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Top 10 Must Not Forget Items for Girls on Summer Holidays

Updated on May 15, 2016

Down on the Beach

Top 10 What to Pack for Girls

So you’re off on your summer holiday, but whether it be near or far, you need to make sure you remember all of your essentials… is your top 10 for going abroad

  1. Your bag- I know that sounds ridiculous but it’ really important you have the correct sized bags especially for budget airlines. Measure in advance or you won’t have such a happy holiday.
  2. Passport and printables - If you’re going abroad, even for a day trip, don’t forget to check your passport is in date and print off any boarding passes needed
  3. Sun cream- keep yourself safe and protected for the sake of your skin. Make sure you get the right protection factor for you, and try to ensure it protects you from both UVA and UVB light.
  4. Medication – getting replacement medication in the UK or abroad can be costly and time consuming, avoid the hassle! That goes for the contraceptive pill and condoms if you need them too and anti-diarrhoea tablets, it can happen to the best of us!
  5. Guide books – knowing where you are going is important. Best to have a rough plan in advance. You can lose a lot of time wondering what to do, make the most of your journey
  6. Phone – keep your phone charged, it can be great for getting restaurant reviews, bringing up a map if you’re lost and even helping with the local lingo, even if everyone speaks English!
  7. Travel money- shop around for the best rates in the UK or get a prepaid credit card. Money exchanges outside the UK often have some of the worst rates.
  8. Appropriate clothes – weather can be temperamental and activity plans can change. Don’t get caught out without a decent pair of shoes and a coat.
  9. Books and magazines – there’s little more frustrating than going away and running out of reading material and finding everything is in Spanish. Take more than you need or fill up your Kindle!
  10. Travel Insurance- sounds like a silly thing but can be hundreds of miles from the nearest hospital that will accept an EHIC health card with thousands of pounds of bills– oh and you should get one of those too if you are in the EU, they are free for all EU citizens…..

These are some top tips for maximum fun, enjoy it!


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