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Top 4 Twilight Things to Do in Forks, Washington

Updated on April 16, 2012
Forks, Washington does actually exist.
Forks, Washington does actually exist. | Source

The tiny town, Forks Washington, with a population of 3,532 sits between the Pacific Ocean and Olympia National Park. Originally a logging destination, Forks began to experience a decline until a little know book named “Twilight” came out. Stephanie Meyers, the author of the book, chose Forks as the destination for her popular young adult series because it's known as one of the rainiest places in the U.S. Not only does Forks, Washington have rain but it offers small town charm, scenic beauty and plenty of things to do at the nearby Indian reservation, La Push.


Twilight Tours

Take a driving tour of the town to see familiar "Twilight" locations including the Cullen House, the community hospital where Dr. Cullen worked, Forks High School, Forks police station and Charlie's house. You will see that a couple of the homes, not just the one on the map, look similar to where Bella Swan lived with her dad, the chief of police, Charlie Swan. Visit the Forks Chamber of Commerce website to see the route in its entirety and to find out other important information relating to “Twilight."


La Push

Visit nearby La Push Indian reservation to see the beach firsthand where Bella Swan and Jacob Black hung out in the fictional “Twilight” book. La Push sits at the mouth of the Quillayute River and is surrounded by the Olympic National Park. Not only can you visit the beach, you can also take guided tours of the nearby Olympic National Park. The fishermen in your group will enjoy fishing opportunities offered at La Push such as catching Silver salmon and Chinook fish.

Stephanie Meyer Day

Celebrate “Stephanie Meyer day” on September 13th of every year in Forks. The town decided to appoint a special day to celebrate author Stephanie Meyer and all things related to “Twilight.” Fork's tried to hold the event on Meyer's birthday but because the day she was born is December 24th, people thought it would work out better to switch the real day over to Bella Swan's birthday.


Hoh Rain Forest

Discover the wild beauty of the Hoh Rain Forest at the Olympic National Park where you can view everything from towering trees to unique rock formations to wild animals. Guided tours are available through La Push or you can take your own routes that lead to the Hoh Rain Forest visitor's center. The hiking trails vary in length from a less than one mile paved path to 18 miles of rigorous terrain. The 18 mile Hoh river trail leads to Blue Glacier and crosses over Hoh river. Plan to get rural camping permits if you decided you want to attempt the Hoh river trail. Camping facilities are available for those interested in longer stays that include restrooms, a picnic area, animal-proof food lockers and RV dump stations. Eighty eight sites are on hand for campers including RV setups,tents and one handicap accessible site.


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