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Top 3 cities of Paraguay

Updated on June 18, 2013

Paraguay is one of the most interesting countries in Southern America, and it is so, because we know very little about it. Being hidden under a thick layer of political dictatorship for years it had finally showed itself with a new tremendous glory of rich history, festinating nature and absolutely amazing cities.

For those who are interested in Paraguayan geography and simply life below is a list of top 3 Paraguayan cities.


Just as any other country, Paraguayan capital stands out from all cities of the country. The city is a tourist magnet and a very well developed place for a business. It has stocks and malls, long lines of cafes and restaurants, night bars and theaters- overall it has everything a tourist is looking for. Asuncion is really nice to start your acquaintance with the country. It hosts several religious spots that refer to the history and morality of Paraguay people.


Encarnacion is said to be the pearl of Paraguay. A real heaven place with temperate climate and exquisite nature is super popular touristic destination especially during festival season. This time the city is filled with people from all over the world, they gather to see spectacular show of lights and hot Brazilian dances that feel the streets of Encarnacion. In total the city is very interesting for visiting, probably even for living, especially if you are retired. People are super friendly, climate and attractions are very interesting.


This is a city of San Rafael museum, a city of cultural and historical attractions, the city of total crazy nightlife and mysterious corners. What is so interesting about Itaugua is that it presents exquisite architecture. It also hosts Nanduti festival, where people from all over South America come to the stage and perform traditional Paraguayan music.

Overall, there are at least top 10 Paraguayan cities, so the story is about to continue.


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    • Vera Petryk profile image

      Vera Petryk 4 years ago

      me too!!Have you been there?:)

    • profile image

      Milly 4 years ago

      I love Paraguay