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Top 10 iPhone Travel Apps

Updated on February 2, 2011

Traveling is fun, but sometimes you just want to know where to go. The Top 10 iPhone Travel Apps can really help you find your way as you explore the globe!

Introduction to the Top 10 iPhone Travel Apps

Traveling is one of the most intensely gratifying experiences a person can have. Visiting foreign countries, hopping from city to city and exploring different cultures around the world is a fantastic way to broaden your mind. The feeling of being 'free' when you travel is an amazing feeling,

Sometimes a little help can be greatly appreciated though. You get in to a city, you have never been there before, you step out of the train station at 10pm. it is dark, there are several homeless people scattered around. Suddenly you really wish you knew where you needed to go, and fast. Then there is simply arriving in a new city, what do you do there? A simple iPhone travel app can help you find some great things to do in some of the most random destinations around the world!

The top 10 iPhone travel apps guide is here to give you some fantastic iPhone traveling apps to help you on your adventures!

Top 10 iPhone Travel Apps
Top 10 iPhone Travel Apps

10) Google Translate

While I have included Google Translate in my top 10 iPhone travel apps, I nearly put it much higher up in the list than number ten. Google Translate can be accessed simply by pointing your iPhone browser to, and it is an incredibly useful iPhone travel app. If you are ever unsure of what you need to say, the Google Translate iPhone travel app will help you decipher the local language!

It is impossible to know every single language the world has to offer, and this simple iPhone app is perfect for helping you understand everything that's going on!

9) Travel Tips 101

Travel tips 101 is a pretty simple app that gives you some fantastic tips to help you travel. The Travel Tips 101 iPhone travel app helps you with everything from preparation tips, to some simple tips to help you as you travel. Travel Tips 101 is a fairly small iPhone app, but it is great for people who have never traveled before, and are looking for some simple advice on how to get the most out of their travels.

8) Where Traveler

Where Traveler is a great simple app to find out about some local attractions wherever you are in the world. This simple iPhone travel app is great for short stays in cities where you are looking for a little local information.

Where Traveler is regularly updated by users around the world, but it is not quite as comprehensive as I would like just yet. The good news is that in most major cities it can give you a few great ideas, and give you a little information on some of the attractions in the area!

7) iFly Pro

iFly Pro is the ultimate iPhone travel tool for people who are going through multiple airports. It not only helps you with departure times and flight tracking, but it also gives you in depth maps for over 600 airports worldwide, including information on everything from where to get a coffee, to available WiFi hotspots.

If you are a regular at airports around the globe then the iFly Pro iPhone travel app is a great way to make your flying eperience a little easier.

6) ATC Currency

The ATC Currency simple iPhone travel app is the perfect way to find out how much your money really is worth. With over 190 currencies at your fingertips, the ATC Currency iPhone app is perfect for travelers who will be going through several currency changes in their travels.

5) Camera +

Camera + is not really an iPhone travel app. I did however include it because this is quite simply the best iPhone camera app out there, and if you are going on vacation, you will want to take some stunning photographs. It does not unfortunately do anything to fix the poor quality pictures in low light scenarios pre-iPhone 4, but it does have a lot of filters and tools to help you take amazing photographs.

4) TripIt

TripIt is a great iPhone travel app for people who like to plan out their travels beforehand. With TripIt you can create an itinerary before you leave on your PC or MAC, and then access it anywhere from the world via this fantastic iPhone app.

Where TripIt excels is in it's automation. It will automatically collate all your e-ticket receipt numbers and flight details to give you the perfect vacation, with none of the travel hassle.

3) Bag Checkr

Okay so this is not really anything more than a glorified task list, but i am the king of forgetting something essential on every adventure I embark upon. The Bag Checkr iPhone travel app helps you keep track of what you are packing, what you need to pack, and even lets you track your estimated baggage weight!

This simple tool is perfect for anyone looking to organise their traveling, and despite it's simplicity, it easily makes it on to my Top 10 iPhone travel apps list!

2) World Mate

World Mate is an amazing all inclusive iPhone travel app. It allows you to keep track of your itinerary, has a tip calculator for different cultures, helps you find flights and hotels, and gives you all in one access to world weather and world time zones! On top of that it also lets you find up to date flight information on any flights you are scheduled to take, warning you in advance of any delays, cancellations, or changes that may have been made.

This amazing tool is the perfect traveling tool for anyone who is a constant globe trotter. It provides a huge amount of information and utility, and easily makes it in to the number two spot of my Top 10 iPhone Travel Apps!

iPhone Travel App
iPhone Travel App

1) TouringZ iPhone Audio Tours

TouringZ is an amazing iPhone app for travelers who like to see a little more of the world. This amazing app has hundreds of iPhone guided tours around the world, and it's active user base is adding more apps daily.

TouringZ works by providing an audio tour straight from your iPhone based on your GPS location. This means that you can go along the tour as fast or as slowly as you want, TouringZ will keep up. it also means that even if you deviate from the tour, you can easily rejoin it later via this astounding iPhone Guided tours app.

As well as having the simple audio tour played through the iPhone ear buds, you can also check your iPhone itself, each tour comes with plenty of images from each point of interest so you do not miss a thing, and do not get lost! You can also keep track of your progress via the map.

As well as following tours as you travel, this great iPhone travel app also lets you create tours. So whether you are on the move, or even in your home city, you can create some amazing tours to help other travelers find some of the secrets that you discovered!


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    • thisisoli profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      I found myself using Google Translate in America, was trying to get some mexican guy to understand me, kind of weird being in America and being unable to use English!

    • travelespresso profile image


      8 years ago from Somewhere in this exciting world.

      This is a really impressive list Thisisoli.

      Just today, in Laos, I saw a chap in a cafe using an iphone app. He typed in a message (obviously in his language) and handed it to the cafe assistant to translate. I just hope he managed to get his coffee order right! I was amazed.

      I love some of the other apps you've mentioned too, especially ATC currency.

    • ocbill profile image


      8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      is the travel app language speech interactive or only text? I was unaware of the many apps available. What a timesaver they are.


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