near London Tube Stations

Grange St Paul’s Hotel (Near St Paul’s Tube Station)

Grange St Paul’s is a five star accommodation in London, with features that speak of world class leisures. Reach the vibrations of this hotel, by being on the Goldiman Street, as it is a London hotel near St Paul’s Tube Station. It has a very inebriating ambience with splendid restaurants, en-suite rooms, sauna bath, swimming pools, delectable liquor serving cocktail bars and penthouse. Visitors will find a beatific view cutting across them near the iconic St Paul’s church and Tate Modern. A proximity to St Paul’s Tube Station is going to open many avenues to you, with a transportation access t several places around.

The Peak Health Club & Spa at Jumeirah Carlton Tower
The Peak Health Club & Spa at Jumeirah Carlton Tower

Jumeirah Carlton Tower (near Knightsbridge Tube Station)

Jumeirah Carlton Tower is a five star hotel, with most panoramic views around. It features so many world class amenities and facilities, that they it can heal you from a rushing life. There are some very amazing features to be lived with, which include its restaurants, club, spa, golf stimulator, and something for the life lovers at the bar. Located at the Cadogan Place, it shares proximity with Knightsbridge, and serves as an accommodation near London tube station.

Buckingham Hotel (near Holborn Tube Station)

Buckingham Hotel is a four star London accommodation, compressing several features to build remarkable memories in you. To be spotted on the Bedford Place, it has an amazing ambience coupled with best possible facilities. Guests find a great support with so many services and amenities and a staff ready to serve you wt all times. It is located on a close proximity to Holborn Tube Station.

Clarendon Hotel
Clarendon Hotel

The Clarendon(near Tottenham Court Road Tube Station)

The Clarendon is a four star hotel, located close to the West End. With a proximity to the Tottenham Court Road tube station, it is easy to move in the hotel, and also to move out and trail the city. It has some 51 en-suite rooms, Constellation Restaurant, supporting your business purpose. Enjoy the attractions like British Museum and Trafalgar Square nearby this luxury hotel near London tube station.

Ashburn Hotel (near Gloucester Road Tube Station)

Ashburn Hotel is located on the Cromwell Road, close to the Gloucester Road Tube Station. A short will lead you to this destination, which also hosts fabulous attractions like Victoria & Albert Museum and Buckingham Palace. Visitors can enjoy the meals and drinks served at the bars. The interior of the hotel is very amazing, adorned with accessories and contemporary foray for interiors. It is easy to reach out this hotel near London tube station through the tube link, which would also connect you to the rest of the city.

These tube hotels are not only ideally located but also exquisitely facilitated. Do make a stay here the next time you are in London.

London Tube Map


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    • zeusspeak profile image

      Celina Martin 4 years ago from London

      Thx flourishanyway for voting up. Ya, very rightly said, platform like this should be used to the maximum possible extent to spread the flow of knowledge so that everyone might have a chunk of it.

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      FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA

      Very useful hub for anyone venturing to London. One of the best things about HubPages is the international aspect -- locals like yourself giving tips and tricks so that travelers can be wiser about the way they do things. Thanks for sharing this information with us. I like that you included the map and photos as well. Voted up and useful.