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Top 3 Biking Trips In India

Updated on December 7, 2017

Being a biking veteran, I have completed many road trips across the country. There this an unmatchable feeling of freedom when there is instant acceleration at your mercy. In the biking brotherhood we all know there’s nothing like switching up the city traffic for a vast empty road. For me, riding is all about that rush of blood when it’s just my Royal Enfield Himalayan and me. Below are my top 3 favourite trips!

1. Manali – Leh
This trip was a true challenge in every aspect. Unkind roads and cold winds. However, once I reached the city of Leh, I felt a genuine feeling of accomplishment and pride. I would not recommend this trip for biking newbies as the slopes and road quality made it a challenge even for a highly experienced biker like me! Conquering this trip is my proudest achievement on my bike till date by a distance.
(If you plan to take this trip, please plan well in advance. This is not a trip you can take spontaneously.)

2. Bhalupkong – Tawang
You may be surprised to see this on my list, I have made this selection based purely on the beauty of the north east. Being an adventurist at heart, I fell in love with the array of landscapes on this route. Everything was stunning, from mountains and lakes to pine forests, even unique tribal cultures along the way. This trip was a true, true eye-opener for me.

3. Pondicherry – Kanyakumari
Great roads and great weather, what’s not to love? I had to include one of my road trips in the south of India in this list! Road trips in the south generally consist of meandering bends through wildlife parks or rides by the coast line. One thing I truly love is the tranquil culture in the south. The highlight of this trip was the road from Rameshwaram to Tuticorin, a biker’s dream.

Little note of caution, based on my personal experiences (engine overheating in particular), it is best to get your bike checked for oil changes and stuff whenever possible on a road trip. Particularly for tire pressure, suspension, and the engine oil. The right oil can add another dimension to your road trip experience. I find that Castrol oils have always served me well in the past, and I currently use the POWER1 series. Solo trips can turn into hellish experiences if the bike isn’t well cared for!


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