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Top 10 List of the World's Coldest Places in Earth

Updated on July 12, 2011

Explore the Coldest Places on the Planet

Burrr! Winter is the time to bundle up or go skiing. Some people even like to take vacations to the most remote and coldest part of the world. Want to see how the place you live stacks up to the coldest places on earth? Hop in the dog sled, bring plenty of coffee and lets go to some places that even a polar bear would love.

#10 - Rodgers Pass, Montana, USA -69.7° F

Millions of years back the Continental Divide was formed by the movement of the tectonic plates that are below the Earth's skin. With this constant moment of the plates underneath the Earth's skin, mountains are formed. The Continental Divide is a mountain range that cuts across Montana. There is an eastern and western sides of the state. Weather is chaotic. There are only a few passes between this mountain range.

In the spring and summer and fall the land is warmed and kissed by the lips of Mother Nature. In the winter the snow is deep and the land is turned into a winter wonderland.

Rodgers Pass is one of two passes that take you into the other side of the state. Rodgers Pass was a trading town where people brought their furs to trade for gun, food or other items.

This is the last stronghold for grizzlies.

Golden Eagles uses this pass for their migration as do bald eagles. Other hawks and falcons can be found in this area.

It's a good place to go sight seeing, bird watching, skiing, hiking and is a rugged as it is beautiful.

#9 - Fort Selkirk, Yukon, Canada -74.0° F

People have lived at this site for 7,000 years and 22,300 in the region. This was a place where game was abundant for the hunters. Men and the creatures of the forest lived in the balance of Nature accepting the harsh winters and living through them.

Fort Selkirk can be found just below the mouth of the Pelly River. This fort in it's heyday was a trading port. People would come down the river to trade their furs and other things. It was an important hub for many traders.

Due to the highways that cross over the land replacing steamboats the town was by passed. Now it is a historical place where the rich history is preserved.

#8 - Prospect Creek, Alaska, USA -79.8° F

This was a small mining town that is 180 miles from Fairbanks. Since the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, built in 1977 Prospect Creek has dwindled in size and almost is non existent.

The land even though the temperature is cold there is an abundance of life. There are wolves, caribou, moose, ducks, geese, fox, eagles and more.

They have carved out a nich for themselves in this beautiful but cold land.

#7 - Snag, Yukon, Canada -81.4° F

Snag is a small town right out of a novel that Jack London would write about. The long cold winter nights with the Northern Lights dancing overhead.

Snag is a small town that is 16 miles away from Beaver Creek. It was settled at the time of the Klondike Gold Rush.

It's so cold that the frosty breath of a person hangs in the air, making them easy to follow.

#6 - Elsmitte, Greenland -84.8°

This place is another research station. The scientists study snow fall and the layers of snow that has fallen. They can see how things have changed due toany climate change.

#5 - Northice, Greenland -86.8° F

Greenland holds the record for begin the coldest place in the Western Hemisphere. The cold often gets into your bones making you glad to get into your nice warm cabin and drink some hot coffee.

This temp was recorded in 1957

Cold enough for ya?

These places aren't cold enough for you? Well bundle up more and bring your heavest and warmest blanket. We are going to five more places that are colder than these places. These places are where polar bears, penguins and seals take their vacations.

The dogs are raring to go! Mush!

#4 - Verkhonyansk, Russia -89.8° F


This town is the third smallest town in Russia. It's Larger than Magas and Chekalin. It has a small airport, a river port, and a fur collecting depot. The population is 1,434.

Verkhonyansk has the widest weather differences between summer and winter than any other place on earth. The area surrounding this town is dry with very little rainfall. It is much wetter in winter than in summer.

#3 - Oymyakon, Russia -96.0° F

Oymyakon is a small village located in the middle of no where, along the Indigirka River. There is a small village of 800 people living in Northern Siberia.

This place is hidden between two mountain ranges. It's these two mountains that cause the cold winter air to pool in the valley. This place was founded by Mongols in the time of Genghis Khan.

Oymyakon means “non freezing water”. There is a natural hot spring near by which keeps the water warm. However the ground is frozen solid throughout the year.

#2 - Plateau Station, Antarctica -119.2° F

Antarctica is a place where seals and penguins call home. They live along the coast of this frigid land where the wind howls like a winter witch. This place no matter how cold teams with sea life. Whales come here to eat plankton and other sea life. This is where the Emperor Penguin raises it's family.

Scientist come to this land to learn more about it's history and weather. They work in the center of this land where no life lives. There is no food of any kind. It is a wild and lonely place in which the wind speaks.

Plateau Station has had the second coldest temperature recorded. It's consistently colder longer than any other place on earth.

Make sure the sled dogs are rested and that we have plenty of hot coffee. We are headed out for the recorded coldest place on earth.

#1 - Voltok, Antarctica -128.6° F

Voltok Station is located near the South Geomagnetic Pole. This outpost is far from anyone or place that one could go and get help. This is a place where only the toughest and strongest survive. This is a land that is cold, that it freezes your breath and burns your lungs.

This small outpost was built in 1957 and is named after one of Bellinghausen's two ships. Voltok means East.

Supplies are brought to them semi-annually and takes a month for the tractor train to reach them.

Scientist from all over the world conduct experiments here.

So if you want quite vacation spot with plenty of ice and snow this is the place for you.


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