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Top 10 Tourist Destinations on Eastern Bali

Updated on April 13, 2012
Hut on Rice Field in Karangasem.
Hut on Rice Field in Karangasem. | Source

A sloppy development between each area makes Bali only famous at some areas, especially between southern versus the others. As one of favorite tourist destinations, the situation gives us a great opportunity to avoid hassle atmosphere on this island.

As we already know, the island of Bali has one of great trademarks in tourism world, the party island. Unfortunately, each person has not same interest. The eastern part of the island offers different things to tourists. Let's say, it is much closer to culture and nature tourism.

Some spotlights, such like Tenganan, Semarapura and Besakih are good examples to see culture excursion. Scuba diving junkies, they can fulfill their passion at Amed and Tulamben. Padangbai and Candidasa are the right places to become a lazy person on beach.

Beach at Amed.
Beach at Amed. | Source
The water is safe, even kids can do it!
The water is safe, even kids can do it! | Source


Amed is a place for tourists who love peace, quiet situation and beach. Local hospitality creates the atmosphere warmer.

Did I mention this village is a home for scubaholics? There are few spots at nearby; they are Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah and Selang. Jemeluk has three vertical boulders with soft and hard corals. Around here, a Japanese wreck is accessible from the coast. It does not take much time to go down. At south of Amed, scuba divers can discover moray eels, sharks, and soft corals around Selang Island.

The best time to visit Amed is around dry season when it happens in April - October. Around those months, Eastern Bali receives considerably less rain than the other regions.

For foodies, try to order grill shrimp and watermelon juice at Warung Enak Homestay. It is very delightful! In the morning, you can hang-out at Life in Amed Restaurant or Baliku Restaurant.

If you would like to explore the area in-depth, try to consider Baliku Dive Resort, Beten Waru Bungalow, Wawa Wewe (I & II), and Amed Bali Villa Pantai as your second home.

Beach at Candidasa with Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island.
Beach at Candidasa with Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island. | Source


Candidasa is one of romantic areas in Bali. For your information, Cilidasa was the past name. It means "Ten Children”. If money does not matter for you, this area is the best point for Eastern Bali exploration.

Traveling around offshore islands is worth to do, and one of them is Goat Island (Indonesian Language: Pulau Kambing). Located at Southwest of Candidasa, the trip takes 30 – 45 minutes by boat. Furthermore, try to visit White Sandy (Indonesian Language: Pasir Putih), which is a best-kept secret that rests at northeast of Candidasa.

Le 48, Zean & Happy Rezort, and Puri Pandan Restaurant & Bungalows are the right accommodations for travelers who love beach, garden, sea, and tasty breakfast. Alila Manggis Hotel is a gem for tourists who would like to spend the days in peaceful atmosphere. Moreover, this hotel is suitable for honeymooners or wedding party. If privacy time does matter, there are some vacation rental providers, such like Villa Surya and Ocean Front Villas with Tennis Court.

During the sunset at Tulamben.
During the sunset at Tulamben. | Source


The term of Tulamben came from "Batulambih," which means stones from the eruption of Mount Agung. As time goes on, it has changed to Batulamben. As we call it today, Tulamben is the last name. Tulamben offers acceptable dive sites for diving course or fun diving.

There are four famous diving spots in here; they are USS Liberty Shipwreck, Tulamben Wall, Paradise Reef and Seraya.

Most people dive at Tulamben around March - July and October – November usually. During these intervals, the southeast monsoon brings dry season on Bali regularly. If you dive in this village at the right day, then you will get more from what you expected.

Stay in Tulamben is a right decision, if dive activity is your main reason. If it is not yours, just make it as a short trip. There are some recommendable accommodations that you can try such like Blue Hill Tulamben, Ocean View Dive Resort Tulamben and Batu Belah Bungalows & Restaurant.

Besakih Temple Complex in Besakih Village.
Besakih Temple Complex in Besakih Village. | Source


Besakih Village is one of favorite destinations in Bali. The village itself stands on southwestern side of Mount Agung. In here, there is a Besakih Temple Complex, which is a mother of temple for Balinese and the most important temple for Hindu People in Indonesia.

