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Top 10 Places in the U.S. to Visit

Updated on February 27, 2012

I travel a lot abroad, and I am constantly looking for new things to write about while I’m traveling. One thing I have not done, is written about how much I also love where I’m from the good ole’ USA. There are literally hundreds of locations to see and visit right in our own back yard. Some of us dream of traveling all over the world and seeing these exotic places. But, how much do you actually know about your own county? Here, are the top 10 destinations you need to see right here in the U.S. so, make sure you put them on your list too.

1. New York City – Truly this is the most inspiring city in the country. So, many different ethnic, cultural and traditional backgrounds crammed into one tiny island. They for the most part, live in harmonious union with each other. The city itself is an inspiration from the iconic statue of liberty to the new building of freedom tower. You can catch a Broadway show on the famous strip or go on a holiday and watch one of the famous parades. There is always something to do in the city 24 hours a day.

2. Los Angeles – the biggest city on the west coast. It has entertained us for years with Hollywood. It has inspired a traditional of wealth in Beverly Hills and made us cry on Sunset Boulevard.

3. Washington D.C.- Our nation’s capitol with a wealth of historical information on the true founding of your country. Huge monolithic towers, gardens and pools are all throughout Washington D.C. A space and air museum the historical archives of the Library of congress and much more. This is another must see location in the U.S.

4. Nashville – Nashville Tennessee is one of the most iconic places in the U.S. Home to some of the most popular country stars. But, with its country attitude trapped in a big city not much can beat this city in historical recreations like the Parthenon or jack Daniels distillery

5. Hawaii – Of course the U.S has its only little slices of paradise in the mid pacific in Hawaii. These islands are famous for a lot of things. Their relaxed attitude and the way of life that helps you slow down and enjoy the things that actually mean most in life.

6. Grand Canyon, Arizona – The largest hole in the U.S what could be so remarkable about it? It offers some spectacular and breathtaking views of some of nature’s most powerful forces. IT is home to some of the most mysterious caves and aw! inspiring ecological formations.

7. Orlando, Florida– No one can visit the U.S and not want to go to where all the magic truly is. In Orlando, you can experience the magic of Disney in the world’s largest park that contains some of the most iconic moments in television and truly magical history.

8. San Diego California–Is not exceeding the most popular city in the U.S but they have more to offer in one category than any other city. The famous aquarium and San Diego zoo. They are the largest of such feats to help raise and release Aquatic and jungle animals in the world. They are there for the world to see, in the identical sub tropical climates you would find in the animals native lands.

9. Rapid City, South Dakota - one of the most sparsely populated areas of the country with an estimated 2 people per square mile holds one of the U.S most iconic head stones. Mount Rushmore. There is also the Badlands natural park reserve with over ten million acres preserved for future generations, to enjoy. This is one place that every family should go, at one time or another.

10. Alaska – There is not any place in Alaska that is a must see except for the entire state. Because, no where else are you going to be able to enjoy such a widely different climate than what you find here. One of the best ways to see Alaska, is by ship there are many cruises that take you to the great passage of time, Glacier bay, and many other historical locations all over Alaska.


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  • thumbi7 profile image

    JR Krishna 

    6 years ago from India

    travelling is not in my cards right now.

    Thank you for giving me a taste of your land.

  • Kadmiels profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Florida

    could not have stated it better my self russell :)

  • Russell-D profile image


    6 years ago from Southern Ca.

    True -- and to a resident the small cities are equally wonderful. I've lived in Brooklyn, South Falls, Sioux City, Cedar Rapids, Cincinnati, Miami, Brooklyn, Detroit, Baltimore and for the past 36 years in the Pacific Palisades of California. Each meant something to me and I enjoyed friends all along the way. Career wise, I've filmed in every continent and loved the adventures. The world is for those who contact, share, challenge and hopefully, do it their way. I've had a great ride, I wish I could have shared. David

  • Kadmiels profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Florida

    every city has its own uniiqueness that ios why this is america :)

  • Russell-D profile image


    6 years ago from Southern Ca.

    I'd put New Orleans, Miami, San Francisco on my list ahead of Nashville, San Diego, Rapid City, Grand Canyon, Orlando. David Russell


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