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Top 5 Family Vacation Suggestions - Activities, Fun and Relaxation

Updated on June 6, 2012

What More Could You Ask For?

Well, spring has sprung and I’ll bet the kids are ready for school to be out and a fun summer break. If you’re like many families, this is a time when you may be considering the annual summer family vacation. Let’s talk about some top 5 family vacation suggestions.

The Family Vacation

Now, let’s talk about some places you might wish to visit with your family. Are you tired of the cold weather in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois, or any of the colder northern states? Well…the first place most people from “cold country” think of for a family vacation is probably Florida, with its gorgeous beaches and bright sunshine. The state of Florida, being a peninsula, enjoys wonderful beaches on both its East Coast as well as its West Coast. And the presence of either the Gulf of Mexico on the West Coast or the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast offers an amazing array of activities, fun and relaxation for the whole family.

Some of the Top 5 Family Vacations are the Hottest Florida Beach Locations

Of course, when you talk about Florida beaches, probably the first ones to come to mind are Daytona Beach, Ft Lauderdale Beach and Miami Beach. While these beaches offer a well-advertised variety of activities for the whole family, concessions, fun in the sun water stuff and various types of sporting, amusement and educational attractions, they are not the only options when considering a Florida beach vacation.

If you choose any east or west coast Florida beach, you’ll find great deep sea fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling along with miles of sandy beaches for all of the swimming and sunbathing you can handle. Having an average temperature of 78 degrees and water temps in the low 70’s, the beaches on the east and west coast of Florida are some of the top 5 family vacation spots that have plenty of housing accommodations that include beach resorts, beach hotels, motels, rental condos and vacation townhouses. Wow! I can hear the surf pounding now!

Another Top 5 Family Vacation Suggestion: How About a Skiing Vacation?

There are resorts located on the both the east and west coasts of the United States and a number of states between that have been designed primarily with the family in mind. With the kids in mind, these family vacation spots boast a variety of mountains and slope types with a place for every member of your family to ski regardless of the skill level. Most even offer lessons to encourage young and old to try this invigorating sport. Other activities to occupy the younger members of your family include indoor pools, outdoor skating rinks, lighted tube sliding hill and cross country trails for hiking. Couple these with the nightly entertainment for the whole family and you have a combination that is hard to beat.

And, Mom and Dad, many also offer fully equipped rental condos that are designed to accommodate your family comfortably.

Have You Considered a Dude Ranch Family Vacation?

What child hasn’t wished they could ride a horse? I think, at some point in everyone of our lives, we have fantasized about riding a horse. There is probably no more an All-American family vacation activity than spending a week or two on a dude ranch located in the western USA. And there are plenty of activities available to occupy everyone in your family, even those who have a fear of riding horseback. There are swimming holes and pools, hikes through the woods, fishing, square dancing…why, you can even just do some bird watching or star gazing to while away the relaxing hours spent there.

You can try a dude ranch, or guest ranch as they are sometimes called, that will allow you to get your hands dirty (or your chaps) by working with cattle, sheep and other various livestock, throwing a lasso, hauling a bit of hay or straw or even cleaning up after the animals (commonly referred to as a “pooper scooper”). Or, you can try one that simply provides horseback riding, swimming, tennis court or fitness center to pamper yourself and your family. There’s always the option of camping out overnight – this “roughing it” lifestyle is bound to help you appreciate the comforts of home.

Also, Consider a Caribbean Cruise Family Vacation

Now here is a way to truly get the most “bang” for your buck! Did you know that when you book a cruise, you get not only your accommodations but also all of the food you can eat during the trip included in the cost. So, yeah, take all of those bottomless-pitted teenagers in your family and let someone else feed them! Cruise lines have many options for destinations as well cruise length…there’s bound to be something that wets your appetite. There are some pretty amazing islands in the Caribbean that are just begging for exploration, not to mention some of the excursions and shopping opportunities that are available when the ship docks.

Whether you have young children or teenagers, this top 5 family vacation suggestion has a program or club designed specifically for them employing safe and supervised age-related activities to keep them entertained and engaged throughout your trip. You can turn them loose in the respective clubs in the morning and probably not see them again until dinner time, giving the parents a bit of time alone to relax as they choose. Some of the cruise lines even will supply you with a pager that will allow you to stay connected to your kids for everyone’s peace of mind.

And, Let’s Be Sue Not to Forget the All-Inclusive Family Vacation in a Caribbean Resort.

These vacations can create the most awesome memories that your kids will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Imagine kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico, swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling or sailing in those beautiful seas. How about some mini golf, or nature walks? Or, if none of that interests your kids (for very long anyway), why not try spending some time in one of the water parks, shooting some basketball, horseback riding…and tell me what kid will turn down an opportunity to play Nintendo Wii games!

Well…what are you waiting for?


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