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Top 5 Amazing Things to Do in Panama

Updated on January 20, 2014

My Adventures in Panama

Me and my husband had the chance to visit Panama this year. We were amazed of how many awesome things you can see in just a few days. From pristine beaches to jungles, from both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean to impressive mountains, from historical sites to engineering wonders. If you want to see them all in only one day choose to capture a bird's eye view panorama.

Panama is a realm where nature decided to bring together a bit of every wonder she has ever created. You will find it in Central America, right on the isthmus that connects North America to South America. Panama is blessed with two coastlines, one on the Pacific Ocean and one on the Atlantic Ocean, through the Caribbean Sea. Imagine the beauty that awaits here and the attractions you could see.

The variety of the flora and fauna here is absolutely spectacular and the scenery is unforgettable. Everything you will be doing here will be an occasion for celebrating nature, history and the talent of brilliant minds.

Expect to find numerous ways to spend your time, so one thing is sure: you will never get bored or have the time to think about anything else but Panama. Here are the 5 things to do in Panama that we consider absolutely amazing:

1. Fly over Panama

Every time we visit a new city or country, we want to find the highest points that can offer beautiful views. Well, you can’t go any higher than where a plane can take you, so we recommend flying with a plane or helicopter over Panama.

For a sublime view over the Panama Canal and all the other wonders in Panama, you could book a flight with Panama Flight Adventures. You can choose to fly with a plane or a helicopter. Don’t worry! Everything is safe. The views will be phenomenal.


Panama Flight Adventures

Would you like to fly over Panama?

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Cruise on the Panama Canal

Although made by man, the Panama Canal is spectacular and also one of the most important navigable routes in the world. It has a length of approximately 80 km and connects the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. The first mention of a canal that crossed the Isthmus of Panama dates back to 1534. This was the time when Charles V, King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor wanted to find a route that will allow his ships to reach Peru.

The easiest way to admire the canal is to head to Miraflores Locks, where you can find a platform for visitors. The views are simply spectacular. The entire canal be crossed in a 9-hour cruise and the sights that you are going to see are absolutely impressive. You can also choose a partial crossing of the canal, the journey taking about 4 hours.

Enjoy the outdoor adventures

In Panama you will find a never-ending summer. The temperatures here don’t go below 20oC, during the winter months (May to November), so outdoor activities are available all year round. You will find great places for scuba diving and snorkeling, the underwater flora and fauna being absolutely spectacular. You can choose to discover the underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean, at Bocas del Toro, or/and the aquatic mysteries of the Pacific Ocean, at Gulf of Chiriqui. If you long for amazing coral sceneries, you should choose the Atlantic. The Pacific Ocean is perfect for whale watching, being the best place in the world to enjoy this activity.

Word-class surfing is guaranteed to happen in Santa Catalina, an idyllic spot located on the Gulf of Chiriqui. Boating is also popular in Panama. The capital of Panama, Panama City is filled with companies that rent boats and yacht clubs like the Balboa Yacht Club, Diablo Spinning Club or the Flamenco Resort and Marina. Hiking and rock climbing are great options for discovering the wonders of nature.

For the more daring tourists, we would recommend sky diving. You will fall right out of Heaven that lies over the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and on your way down you will capture unbelievable and breath taking views of tropical jungles and pristine beaches.

Panama scenery

Relax on the heavenly San Blas Islands

The San Blas Islands (also known as the Guna Yala Islands), home of the Kuna people stretch for 373 km along Darién Gap, the strip of wilderness that connects the easternmost province of Panama, Darién, to the Colombian territory. It is an archipelago made of 365 incredibly beautiful islands where you will discover lush vegetation and secluded beaches covered in velvety sand.

This place is amazing and it would be a shame not to choose it as a one day trip destination, but you should be careful when planning the itinerary. Darién Gap is a dangerous area known to be populated by Colombian drug dealers and guerillas. The safest thing to do is to book a tour to Guna Yala with the authorized local tour operator. You will fly over all the dangers and land you right on the most beautiful and, of course, safest beach of the San Blas Archipelago. Here you will get a chance to relax, enjoy the fabulous views and interact with the locals.

Helicopter tour in Panama

Try the aerobatic stunt flights over Panama City

Panama City, the capital of Panama, is an absolutely amazing metropolis which looks amazing not only from the ground but also from above. If you’re an adrenaline junkie and you love beautiful sceneries, you could choose to take part in a stunt flight that takes place over Panama City. Capture a bird’s eye view panorama of the city and experience unique sensations that will transform your trip to Panama into a memorable one.


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