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Top 5 Museums You Might Not Want to Visit

Updated on June 4, 2012

Which Museum?

Visiting a museum is not for everyone .I suppose you either love them or hate them. Many people can spend all day looking around History Museums ,Art Museums,Science museums and War Museums . Most museums are free, or charge very little for entry.So some of these places offer a rewarding and cheap form of entertainment.

Here I have found five museums that are a little different from the mainstream museums.Obviously some people would find these odd museums interesting , would you like to pay them a visit or not!

Top Five Unusual Museums

The Dog Collar Museum. Leeds Castle Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom.

This museum is housed in the Gate Tower of the castle. Here you will find medieval and ornamental dog collars spanning five centuries.One of the world's most unusual collections,there are numerous iron collars bristling with fearsome spikes.These were designed for dogs used in hunting and bull-and bear- baiting.

For more information visit;

Museum of Bad Art 580 High St.Dedham, Massachusetts, USA

Commonly known as MOBA, this museum was founded in1993 and is located in the basement of the Dedham Commuinty Theater.It's motto is "Art too bad to be ignored".Although the bulk of the collection has been acquired from thrift shops, many of the finest pieces were discovered in rubbish bins.

Antique Vibrator Museum 1210 Valencia St San Francisco, CA94110

The Vibrator Museum is one man's brave attempt to document the history of vibrators.He has collected more than 100 vibrators going back to 1869.Antique models include a hand-crafted wooden vibrator that works like an egg-beater and another that advertises health and beauty to it's users. The museum's collection is displayed Good Vibrations, a sex-toy emporium.

For more information visit;

The British Lanmower Museum 106-114 Shakespeare Street, Southport PR8 5AJ, England.

The world's leading authorities on vintage lawnmowers and specialists in antique garden machinery.It displays over 400 vintage and experimental lawnmowers, highlighting the best of Britain's technology. Some of the outstanding exhibits are a 1921 ATCO Standard 9 blade and a solar-powered robot mower.

The Sulabh International Museum of Toilets Mahavir Enclave Palam Dabri Marg, New Delhi 110 045, India.

The Sulabh InternationalSocial Services Organisation was created to brig safe and cheap sanitation to poor areas.In their headquarters they have constructed an indoor and outdoor museum that presents the evolution of the toilet and their various designs. Toilet-related items date back to 2500BC,and features toilets from all around the world.One panel shows poetry relating to toilets and another various toilet humour!

For more information visit ;

 Well what are you waiting for. Go on, book your trips!


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