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Top 10 Tourist Destinations on Northern Bali

Updated on April 13, 2012
Lovina Beach in Northern Bali Tourism.
Lovina Beach in Northern Bali Tourism. | Source

Northern Bali Introduction

Northern Bali is the alternative area if you like to explore the island further. Culture and nature are major attractions in here. You have a chance to do some activities such like camping, trekking and culture exploration.

Kalibukbuk is the icon of northern area tourism. Lovina is the other name of it. Munduk, Pancasari, Gitgit and Sekumpul are great places for nature tourism. With quiet situation around the area, Kedisan and Trunyan are interesting points to visitors who love to chill out and culture discovery. The other destinations that worth to visit are Banyuatis, Banjar and Wanagiri.

The situation at Northern Bali is not same as you can find at southern area. It is very rare to see stupid drunken teens in here, as you can easily find at Legian or Kuta. Your high expectation about bikini fashion show will not happen on north side. For sure, your holiday more worthy if you choose north side. This article does not show the whole areas, only a few. Maybe, you can find more when you already here.

Dolphin Tour at Lovina, which usually starts in morning.
Dolphin Tour at Lovina, which usually starts in morning. | Source


Local community had not realized with tourism potential in Kalibukbuk, until Anak Agung Panji Tisna began to run the business in this village. He branded Lovina to his guesthouse. The name of the guesthouse has become the alternative name for this village.

Then, the increasing of tourist arrival improved since 1953. Ketut Gothama, who built Ayodia Accommodation in 1975, had not skipped this opportunity. For the record, Tony Wheeler and Bill Dalton rewarded Ayodia “The Best Small Hotel in The World” in their book guide.

Lucky fortune had come continuously to this village until Mr. Made Wita contributed in 1982. As a public figure in this village, he decided to build a transportation and public facility to support tourism industry in Kalibukbuk. Nowadays, Kalibukbuk enjoys the benefits from people who already gave positive impact in here.

There are some recommendable accommodations in Lovina Beach Area, such like Hotel Melamun, Sananda Bungalows and Nugraha Lovina Seaview Resort & Spa. You can choose one of them as your second home on Northern Bali.

Gitgit Waterfall, which best known as the icon of Gitgit Village.
Gitgit Waterfall, which best known as the icon of Gitgit Village. | Source
Gitgit Waterfall.
Gitgit Waterfall. | Source


There are many beautiful spots still out of radar in Bali. Gitgit is one of the examples in Northern Bali. Main attraction is a lovely waterfall in this village. It is Gitgit Waterfall.

The distance is about seven to eight miles from Singaraja. Along the journey, visitors will see a beautiful panorama. You can rent car or bike to get to this village. Here, you do not need tour-guides where the road to waterfall is easy to follow.

Sekumpul Waterfall.
Sekumpul Waterfall. | Source
Sekumpul Waterfall, which is a main reason to visit Sekumpul Village.
Sekumpul Waterfall, which is a main reason to visit Sekumpul Village. | Source


There is no ending story if we talk about nature in Bali. Beaches, jungles, rice terraces are common things in Bali.

Sekumpul Village has something to visitors who love eco-tourism and nature. Same as the name of village, Sekumpul Waterfall is your purpose in here.

It is a little bit hard to go to this village. But hey! This is the art of travel, so enjoy it! If you start from Singaraja, the duration is about 15 or 25 minutes. The common route is Singaraja - KerobokanSangsit - Girimas. In the last village, you will find three way directions. Make no mistake! Pick the path that directs to Jagaraga. Then, continue the journey to Menyali - Sawan - Bebetin - Sekumpul. In your last destination, there is a "Welcome to Sekumpul Waterfall" sign. From here, you can ask locals for your convenience.


If Ubud seems out of expectation for you or Kuta is more like an area for party freaks. Escape to Munduk is a genius decision.

The cool thing about this village is the weather and nature resource. You can do some activity such like yoga, horse riding, bicycle trekking and many others in here.

Lake Tamblingan is a main theme in Munduk. The weather around lake area is comfortable. Before arrival, you will discover a virgin tropical jungle along the journey.

Lake Buyan, which is also a sister of Lake Tamblingan in Munduk Village.
Lake Buyan, which is also a sister of Lake Tamblingan in Munduk Village. | Source


After exploring Northern Bali for a whole day, it is so nice if you try to hangout at a perfect place. Warung Kopi Bukit Hexam is the best answer to refill your energy. In here, Arabica-Robusta Coffee is a primary menu while the other menus, such like Chicken Red Curry and Spaghetti Bolognes are available in this place.

This place sets in Wanagiri. You must complete the journey for 15 – 16 miles from Singaraja to this village. However, beautiful panorama around Warung Kopi Bukit Hexam is your main purpose why you are here.


Kedisan is a small and rural village on Northeastern Bali. Farming is a main income in this village. In this area, you can try to hang out or maybe stay at Kedisan Resort & Resto Apung.

There is an original traditional dance from this village. It is Gambuh Kedisan. The unique thing from it to the other is the dancers. Most dancers are men, while the other types of Gambuh are women.

Situated at foot of Mount Batur, Kedisan is a gate to Trunyan Village. It is not hard to go to Kedisan Village, where the trip covers 15 miles from Bangli to get here.

Road to Trunyan Village through Lake Batur.
Road to Trunyan Village through Lake Batur. | Source


It is not Bali if there is no unique destination. Trunyan, which recognized as one of Bali Aga Villages, is a village that still holds conservative life until today.

There is no tolerance for local women who go to cemetery. The community believes that natural disasters will crash the village, if that happens. Maybe it does not sound great for us. However, it just a local culture and nobody can change it.

Located at northeastern Bali, Kedisan is the only way to get here. Then, you must cross Lake Batur for 30 minutes until 45 minutes that depend on type of boat. Along the journey, you will enjoy breathtaking view and cool weather around the lake.


Strawberry is the icon of Pancasari. It has produced strawberry since year 1980s. It still runs until today. Combined into great atmosphere, Pancasari Village is the right area to enjoy agro-tourism in Northern Bali. You can pick the fruits in here, but there is a charge.

Lake Buyan is your next attraction beside strawberry. This lake is a sister of Lake Tamblingan. For your unforgettable moment in Bali, do not skip it if you have a passion to explore the beauty of Northern Bali.


Natural hot springs do not just exist in Japan. Here, Banjar Hot Spring is a recommendable place for visitors who want to try hot spring in Northern Bali. If you are not first-timer in Bali, this hot spring is not a strange anymore.

Same as the name, this hot spring is the icon of Banjar. The goodies, the village itself is not far from Lovina, which a main icon of Northern Bali Tourism. You will not find a big problem to reach to this village.


As a plantation village, Banyuatis is a famous village that produces high quality coffee bean. Ketut England popularized Banyuatis Coffee for the first time in 1976. It has become a local trademark in Bali. The coffee factory operates at Pemaron, which stands on Singaraja – Seririt Road. If you are a coffee junkie, visiting Banyuatis is a must.

Banyuatis, which also a hometown of Ketut Bimbo, has owned uniqueness in traditional music. The best example is Sekaa Gong Kebyar Tri Bhuwana Giri. This village was a representative of Northern Bali on International Gamelan Festival Amsterdam in 2007. The event opened the eyes that Gong Kebyar is different from the other.

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