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Top 10 Jobs in Greatest Civil War Battle Sites - The Gettysburg 4th of July

Updated on June 2, 2013

A Portion of the Gettysburg Cyclorama


Gettysburg National Military Park

Battle of Gettysburg: July 1–3, 1863.

The US National Parks Service at Gettysburg offers an attraction called the Gettysburg Cyclorama . It is a huge panoramic painting of the Battle of Gettysburg, finished in 1884 by the French painter Paul Philippoteaux. This attraction served as part of the inspiration for the futuristic novel Disaster Park by Mark J. Konkel. In the novel, disasters such as huge American Civil War battles like Gettysburg and disasters such as the Iroquois Theater fire, 9/11 and the Great Chicago Fire were recreated as 360° virtual reality amusement park rides.

Civil War re-enactors spend literally several years in their characters, researching and perfecting the exact movements made on the battlefield at Gettyburg and elsewhere in the war. Their concentration and dedication to the research and the performance are incredible. I have heard discussions among them at gatherings, cencerning which way a soldier looked before he was felled with a shot from the other side. This is intense, unceasing activity. For Ohio's participation in the Civil War, re-enactors have performed at the Ohio State House in Columbus several times, both indoors and outdoors.

Famous and deadly in its outcomes, the Battle of Gettysburg is the centerpiece of the Gettysburg National Military Park, which is Number 26 on the list of the 100 Greatest Places to Stand in the USA, as found by reader votes at in 2009. If you have visited Gettysburg, you can post your photos on the site.

Gettysburg National Military Park

A markerGettysburg National Military Park -
Gettysburg National Military Park, 1195 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, PA 17325, USA
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Monuments to Union and Confederate soldiers.Monument to the 72nd Confeeracy; July 3, 1776.
Monuments to Union and Confederate soldiers.
Monuments to Union and Confederate soldiers. | Source
Monument to the 72nd Confeeracy; July 3, 1776.
Monument to the 72nd Confeeracy; July 3, 1776.

4th of July Week Battle

My great grandfather fought in the American CIvil War in the Ohio 188th and 176th Infantries, but not at Gettysburg, as did over a dozen units from Ohio. He returned to Ohio at its conclusion to operate a farm in Guernsey County in the east and to help build the National Road, I-40, through Madison County in the west. He made tools with which workmen built the National Road and helped build it himself.

Having survived the ghastly battles of the war, he died after being kicked in the head by a horse or mule at home or at work. Surviving that war as a Union soldier was difficult, especially since he had just arrived in America from the UK in 1835. He did not hesitate to join the Union Army in Ohio when the call came from President Lincoln - he emigrated, fought in the war, and started his own businesses immediately aftwerward. At about age 50, he died the year his son, my grandfather, was born. The flags of his regiments hang in the Ohio State House today.

Photographs exist of the battlefield at Gettysburg just two or three days after the battle ended. These images are hideous, filled with dead soldiers still littering the ground with gore and with severed limbs. Over 43,000 military persons died on each side, although the Union Army sent more men to this battle. Some of the drummer boys were ages 14 and under.

Thus, fewer than 100 years after the nation's first American Independence Day from British rule, the opposing armies of the Union and the Confederacy celebrated July 4th in 1863 with photos of a massacre on both sides.

Johnny Cash: Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

July 4 at Gettysburg

Gettysburg College is one of the finest residential colleges in America. Near the battlefield of Gettysburg, the school provides many opportunities for studying American history and politics as well as many other programs. In fact, students and faculty are even working with Chanel fragrances.

A dedicated program highlighting the Sesquicentennial of the Battle of Gettysburg is planned for 2013, especially during the 4th of July Week in which the original conflict occurred. Re-enactors from around the country look forward to a more exciting production of the battle than ever presented since 1863.

Since students and faculty live at the college, additional focus on preparations for the yearlong celebration is immediate. Further, the college operated as Pennsylvania College in 1861, when the war first erupted, having opened in 1832. Students formed their own volunteer infantry, drilled themselves, and became Company A of the 26th Pennsylvania Regiment of the Union Army. They served in several capacities without fighting specifically in the Battle of Gettysburg and some served in Company A until the end of the war. Civil War events are still the specialty of the college.

Anyone interested in Civil War history or considering providing his or her children with an experience that will enhance classroom learning should think of coming to the Battle of Gettysburg Sesquicentennial in 2013. Remembrance of the 150 years since the advent of the American Civil War launched nationwide in 2011 and will continue until 2015.

In addition to residence halls on the college campus, themed houses are available for students. There are several, but some include jazz, sustainability, Funk, substance free (no alcohol, tobacco or drugs), Civil War, and Eisenhower Institute - in President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s former home.

Colleges usually have social responsibility and citizenship standards, but Gettysburg includes Embracing Conflict, a much-needed talent in an ever more chaotic world.

The battle of Gettysburg, Pa. July 3d. 1863; Currier and Ives
The battle of Gettysburg, Pa. July 3d. 1863; Currier and Ives | Source

Jobs and Business - Large Increases

At the beginning of July 2011, over 8,000 job openings were listed for an area within a 25-mile radius of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. By June 2013, the same area enjoyed postings for 11,000 open jobs.

Many openings are involved in Healthcare and Retail Sales, although a large number are available in the Trucking Industry.

Major Hiring Companies

  1. Valley Health
  2. JLG Industries
  3. Carroll Hospital Center
  4. Marten Transport
  5. Aerotek
  6. Summit Health
  7. Jos. A. Bank
  8. Hogan
  9. Washington County Hospital
  10. Star Transportation
  11. WellSpan Health
  12. HCR Manorcare
  13. Hanover Hospital
  14. Food Lion

Top 10 High Demand Jobs

  1. Physical Therapists
  2. Pharmacy Managers
  3. Speech Therapists
  4. Truck Drivers at Ocean Container
  5. Physician Representatives
  6. Occupational Therapists
  7. LPTA-Home Health
  8. Executive Directors-Oncology, Heart & Vascular, Neuro/Ortho, Other
  9. EEG Techs
  10. Trucking - Owner Operators

Additional High Demand Jobs

  • Trucking - Company Drivers
  • Light Vehicle Truck Drivers
  • Various IT related jobs


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    • Sylvia's Thoughts profile image

      Sylvia Van Peebles 6 years ago from Southern California

      Very interesting, Patty! My son used to do Civil War reenactments.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      Very informative about a sad ivent. How I wish that mankind stop wars. Earth so becautiful and we all have enough and could have a better life.

    • Sinea Pies profile image

      Sinea Pies 6 years ago from Northeastern United States

      Great hub...well researched.

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      northweststarr 6 years ago from Washington State

      Wonderful hub as always!

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      Anthea Carson 6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      A fascinating and truly informative hub. I love Civil War history. I will bookmark this as I plan to visit Gettysburg soon for a history tour.