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Top 10 List of the World's Hottest Places in Earth

Updated on February 15, 2011

#10 - Ahwaz, Iran 128°F

It's been a long hot summer. You're sure that you live in one of the hottest places on earth, do you? Well then come with me and visit the 10 hottest places on earth. So hop on your camel and don't forget to take your canteen.

Khuzestan is just one of the 30 provinces in Iran. This province is in the southwest of the country, bordering Iraq's Basra Province and the Persian Gulf. It's capital is Ahwaz also known as Ahvaz which is built on the banks of the Karun River.

Ahwaz is known to have long blistering summers that drag on forever and short mild winters. In summer countless sandstorms and duststorms are stirred up by the hot winds. It's not uncommon for the heat to exceed 122°F and the maximum temperature can soar to 149°F.

#9 - Tirat Zvi, Israel 129°F

Triat Zvi is located in the She'an Valley, ten kilometers south of the city Beit She'an Israel. It's west of the Jordan River and Israel-Jordan border.

It's 220 meters below sea level. The average temp in this area is 117°F

#8 - Matraba, Kuwait 130° degrees, July 16, 2010

Kuwait is located northeast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. It's bordered by Saudi Arabia, which is south and Iraq in the north. The city lies on the Northwestern shore of the Persian Gulf. In Arabic it means fortress built near water.

It's mainstay is trade with other nations. Their oil, 104 billion barrels is estimated to be 10% of the worlds reserves. The oil industry accounts for 80% of the governments revenue. Kuwait is a tax free country.

This is a flat and sandy place that seems to stretch for miles. It's 1,004 feet above sea level and vegetation found along the coastline.

Spring is warm and pleasant with occasional thunderstorms. In the winter and spring the winds from the northwest are cold, yet they are blistering in the summer. Southwesterly winds are hot and damp. Winds known as the shamal, a northwesterly wind causes dramatic sandstorms during the months of June and July.

#7 - Araoliane, Mali North Africa 130°F

This country lies beside the southern part of the Sahara. This produces the dust-laden Sudanian savanna that seems to be nothing more than rolling sand dunes.

Mali's climate ranges from tropical and arid. Rainfall is scare and droughts rampage over the country side. Late June to early December is the rainy season. At this time the Niger River overflows creating the Inner Niger Delta.

#6 - Kenbili, North Africa 130°F

This is a town that surrounds one of the oldest of oasis. You guessed it the summers feel like you just entered an oven. The people don't even know what rain is, it rarely falls upon the furnace like sand.

Human habitation dates back 200,000 years. Where there is water people will gather and build their towns and cities. It is where they will trade and grow.

Kenbili is near a vast endorheic salt lake, Chottel-Djerid. It's the largest salt pan in the Sahara that seems to stretch far into the distance and touch the brassy heavens. If you are brave or foolhardy enough you can cross it by foot or car, but this is very dangerous because the salt crust isn't that firm.

Gorge Lucas filmed Star Wars in this barren place because of it's alien like landscape.

#5 - Timbliktu, North Africa 130.1°F

For those of you who long for sunshine, this is the place for you. The sun beats down upon this city like a dragon blowing fire. During July through September is when a drop or two of rain falls to the ground, if it is lucky. It's still hot at that time of year. Winter is in December through January where the maximum temperature are below 89.6°F.

Timbliktu was founded by the nomads Tuareg as early as the 10th century. It was a seasonal settlement. In the wet months the wandered the desert, in the long hot summer months they stayed close to the Inner Niger Delta. The delta was so full of mosquitoes, a well was dug a few miles from the river.

This city was made prosperous by trading. It became an intellectual and spiritual capital for the propagation of Islam throughout Africa, This occurred in the 15th and 16th centuries.

#4 - Ghadames, Libya, North Africa 131.1°F

This small town of 7,000 is an oasis city. Throughout the centuries as history has pulsed and throbbed, this city has seen much of history and still endures.

The homes are constructed of mud, lime and palm tree trunks with covered alleyways between them. This provides protection against the hammering heat of the sun.

#3 - Death Valley, USA 134°F

This is the hottest and driest place in North America. Death Valley has consistently high and hot temps. So much so that it's hot temperatures aren't even told on the news.

Badwater Basin is 282 feet below sea level. This is the second lowest point in the Western Hemisphere (behind Laguna del Caron in Argentina).

Four Native American tribes lived here for thousands of years. They adapted to the intense heat by conserving water and knowing how to find water in such a hellish place.

White man didn't set foot in Death Valley until December 1849. Men eager to find gold in California found this spot when they got lost. They thought they found a short cut off the Old Spanish Trail. They weren't able to find a pass out of the area. This forced them to eat several of the oxen to get through those weeks. Using wood from their wagons to cook meat and to make jerky. The place where they were lost and were forced to do this is referred to as “Burned Wagons Camp”and is located near the sand dunes.

They only lost one member of their party to death while they were searching for a way out.

Having to abandon their wagons to hike their way to freedom. Just when they left the valley, one woman in the party turned and waved saying, “Goodbye Death Valley.” That one act stamped upon the rugged dry place it's name, Death Valley.

It was on July 10th, 1913, a whooping 134°F, at Greenland Ranch. It was the hottest temperature ever recorded until the next place bumped it down.

#2 - Al'aziziah, Libya, North Africa 136°F

Al 'Aziziya or El Azizia tripped Death Valley in becoming the hottest inhabited place on earth. It happened on September 13, 1922 when it reached 136 degrees. This scorching hot temperature bakes you to the core, leaves your eyes throbbing and throat dry. Inhaling the burning air feels like fire.

This is a major trading route but it's city is small. Only 4,000 people call this place home.

So what is number one in our search for the hottest places on earth? Well make sure your camel is rested and that you have plenty of water. We are heading back to Iran.

#1 - Dasht-e Lut, Iran 159°F

Dasht-Lut is a vast salt desert located in the southeastern Iran. It's the world's 25th largest desert. This desert is considered an abiotic zone. This is a place where nothing lives in this stretching salt realm. This is a place filled with rocks, sand and salt. Wind that dances over this place sculpts salt figures that look like lost ghosts. This land is riddled with ravines and sinkholes.

Dasht-e Lut means toasted wheat. This is due to the volcanic rocks scattered through this barren land.

Folks, only the Devil himself would love to take a vacation here. I hope you enjoyed this trip!


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    • profile image

      Henok Cool 

      6 years ago

      What about Dallol in Ethiopia? It's olso one of the hottest place on earth!!

    • profile image

      johnvir torreon 

      7 years ago

      can you enumerate atleast top 50.

    • awle profile image

      Al Aber 

      7 years ago

      Have you checked "Dallol" in Ethiopia? It is one of the hottest places on reported. Good hub.

    • princess g profile image

      princess g 

      7 years ago

      I love your top ten lists, they're great


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