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Top 5 Best Airports of the World 2014

Updated on July 24, 2014

Airports are one of the index of development.The cities which are more developed have some great infrastructures for their airports.Also,they have some fantastic staff,shopping facilities in their Airports.So,here in this list,airports are given ranking based in their Infrastructure,capacity,staff and some other criteria.This is always a difficult task to find the best airports of the world from thousands of Airports.To be more precise,there are nearly 1 lakh airports in the world at present.So,selecting 5 best airports from the 1 lakh is a very difficult task.But i made it myself simple.I've selected 100 best Airports of the world and finally shortlisted the Top 5 airports of the world.I hope you all will like this list.

5) Beijing Capital International Airport.

BCIA is the busiest and biggest international airport of China located at Beijing,the capital city of China.It is significantly ascending the position of busiest airports of the world.It is the Busiest airport of Asia at present.It serves as the hub for Airlines like Air China,China southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines.

It served for nearly 85 million people in 2013.Total number of aircrafts that are landed on this international airport are nearly 6 Lakh.It has world's second largest passenger terminal.

4) Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Schipol Airport is one of the busiest and biggest international airports of Netherlands.It is the main airport for Netherlands located 10 kilometer from the south Amsterdam.It has very big terminal and in terms of passengers,it stands in 4th place in th list of best airports of Europe.

Totally,worldwide,it stands in 14th place in the list of busiest airports of the world.According to the recent statistics,it is found that a total of 53 million people have traveled from this international airport to the other airports.It's economy per year is nearly 27.3 US billion Dollars.So,it is also one of the biggest GDP index for the Dutch.

3) Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong international airport or HKIA is the Main airport of Hong-Kong.This is built over an island which is specially reclaimed for the construction of the airport.The island name is Chek Lap Kok and hence this also known as Chek Lap Kok Airport.It has world's largest passenger Terminal in the world followed by Beijing Capital international Airport which ranks second in this.

This airport was in service since 1998.It serves as a primary hub for airlines like Air Hong Kong,Cathay Pacific etc.There are nearly 65000 employees working for this Airport.With around 60 million passengers,this stands 11th in the list of world's most busiest airports.Also,this is the world's biggest Airport in terms of Cargo traffic.

2) Incheon International Airport.

Incheon International airport or IIA is the second best airport of the world in all terms.It is the south Korea's biggest international airport and is one of the main airports of South Korea.To be more precise,this airport can be even counted as a mall or a sports hall.You can find a golf course,sleeping rooms,spa,ice skating rink and many more.In terms of passenger comfort,this stands first in the world while the second one would be way behind this airport.

It is located 48 km away north from the capital city of Seoul,the capital city of South Korea.It is the hub for airlines like Asiana Airlines,Eastar jet etc.With nearly 65 million passengers,this stands as the 9th busiest airport if the world.

1) Singapore Changi Airport.

Singapore Changi Airport is the world's best Airport in terms of everything.That is after taking all the aspects into consideration,i have finally given the top rank to Singapore Changi Airport.It is one of the Major hub for southeast Asia.It is the hub for several famous Airlines like Scoot,Silkair etc.With total annual passengers of 63 million,it stands as the Fifth busiest airport of the world and is the 2nd best airport of asia.

Ever since it's in service date,it has got nearly 431 awards in various fields.Also,this is considered to be the best Airport of the world by nearly every Airport Award critics.

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