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Top 5 Most Haunted Places In England

Updated on January 25, 2015

1. The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

A Grade II listed pub in Wotton-under-Edge, The Ancient Ram has attracted a lot of attention for it’s ghosts and ghouls. The ancient remains of a tunnel system lie underneath the bar, reputedly known to be old getaway trails for highwaymen and 20 ghosts are said to occupy the space, calling it their home; no wonder the site has been featured on many paranormal programs including Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures.
The Inn, owned by John Humphries and built in 1145 is commonly referred to as being the most haunted building in England, lying on two intersecting Ley Lines - areas said to have unusually high levels of paranormal activity.
‘The Bishop’s’ room is said to be haunted by the ghost of a monk, not surprising considering the building was originally owned by the church. Ironically, the land on which the pub is built is said to be an old pagan burial ground and guests so terrified of the things they see and hear in the night are said to have jumped from the windows to escape the terror within. Also sighted in the room is a caviller who stands in the corner before slowly crossing the room in front of the bed and passing through the wall on the opposite side.


2. Borley Rectory - Essex

Built in 1862, this large, Gothic style Victorian Mansion replaced a previous rectory, destroyed by a fire in 1841. Claimed as being the most haunted house in England, the most famous sighting is of a nun - with the site originally being a monastery, this may be considered as no surprise, however there is a tale which tells that the nun ran away from the monastery with a young monk. When they were eventually found, the story goes that the young monk was hung from the gallows and the nun buried alive within the walls of the nunnery. She is often seen walking the grounds, sadly looking for her long lost love.
Residents over the ages have experienced poltergeist activity and unbecoming happenings and the house itself is said to have been haunted from the day it was built, however the tale of the nun is repeatedly told by visitors and those who’ve lived in the rectory. One haunting occurrence is that of her continually appearing at a window during dinner parties hosted by those in residence. The phenomena is said to have become so bad that eventually the window was bricked over.


3. Tatton Old Hall - Cheshire

Owned by the National Trust and listed as a Grade II building, Tatton Old Hall in Tatton Park, Cheshire, was originally built as a manor house in the early 1500s. The Hall is said to hold many spirits, with even the Stewards of the building feeling that they are being watched throughout their working day.
In particular are reports of a man going by the name of Tom, supposed as being a gamekeeper of the grounds. Apparently renown as a drunk with a nasty attitude, he has a tendency to attack female visitors to the Hall. With many other ghosts lurking in the shadows, lots of ghost tours operate, so if you are keen to experience something yourself, the opportunity is there.
Tatton Old Hall, other than a hotspot for ghostly, paranormal happenings, is a beautiful and well preserved old manor house which offers a Tour Through Time, spanning 500 years in the Hall’s history.

4. The Tower Of London

Undeniably one of the greatest and most iconic buildings in London, the Tower looms over the river besides Tower Bridge, echoing its dark and terrifying past despite centuries having past. Behind the glitz of the crown jewels and uniforms of the Beefeaters, lie tales such as the Princes in the tower and the fall of Anne Boleyn.
Anne Boleyn, second wife to King Henry VIII was both tried and executed within the Tower after Henry became convinced of her being adulterous and incestuous. Her one goal, in Henry’s eyes, was to give birth to a healthy baby son however she didn’t and, on becoming entangled within Court politics and falling foul of them, was beheaded in 1536. Sightings of Anne Boleyn have been experienced nearby her execution sight and wandering headless down corridors within the Tower's walls.
The two young Princes are said to have been captured by their greedy uncle, Richard III and held in the Bloody Tower before their eventual disappearance. No one knows what happened to the Princes although to this day, two young boys have been seen wandering down the corridors, clutching at each others night shirts. Two children's skeletons were found at the base of a staircase in the Bloody Tower and it is widely considered that the children were murdered in Richard’s desperate attempt to sit on the throne after his brother’s death.


5. Ye Old King's Head - Chester

Both staff and patrons at Ye Olde King’ s Head, a 17th century inn and pub restaurant, experience and are subject to the hauntings that take place here. Yvette Fielding, presenter on TV ghost hunting program Most Haunted, describes the place as being full to the brim with ghosts. Kitchen staff experience knives being thrown, those enjoying a pint see glasses move across the bar and guests staying in the rooms have sheets torn from them in the middle of the night.
Chester, an ancient Roman walled city, holds many ghostly tales and supposed sightings. Having spent a lot of my childhood in and around Chester and surrounding areas, I've heard various friends and family members explain how they've seen or felt unusual presences and shadows, yet Ye Old King’s Head, established in the 1600s with foundations that can be traced back through the ages, originating in 1200, oozes spookiness, from the timber framed exterior through to the infamous room 6 which it’s advised one shouldn’t stay in unless looking to experience something go bump in the night...


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    • imaabee profile image

      imaabee 3 years ago

      Thanks so much JamaGenee! Glad you enjoyed it!

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 3 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      Thank you, ima, for more places to add to my list of "Places I will NEVER EVER spend a night in". I can handle encounters with the Dearly (and not so "dearly") Departed in broad daylight or while still awake in the evening, but I draw the line at having my beauty sleep interrupted by one in my room. Just a quirk I have. ;-)

      At any rate, a great hub. Thumbs up! ;D