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Top 5 Haunted Places In Seattle

Updated on August 26, 2014

Seattle Can Be Spooky Too

Seattle has great coffee scene and is known as its innovative high tech companies, but it also has some pretty spooky places too. If you ever come to town, you might want to pay them a visit. You never know, one of our friendly ghosts just might hitch a ride home!

Georgetown Castle

6420 Carleton Avenue, Seattle 98101

The Georgetown area was famous for providing red light entertainment for sailors, loggers, and townsmen. The Georgetown castle, a three-story home sits right in the mix and no doubt had its walls braced with the activities of the day. Like other building the Georgetown building was known for gambling, having a rowdy tavern, and housed women of “ill repute” – AKA prostitutes.

Around 1900, the taverns and brothels of Georgetown went through a stage of high competition. But the city leaders on one hand, waged a war against the saloons, while supporting it with the other. The owner of the castle, Mr. Gessner, who was a gambler and brothel owner, would be found dead in one of the rooms, from an apparent suicide. A new owner took over around 1912 by the name Dr. Corson, who was the head of the Seattle Coroner’s office.

There have been reports of a woman who wakes up guests in the house and hovers over them as they sleep. Guest wake up to a woman trying to grab their throat. Others report that children’s voices can be heard in the third floor.

Today it is a refurbished private residence.

Former Building

1200 12th Street South, Seattle 98144

Sitting ominously on Seattle’s Beacon Hill, The Pacific Medical Building is recently famous for housing America’s favorite online mega-store,

It was once used as a Navy/Marine Corps Hospital. It has been reported that the 6th floor, the former mental ward, has a lot supernatural activity. There have also been reports of janitors being scared off the job after they have seen items elevate off desks. There are also reports of a dead nurse of medical assistant that roams the hallways. Often people smell the perfume she used to wear.

The service elevator is also known to get stuck for many hours as passengers are trapped only to hear several people laughing and calling out there names.

Underground Seattle

608First Avenue, Seattle WA 98104

When Seattle was a small town built in a way that made it susceptible to flooding. After a huge fire that devastated the town, city leaders decided to raise the city. As the streets were raised above the town , an underground city had been left for storage. Near the turn of the century the city closed off underground for the fear of the plague. So, what else would the area be good for? Well, gambling and prostitutes of course! Many people have reported many apparitions below.

The Harvard Exit Theater

807 Roy Street, Seattle

Built in the 1920’s for the Women’s Century Club – the Harvard Exit Theater has been the location for interesting events since 1968. It is reported the projectors run on their own, films move or disappear all together, and doors slam shut.

There are reports that a woman, who is often seen dressed in the attire of the 1920s roams the hallways. A man has also been seen and reports are that he likes to play with hair or play around with your popcorn.

University of Washington

Students, faculty and custodial staff have reported through the years that the Ceramics and Metal Arts Building at University of Washington have seen or experiencing unexplained phenomena. People have reported that sink water faucets turn on for no reason. Pottery wheels also start spinning. But even creepier, many students reported that they feel like they are being watched.

The UW Columns s Amphitheater have scarred off smooching students who walk to the gardens for a little romance. Bushes are reported to shake violently to get the student’s attention.


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