The village covers 12 km² and stands on 1,000 meters above sea level. Divided into four types of temples, Besakih Temple represents the cosmos balances; they are Batu Madeg Temple looks to north, while Kidung Kreteg Temple heads to south. Gelap Temple faces to east, while Ulun Kulkul Temple sets to west.

It takes 43 miles in two hours if you ride from Denpasar. You can stay in this village if you have a plan to hike Mount Agung. Besides, you can make this village as your short trip.


Padangbai, which recognized as harbor area, is a small town that stands at east coast of the island. Previously, Padang Bay was the official name of this town. Tourists always pass this town before they go to Lombok Island. For better idea, you can spend short trip in Padangbai before you arrive to Lombok from Bali.

In the eastern part of Padangbai Coast, swimming or sunbathing activity is a good idea. This area is also a perfect place to explore the underwater world. Not far from coast area, there is a Silayukti Temple, where you can do meditation. However, you must have permission from local at before.

Tirta Gangga Water Palace in Ababi Village.
Tirta Gangga Water Palace in Ababi Village. | Source
People Will Pass this rice field when they visit Tirta Gangga Water Palace.
People Will Pass this rice field when they visit Tirta Gangga Water Palace. | Source


The main reason that you must visit Ababi Village is Tirta Gangga. No matter where you stay in Bali, your holiday is not complete without visiting this water palace. This village sits in Karangasem Regency, where Mount Agung stands as a background view.

According to history, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut built Tirta Gangga for his primary leisure residence. He was also King of Karangasem in 1948. Stretched around 1.2 hectares, the water palace contains three parts: two ponds and a water tower at lower level, swimming pool at the second level, and rest house for king at main level.

Nyepi Day is one of Balinese traditional cultures. In here, Ababi Community celebrates it in three different days; they are Regular Silence Day, Nyepi Wadon (Female Silence Day), and Nyepi Lanang (Male Silence Day).

Ujung Water Place in Tumbu Village.
Ujung Water Place in Tumbu Village. | Source


Tumbu Village stands at Bali East Coast. It covers 40 miles for two hours journey from Denpasar. At the opposite side, you take 30 minutes in two until three miles from Amlapura to this village.

Here, the most interesting attraction is Ujung Water Palace or Taman Ujung Soekasada. I Gusti Bagus Jelantik, who contributed with this project in 1919, used the water palace for his alternative leisure palace.

Home industry has started in this village since 2009. Based on Pandan Plant for raw material, Pandan Handicraft is one of Eco-products in Bali. If you fan into green products, this village is for you. Just try to explore more details about the product, while you already in here.


Known as Klungkung at past, Semarapura had remarkable moment as one of the biggest empires of Bali that ruled this city. In here, you will bring to the history of Bali.

Let we begin a short brief with King Ida I Dewa Agung Jambe, who governed Semarapura at past. He influenced arts and culture as characteristic of this city. Semarapura Castle is the best example. Surely, Kerta Gosa is your aim in this castle. To respect Balinese Heroes who fought Dutch Military on April 28th 1908, local government built Puputan Klungkung Monument, which has become the city icon.

From top of Bukit Jambul Area.
From top of Bukit Jambul Area. | Source


If you visit Besakih through Klungkung Regency, you will pass or stop in Pesaban Village.

Bukit Jambul is your primary attraction in here. You can discover it around five miles at Northern Semarapura. To those who love culinary travel, they can refill their energy at Puri Boga Restaurant or Greenhills Restaurant in this area. After that, try to reach at top of the hill, where Puncak Sari Temple is your target.


As one of traditional villages in Bali, Tenganan Village is a destination where you can learn about the original culture in Bali. They still hold traditional life until today. Nothing can change the way of their life even though they open the input from outside world.

Grinsing is a major output in this village. In term to pull up tourism industry in this village, they sell this traditional handmade as a souvenir to tourists. The production does take long process that makes it a bit expensive.

The best time to visit Tenganan village is in the afternoon, when locals usually do their activity. At this moment, you will see and feel the connection of each member still tight and solid.

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